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FCO poster


FREMANTLE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA concerts on Sunday at the Fremantle Townhall and on Saturday at the Perth Townhall.

Check the poster for details.

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There will be a rally to call for a ban on greyhound racing in W.A. at Wilson Park at South Beach in Fremantle this Sunday between 11 am and 1 pm.

The location of the rally  is quite significant as the first horse races were held at South Beach.

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An innovative eighteen months long pilot program to reduce carbon emissions at schools has just started, with the City of Fremantle subsidising six schools; Fremantle Primary School, John Curtin, South Fremantle Senior High School, Winterfold Primary School, Lance Holt and Samson Primary School.

The Low Carbon Schools Pilot Program is facilitated by Simply Carbon in partnership with CRC for Low Carbon Living.

The program began with a series of workshops in February, where school principals, teachers, staff and parents were ‘up-skilled’ so they know how to reduce resource consumption, carbon emissions and costs in their school.

Each school has developed its own action plan to reduce their emissions and will be implementing them over the next eighteen months.

The schools will meet monthly to share experience and progress and to talk about partnership opportunities with local businesses and organisations.

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FCO July 2016

Labor wins access to PFL documents

Published 21 Jul 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

THE Turnbull government has been ordered to release scores of documents it’s fought for two years to keep from public view that could explain why it committed $1 billion to the Perth Freight Link.

Former Perth MP Alannah MacTiernan, who retired from politics before this month’s federal election, successfully appealed to the administrative appeals tribunal after her freedom of information application was knocked back by the  infrastructure and regional development department.

It had argued that releasing the 75 documents could damage Commonwealth-state relations and restrict the flow of information because WA’s main roads department thought it had provided the documents in confidence.

• Fremantle Labor MP Simone McGurk, Fremantle federal MP Josh Wilson, Alannah MacTiernan and Bicton Labor candidate Lisa O’Malley. Photo by Stephen Pollock

• Fremantle Labor MP Simone McGurk, Fremantle federal MP Josh Wilson, Alannah MacTiernan and Bicton Labor candidate Lisa O’Malley. Photo by Stephen Pollock

The department warned the federal government’s entire infrastructure program was at risk of being damaged by the fallout, and contracts for the $1.9b PFL could be prejudiced.

But senior tribunal member Chelsea Walsh found the department had been too broad in interpreting what it could withhold, and hadn’t proven that releasing the documents would damage its relationship with Main Roads.

Public interest

The documents were also clearly in the public interest, Ms Walsh found.

Despite stepping down this year, Ms MacTiernan says she’ll whip out her “feather duster” if the government decided to appeal the judgement in the supreme court.

“This is a major project and the public have the right to be informed about it,” she says.

“If there’s nothing to hide, why did the government bring in top barristers from Sydney to try and stop the documents from being released?

“It suggests there are deeply embarrassed about the genesis of this project.”

Fremantle Labor MP Simone McGurk says she wants more fiscal transparency from the Barnett government.

“The Liberal party has developed a bad habit of spending public money without providing any details on the why and the how,” she says.

“They did it with the football stadium and now they are doing it with the Perth Freight Link.

“We should have access to crucial information, like traffic and economic modelling.”

The federal government has four weeks to decided whether to appeal.


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Bag ban recycled

Published 21 Jul 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

EAST FREMANTLE council could help revive Fremantle’s proposed ban on plastic shopping bags by drafting its own local law.

The council put a plastic fatwa on this month’s agenda following interest from several councillors in tackling the issue.

Fremantle’s ban was blocked twice by Parliament’s upper house, most recently in October 2015, but town officers say the state government might cave in if pressured.

“The proposed city of Fremantle law was disallowed in parliament by a member of the legislative council, however the WA local government association advises that this may not always be the case, particularly if a number of councils seek to develop similar local laws,” a staff report says.

It revealed WALGA is reviewing its report into plastic bans and will be issuing advice to councils across the state when it’s finished. Every year in Australia, about 3-4 billion “single use” plastic bags are used and Clean Up Australia estimates 30-50 million of them go into the environment as litter.


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DAP pressure

Published 21 Jul 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

EAST FREMANTLE has joined the burgeoning group of councils calling on the Barnett government to abolish development assessment panels.

“DAPs take power away from local communities and place them in the hands of unelected strangers,” says Cr Cliff Collinson.

On Tuesday, councillors voted unanimously to tell WA planning minister Donna Faragher they want DAPs abolished because they are undemocratic, erode the influence of councillors and regularly flout planning schemes.

East Freo wants councils to vote on developments up to the value of $20 million, with the WA planning minister being consulted on projects above that threshold.

“They were designed to make it easier for developers to get their applications through council, but it has been done at the expense of local communities.”

On Thursday, representatives from over 40 DAP-affected communities attended a Scrap the DAP meeting in Mosman Park.


“It was a great turn-out and it’s obvious there is a huge groundswell of opposition towards the DAP process,” says STD founder Julie Matheson.

“We will be petitioning members of parliament in our constituencies to abolish these senseless panels.”

DAPs are five-member panels with the power to approve major developments, replacing the local council as the decision-making body.  Three members are appointed by the state government and two are councillors.

Recently, South Perth residents won a court appeal to stop a proposed tower development, based on the DAP wrongly applying planning guidelines.

In Fremantle, councillor Rachel Pemberton stopped short of calling for their abolition but she wants a review, saying the opt-in for projects should also be ditched. Cr Pemberton also wants councils on equal footing with appointed specialists and more time for council and the community to consider projects before they go to DAPs.


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Clubs hub getting down to business

Published 21 Jul 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

PLANS for a new sport and community centre at Fremantle Park took a step forward this week with a council committee signing off on a business plan.

Under the proposal, the Fremantle bowling, tennis and workers clubs would share a $4.1 million state-of-the-art facility at the park.

The council and the Workers Club will each contribute $1.85m, with the remaining $400,000 coming from a department of sport and recreation grant.

The city estimates that the facility will be built in March 2019, but the clubs have requested it be open by spring/summer 2018.

Leases for the tennis and the bowling clubs, at the south western corner of the park, have expired and the workers club relocated to the South Fremantle football club in 2014 after selling its Henry Street home.

• Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt at the Fremantle Bowling Club. Photo by Stephen Pollock.

• Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt at the Fremantle Bowling Club. Photo by Stephen Pollock.

“Having a permanent home will help us drive up membership,” says workers club president Don Whittington.

“Our membership is starting to grow again, but we saw a dip when we first moved into the football club.

“Ideally we want the facility to open in spring/summer, not the close season, so we can make a profit straight off the bat.”

The plan also includes a 2,600sqm car park, which will cost the city $350,000 to build and could become multi-level at a later date.

Mayor Brad Pettitt says the car park, which won’t be part of the clubs’ lease, would replace the tennis courts abutting Parry Street. It would be a public car park as part of the city’s transport strategy.

Fremantle Park was ceded to the city by the state government in 1904 and is on the council’s heritage list.


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Humps for Hampton

Published 21 Jul 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

PART of Hampton Road will be fitted with speed humps in an effort to drive off big trucks.

Fremantle council has decided to install the speed calming devices (known as platforms, they’re a little gentler on the suspension than the old-fashioned humps) after years of complaints about the trucks from residents.

The council conducted monitoring of truck movements last year and took the results to Main Roads and Fremantle Ports to argue something needed to be done.

As a result of the platforms, Main Roads says Hampton Road will need to be recategorised and the speed limit changed to 50kmh.

The platforms will be installed at pedestrian crossings between Ellen and Finnerty Streets, where the noise of trucks gunning up the hill and braking is at its worst.

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Party time for Freo

Published 21 Jul 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

FREO charity fundraiser Fremantle Foundation is teaming up with Little Creatures Brewery to hold a Freo de Janeiro carnivale on Saturday July 30. It will run from 12pm to late and includes a day of arts, music, dancing – and no doubt some beer. Money raised will go towards the foundation’s Impact100 project.

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Black spots targeted

Published 21 Jul 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

CARS will be banned from turning right into Hampton Road from South Street during peak hour traffic if Fremantle council is successful in getting black spot funding.

The council has applied to the Turnbull government for funding for four projects totalling about $240,000 and will have to kick in about $106,000 itself if successful.

• Right-hand turns will be banned from South Street onto Hampton Road, reducing rear-enders, if Freo council is successful with black spot funding. Photo 

Apart from the South/Hampton initiative to reduce rear-ending and keep traffic flowing, the council is also looking at installing raised pedestrian crossings on Lefroy Road between York Street and Carrington Street to help people get across to the shops and Hilton Park, as well as calming traffic.

Right hand turns would be banned from South Street into Attfield Street, and the mini-rat run along Stirling Street onto Hampton Road (to avoid that nasty Ord/High interection) will be officially sanctioned with works to clear sight lines.

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CEO ticks off residents group

Published 21 Jul 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

MELVILLE council cruised through the motions at Tuesday night’s ordinary meeting, with councillor Nicholas Pazolli (described by colleague Pat Phelan as “the usual suspect”) conspicuously absent.

Compared to last month’s meeting where Cr Pazolli was forced into a begrudging apology for being rude to Cr Rebecca Aubrey and her father, mayor Russell Aubrey, this week’s was a doddle and wrapped up in just 40 minutes.

A road closure and boundary adjustment proposed by the South of Perth Yacht Club was unanimously passed, as was a new playground in Peter Ellis Reserve and extended reporting time for traffic management in Applecross.

The meeting was quick, but it wasn’t completely niggle-free; with the CEO and councillors sounding off against the Melville Residents and Ratepayers Association which submitting 30 questions for public question time but didn’t attend.

CEO Shayne Silcox said this meant their questions didn’t have to be answered.


Dr Silcox also banned association secretary Mark McLerie from meeting staff other than those listed on the council’s website, while Mr Aubrey took offence at questions about his private use of a council-owned car.

Mr McLerie hadn’t heard about his ticking off until the Chook called. “The MRRA being told not to speak to staff smacks of them trying to hide something,” he thundered.

“If you get anywhere near their achilles heel they will lock down and, dare I say, put you on a black list,” Mr McLerie thundered.

“You’ll find that the questions are well-considered, well thought out, and pertinent questions you would expect councillors to ask of the administration.”

Dr Silcox did not agree.

“Substantial resources were spent in urgently compiling and thoroughly researching each query to be ready to respond at the meeting,” said Dr Silcox.

“The City must be responsible and take a balanced and equitable approach when distributing resources across the needs of the community.”


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Faith for all

Published 21 Jul 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

A QUIRKY offshoot of the Catholic church has opened in the heart of East Freo.

The Chapel of St Clare is fronted by Brother Francis Mary, who under the rules of his Liberal Catholic faith doesn’t answer to the Vatican and is allowed to marry.

Last year his order, the Lay Companions of St Francis of Assisi, was approved by the Liberal Catholic Church.

His Saturday 7pm “service” at the Glyde-In Community Centre focuses on meditation and discourse.

“Our Church is an inclusive and welcoming space to every person who wishes to gather with us,” he says.

“We are all about acceptance and hold lots of multi-faith talks with visiting Rabbis, Imams and buddhists,” he says.

09. 30NEWS

• Brother Francis Mary. Photo

The companions run a large volunteering program, helping elderly patients in nursing homes, pupils in Bali and female ex-offenders.

Brother Mary, an ex-primary school teacher who lives in Fremantle, says he also compères a singles group.

“It’s mainly men in their 40s and women looking to get together,” he says.

“I sort of play matchmaker and introduce people who I think may get along.”

The Liberal catholic church was formed early last century by two ex-Anglicans (one of whom was consecrated by a bishop with ties to the Roman Catholic Church).

Brother Mary says he is on-track to be ordained next year.


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Trust talk

Published 21 Jul 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

THE recently appointed CEO of the National Trust (WA) Julian Donaldson will be guest speaker at the annual general meeting of the Fremantle History Society on Tuesday July 26.

Mr Donaldson will talk on his vision for the Trust over the next five years and there’ll be question time afterwards.

The meeting, which is free, is at 6.30 pm at Stirling House (the old North Fremantle Primary School at 101 Stirling Highway).

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WA Today on “The cherished diversity and sameness of Hidden Treasures in Fremantle”

Published 21 Jul 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

WA Today has written a rather amusing review of Week 3 of Hidden Treasures that took place last night in Freo’s West End. It is worth a read. It you haven’t been yet then next Thursday is your last chance to check it out.  


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a b d f g


Blackwall Reach is one of my favourite walks in the Fremantle area. The other one is the walk from Rule Street in North Fremantle to Mosman Park just above the river.

I had a walk along the former today and sat soaking up the sun for half an hour listening to the birds. It was very quiet and I only saw three people, but on weekends there are a whole lot more and also many cyclists.

A tram from Fremantle ran through the Blackwall Reach reserve to Point Walter from 1915 to 1940. Point Walter was a very popular holiday destination for city slickers then.

I took some happy snaps along the way and am happy to announce that spring is in the air.

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After five years in WA American artist Audrey Tulimiero-Welch is returning home to the US.

She has a range of gorgeous artworks for sale from large canvases to smaller works on paper.

Over the past 15 years Audrey has been documenting her journey of Place as she explored, lived, and created in various locations around the world including Sumatra, Bangkok and Perth.

Audrey’s painting journey of her time in Perth is influenced by the topography of Western Australia, mapping Place through line, gesture, and colour.

Of her artwork she says “My works speak to ideas of transience and finding ones place. They attempt to comment on the process of immersion into a new country, with unfamiliar customs and codes. Similar to how cartography locates place, I use line, color, and layers to locate an abstract topography, leading the viewer to sites that are familiar and obscure, personal and universal”

Come along today, Friday from 6-9pm or Saturday 23rd July 11-4pm, Sunday 24th July 11-4pm and check out her work. The exhibition is at  Studio 33 at Artsource in the Old Customs House,  8 Phillimore St, Fremantle.

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(22/7/16) Emerging artists on show at Freo youth art awards

Published 21 Jul 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

A showcase of some of WA’s most talented and undiscovered young artists is free for visitors to enjoy as the City of Fremantle opens its popular 25 Under 25 Art Award Exhibition this July.

Now celebrating its fifth year, the annual youth arts competition this year attracted 100 entries from artists aged between 14 and 25 years across a range of artistic styles from classical oil-on-canvas pieces to digital media, photography and sculpture.

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(22/7/16) Emerging artists on show at Freo youth art awards


Published 21 Jul 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.

The City of Fremantle is one of only a few metropolitan councils who have not yet joined the call for the abolishment or drastic reform of the W.A. Joint Development Assessment Panels(DAP).

Only a few days ago the Town of East Fremantle joined the 21 of 30 metro councils who called for the State Government to have a serious look at what is wrong with the DAP.

Councils and communities claim the DAP erodes local government democracy and removes the opportunity for them to be part of the decision making process, which results in buildings of inappropriate height being approved by DAP, threatening the local character and amenity of place, especially in the older suburbs. The building next to St Patrick’s and the Australia Hotel, rejected by Fremantle Council but approved by DAP is an example of it.

Fremantle Councilllor Rachel Pemberton put a Notice of Motion to Wednesday’s FPOL Committee and appeared to have support demanding changes to the DAP system, but committee wanted the wording tweaked and the CEO and Pemberton will now work on that. The item will then go back to FPOL at the September meeting.

It was interesting to hear FPOL Chair Councillor Andrew Sullivan stating he believed less robust councils than Fremantle were more affected by DAP decisions, but that Fremantle Council should become even more robust in its planning policies. I fear Councillor Sullivan means that Fremantle Council should introduce substantially more height in future scheme amendments.

Councillor Pemberton claims that there is bipartisan support for the DAP at state level, but I hope that is not true. With so much outrage in so many communities reform of the DAP system could become an election winner for the Labor Party if they promise to overhaul the process or scrap the DAP.

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Ban Greyhound Racing in WA

Published 21 Jul 2016 by allan in Lynn Maclaren | MLC Western Australia.

Lynn and the Greens believe that humans have a responsibility to minimise any suffering of animals caused by human activities, and to maximise their quality of life. Greyhound racing is a sport that is completely at odds with this belief.

Lynn is calling on the State Government to ban greyhound racing in WA following the decision of the NSW premier to ban the industry there in response to a Special Commission of Inquiry report. The inquiry uncovered the ghastly truth about greyhound racing: mass ‘wastage’ (a polite term for the euthanasia of tens of thousands of greyhounds), horrific track injuries resulting in euthanasia and other cruel practices were found to be systemic. The ACT premier was quick to follow the lead of NSW and are also banning greyhound racing.

In WA while some details are shrouded in secrecy the Minister for Racing and Gaming has admitted that at least 800 dogs were euthanised in the past two years. We must act now.

Related news article: 
WA Greens join nationwide call for a ban on greyhound racing
Greens Call for Ban on Greyhound Racing in WA
Sub title: 
End this cruel practice
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Ban Greyhound Racing in WA
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(22/7/2016) Booyeembara Park plant-makeover!

Published 21 Jul 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

Booyeembara Park has received a makeover with the planting of over 25 000 plants over the past few months! Around 2 000 plants were planted during a special community planting day last month which followed a workshop reflecting on how the park has changed since the 1999 master plan.

A further 23 000 plants have also been planted which included other landscaping works such as the mulching of gardens and natural areas and weed control. The new stairs leading to the toilets are also expected to be completed by the end of July.

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(22/7/2016) Booyeembara Park plant-makeover!


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On my way to the Roundhouse this morning I noticed the very black clouds moving in over Fremantle and the rainbow appearing, so had to stop at Victoria Quay for a quick snap.

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(21/7/16) Compost bins subsidy

Published 20 Jul 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

Did you know you can purchase compost bins, green cones and worm factories from us at a subsidised rate?

Visit the home composting page for more info or to download the forms.


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(21/7/16) Compost bins subsidy


Published 20 Jul 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.

I wonder when we will see a protest march by emergency services and bus drivers about the ever increasing speed humps and roundabouts in Fremantle.

At the F-POL Committee of the City of Fremantle it was announced that “plateaus” would be installed at Ord Street between Ellen Street and Queen Victoria Street to deter container truck drivers on the way to Fremantle Port from using the road.

Recently a ridiculous number of ugly and noisy speed humps were installed at East Street, but that is different from “plateaus” as the latter also are pedestrian crossings.

Speed humps of any kind make for a very uncomfortable journey and seriously slow down emergency vehicles, and many motorists will find alternative routes through suburban streets.

I am not sure why Hampton Road and Ord and can’t have a container truck ban, if the desired outcome is to get rid of these trucks.

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Published 20 Jul 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.

The very popular Fremantle HIDDEN TREASURES Winter Music Series continues tonight, so head out to the West End.

At the National Hotel are Riley Pearce (7.30), Leaf Crown (9.00) and a DJ from 10.45.

At the Buffalo Club it will be High Horse(8.15) and The Last fair Deal at 9.30.

At Bar Orient you’ll find Great Gable(8.00), Psychedelic Porn Crumpets(9.15) and Red Engine Caves at 10.30.

The Navy Club will show a Special Guest at 9.00 and Tim Rogers at 10.15.

PS Art Space has Pow! Negro at 8.00 and Soukoss International at 10.45.

All venues are in High Street but for PS Art Space which is in Pakenham Street. Tickets $ 15.00 only.

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Greens Call for Ban on Greyhound Racing in WA

Published 19 Jul 2016 by Lynn in Lynn Maclaren | MLC Western Australia.

Greens Call for Ban on Greyhound Racing in WA at National March for the Murdered Million

Hon Lynn MacLaren Greens MLC will call for an end to greyhound racing in Western Australia at the Perth ‘March for the Murdered Million’ this Sunday.

“WA must act now in response to the overwhelming evidence that has led NSW and ACT to ban greyhound racing because of systemic cruelty. Senseless deaths and injuries are unacceptable to all Australians, not just those in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territories,” said the Greens spokesperson for Animals.

“While some details are shrouded in secrecy, the Minister has admitted that In Western Australia at least 800 dogs were euthanised in the past two years,” she said.

Ms MacLaren will join other animal rights speakers at the protest at Wilson Park, near South Beach, South Fremantle – a national and international event that will see protests in all Australian States and in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand in solidarity with the call to ban greyhound racing.  

“I will call for the Minister for Racing and Gaming in the Barnett Government to ban greyhound racing in Western Australia.”

“The NSW independent inquiry uncovered the ghastly truth about greyhound racing. It’s clear that the ‘social license’ enjoyed by the industry no longer exists. The truth about the mass ‘wastage’ (a polite euphemism for the euthanasia of tens of thousands of greyhounds), horrific track injuries resulting in euthanasia, questions about lack of veterinary treatment, doping and other cruel practices, such as live baiting, were revealed to be systemic,” Ms MacLaren said.

What: March for the Murdered Million                                 Speakers:  Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC

Where:  Wilson Park, South Fremantle                                                 Dr Jennifer Hood, Sentient

When: Sunday July 24th 11.00am – 1.30pm                                        Alicia Sutton, AJP

                                                                                                            Free the Hounds spokesperson

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Ban Greyhound Racing in WA
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Almost 200 years of service for Blessing of the Fleet Volunteers acknowledged.

Published 19 Jul 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

This morning the City of Fremantle held a special appreciation morning tea for some amazingly long serving Fishing Fleet Festival association committee members. Between them they have put in 181 years of volunteer time to keep going one of Fremantle’s most significant cultural events. The Blessing of the Fleet in Fremantle has now being going […]

Fremantle houses at centre of sustainable LIVING LABS housing study

Published 18 Jul 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Josh’s House has just launch the first video in the fascinating new series on sustainable housing. Ten suburban homes around Fremantle have been chosen to participate in a two-year research project conducted by Curtin University and the CRC for Low Carbon Living. Each household has bought into the idea of reducing its environmental footprint in some […]

Housing Industry Leaders and Researchers Form United Front on Fast Tracking Carbon Reduction

Published 18 Jul 2016 by Joshs House in Josh's House.

At Australia’s first National Housing Forum on carbon reduction held last week, housing industry leaders and researchers formed a united front in making recommendations to ensure low carbon housing is fast tracked to be part of Australia’s residential future. Initiated by the CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRLCL) and the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) and hosted at the ...

(18/7/16) Upcoming infrastructure works and road closures

Published 17 Jul 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

Visit our infrastructure projects page for a list of current, planned and completed projects. All below expected completed dates are dependent on the weather conditions:

Jones Street

New storm water drainage with side entry will be installed on Monday 18 July. Partial road closure will be in effect.

Daly Street

New storm water drainage and two new soak wells to be installed along the street from Tuesday 19 to Monday 25 July. Full road closures will be in effect.

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(18/7/16) Upcoming infrastructure works and road closures

Greens Support Ongoing Community Struggle on Controversial Roe 8 Project

Published 14 Jul 2016 by allan in Lynn Maclaren | MLC Western Australia.

Greens Support Ongoing Community Struggle on Controversial Roe 8 Project

"Today's Court of Appeal decision reinstating the environmental approvals for a section of Perth’s controversial Freight Link project only strengthens our resolve to protect the Beeliar wetlands from the proposed Roe 8 freeway extension” said Lynn MacLaren MLC, the Greens’ spokesperson for Biodiversity & Conservation and Urban Bushland & Wetlands.

“This is a devastating road to nowhere through a peaceful, well-loved area of significant conservation value. This road never should have been approved.

“I support the community's wish to take this all the way to the High Court if need be.

“If this decision stands clearly Western Australia’s current environmental laws are too weak to actually protect biodiversity and areas of high conservation value like the Beeliar Wetlands.

“The Greens will continue to work to strengthen environmental protection for the benefit of the community,” Ms MacLaren concluded.


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Stop Roe 8 - Save Beeliar Wetlands
The Perth Freight Link
Perth's Urban Forest
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Urban Bushland and Wetlands

(15/7/16) School students off to Yokosuka

Published 14 Jul 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

​​Hear from our 2016 exchange program students, Claire-Anne Ma and Drew Sandilands speak about their participation in the program between Fremantle and Yokosuka, Japan.

The excited year 10 John Curtin College of Arts students were selected through a school essay competition and will live with a family in Yokosuka for two weeks where they will be shown around and experience the culture.

They will then fly back with two Yokosuka students to show them the Fremantle. Yokosuka is one of our five Sister Cities.​

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(15/7/16) School students off to Yokosuka

(15/7/16) Cities unite to protect coastline

Published 14 Jul 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

Our stunning Indian Ocean coastline is a key reason why people choose to live in the communities near Leighton, Port and Mosman beaches; and the importance of protecting these beautiful natural assets has inspired an exciting collaborative project.

Beaches and waves share council boundaries and are closely interconnected – and for this reason the City of Fremantle and the Town of Mosman Park are working together; reaching out to their local communities to ask what they value most about the coast and working to honour those priorities.

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(15/7/16) Cities unite to protect coastline

(14/7/16) 16 things we’ve done for people with disability in 2015-16

Published 14 Jul 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

We’ve been busy over the past 12 months making continual improvements towards ensuring buildings, facilities, services, events, info and employment opportunities are accessible to all community members.

Here are just some things (16 to be exact) that the City has done in the 2015-16 financial year:

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(14/7/16) 16 things we’ve done for people with disability in 2015-16

Hidden Treasures Week One. It really was this good.

Published 12 Jul 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

This fabulous two minute clip sums up Hidden Treasures Week One very nicely. See you this Thursday for week two

Minority Government

Published 10 Jul 2016 by jonstrachan in Jon Strachan.

There has been a lot of talk about small margins, minority governments and hung parliaments, leading us to the sky falling in and life as we know it ending.  Mr Turnbull says this is because deals need to be done and coalitions formed.  Has he forgotten his party is going to form Government in a coalition, a partnership with the Nationals, with deals being done?  The Liberal Party would have NO hope of forming government in their own-right.
Australia operates under a unique form of the Westminster System, unique because we have adopted a strict two party system, with compulsory voting and once elected candidates obliged to rigidly follow party lines.  George Mombiot quipped in an interview several years ago that party whips in Australia have the easiest job in the world because politicians here never consider going against party lines.  In essence they don’t think for themselves, and if they do they keep those thoughts very close to their chest for fear of repudiation.
I consider that whilst Australia adopted a Westminster system of governance many in the community consider that we have an American style presidential system.  Why else would polling places be littered with hoardings advocating party leaders, in Australia we DO NOT vote for party leaders, the party does that.  We vote for a candidate, all-be-it a candidate who has to toe the party line.  When a party chooses to change their leader the electorate gets miffed because they were led to believe they were casting their vote for the leader, when in fact of course they were not.
So why are elections in Australia (as elsewhere in the western world) resulting in such close run results?  I consider there are two significant factors in this.  Firstly the major Parties have moved so close to the center they are barely discernible.  There was no better demonstration of this than Howard’s Battlers; where John Howard took his Trojan Horse right into the heartland of the left and persuaded them to vote for the coalition, which they did.  Labor tried to offset this with policies to tempt big business, however they seem a little more committed to their side of politics.  Again when the major party policies are by-and-large indiscernible electors turn to the leaders to help them decide, which leads to the politics of personality rather than politics based on policy.
The second factor is the inter-generational changes in the electorate, an issue the politicians fail to factor in.  When politicians talk of their heroes such as Menzies or Whitlam they seem to forget that the majority of voters in those days knew very well who they were going to vote for, and there was no way they would be persuaded to change.  This was an era of a job for life, promotion came with years of service, one was either blue collar or white collar and you voted accordingly.  With the advent of the X Generation, Y Gen and ‘Me Gen’ there came a fundamental shift in social order.  People changed jobs, music, styles and holiday destinations because they wanted to, these things were no longer a given for life.  This of course includes whom one votes for.  Across the general population there is no longer strong political allegiance based on where one sits in society, people will vote for who offers them what they want, and that comes down to money rather than philosophical beliefs, and our country is the worse for that demise.  The constant media cycle that punishes anyone who dares to have an original idea on tax, climate change or regulation compounds this demise.
In reality unstable government, that Mr Turnbull seems so scared of, results primarily from how an opposition conducts themselves.  Politicians need to apply democracy to make Australia a resilient and attractive place.  Using the opposition benches to constantly attack and undermine the government, as Abbott became so prolific at, might improve a party’s chances in the next election, but is a disaster for the country.  It remains to be seen if the Labor opposition will stand by their commitment to work with the Government to get legislation through, in the interests of Australia, or resort to old-fashioned party politics.  If they do the former they will prove minority government can work.  The alternative will see Australia lose its place in the global community.

(11/7/16) New tenant for Freo ‘Old Boy’

Published 10 Jul 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

The City of Fremantle is pleased to announce local not-for-profit organisation DADAA as the preferred new tenant for the historical Old Boys’ School, located in Fremantle’s inner east end.

Subject to Fremantle Council approving the details of a lease, DADAA will move into the 162-year-old building later this year once the final stages of major $2m heritage restoration works being undertaken by the City are complete.

1 week ago in Community , Media release
(11/7/16) New tenant for Freo ‘Old Boy’

The Fremantle Network: Tackling Homelessness in Freo.

Published 9 Jul 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

This will be worth hearing. One of Freo’s best informed individuals on one of Freo’s most challenging issues. Tuesday evening at the National Hotel.

New Freo business of the week – Kazoomies

Published 8 Jul 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Last year one of the winners of the City of Fremantle’s One Planet FreoMatch crowd-funding program was the fabulous Kazzomi’s restaurant at the E Shed which has quickly gone from crowd-funded idea to a Top Ten Freo restaurant on Trip Adviser. Proprietor Nimrod is a Fremantle treasure and this restaurant captures many of the things […]

Treasures flushed out to rock Port City

Published 8 Jul 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Simon Collins Music Editor of  The West Australian wrote a fun piece on the first week of Hidden Treasures that can be found at:  and below. I finally got to have my first attempt at DJ-ing. I can’t say I brought any finesse o it but it was fun spinning tunes from Freo bands to 1980s pop classics. […]

(7/7/16) Finding your way around Freo just got easier

Published 6 Jul 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

The City of Fremantle has this week begun rolling out the first stage of a new suite of pedestrian signs to help people more easily find their way around key areas of Fremantle.

The new signs, to be located in the Fremantle CBD, North Fremantle and South Fremantle, are part of the City’s $600k Fremantle Wayfinding Project to improve the visitor experience in Fremantle by creating a link between key activity areas, highlighting attractions and precincts and directing people to public services and facilities.

2 weeks ago in Community
(7/7/16) Finding your way around Freo just got easier

WA Greens join nationwide call for a ban on greyhound racing

Published 6 Jul 2016 by allan in Lynn Maclaren | MLC Western Australia.

Greens WA spokesperson on Animals Lynn MacLaren MLC called on Premier Colin Barnett to ban greyhound racing in Western Australia following today’s decision by the NSW Premier to ban the industry there in response to a Special Commission of Inquiry report.

“In light of the decision to ban the greyhound racing industry in NSW and overwhelming evidence of systemic animal cruelty, I have joined my colleagues in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia calling for a nationwide ban on the greyhound racing industry.”

“The report’s evidence - including mass greyhound killings, painful on-track injury, and live baiting - cannot be ignored.

The report found that in NSW between 48,891 and 68,448 dogs were killed in the last 12 years because they were deemed uncompetitive. Even reducing the number of races to the bare minimum required for the industry to remain viable, there would still be 2,000 to 4,000 dogs killed prior to racing age each year. The industry calls this “wastage.”

The report states “Members condoned and participated in the mass slaughter of tens of thousands of healthy greyhounds simply because they no longer are, or never were, able to compete against other dogs. …it appears unlikely that the issue of the large scale killing of healthy greyhounds by the industry can be addressed successfully in the future.”

“In addition, the major and catastrophic injuries documented, such as skull fractures and broken backs, paint a horrifying picture of systemic cruelty.

In fact worldwide, the industry is in decline, with only 8 countries permitting greyhound racing. In the USA, it is already illegal in forty states.

“The report has confirmed what we have been saying about the Greyhound Industry all along - the industry is built around cruelty and should not be allowed to operate"

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Ban Greyhound Racing in WA
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Got any Hidden Treasures?

Published 6 Jul 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

This Thursday night is the launch of Fremantle’s rather awesome 2016 Hidden Treasures Music Festival – on every Thursday in July. It is also the launch of the “20 Clicks: A Photographic Survey of Freo Music” exhibition at the Orient at 8pm with music legend Bob Gordon. Later in the evening (10.45pm) at the National […]

Digital know how for your business: Choose E-Biz this July

Published 6 Jul 2016 by Fremantle Chamber in CEO's Blog.

There are boundless digital opportunities and platforms to present your business to the world. Whilst you are getting on with the job of running your business, most will parcel up the job of a businesses digital presence and delegate to someone else, an external consultant or employee. They get on with the job and come back to you for major decisions and approvals. However you choose, it is a significant investment in someone’s time and/or money.

So how are you making decisions about that significant investment? Do you have complete faith in others or make strategically informed decisions about who to use, what platforms and systems you will be recommended? Why have a website, when you can use social media platforms?

The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce E-Biz series is about moving you towards strategically informed status. It is the underlying know how you really need to make your digital representation effective without retaining to be a geek?

These workshops are for you if you are thinking about stepping up your online presence, sorting your way through a raft of highly techno looking website proposals or just starting from scratch.

Website Development: Domain Name, Hosting, Content Management Systems & Shopping Carts
Tuesday, 21 July 2016

A look at how to build a website that works effectively for your business. From registering your domain name and organising website hosting, finding a website developer who doesn’t need to cost you the earth, through to choosing the right Content Management Systems (CMS) or shopping cart to support your future business direction.

Website Development: E-Commerce
Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The basics of e-commerce. We will show you how to plan an e-commerce website and also understand the 7 basic elements of e-commerce including shopping carts, payment gateways, customer service and returns. We will show you examples of B2B and B2C e-commerce sites and teach you the steps to plan your own e-commerce site so you can give Amazon a run for their money!


Ed Keay-Smith, of Online Impact, presents both sessions.   It is his job to know the ins and out of website development and ecommerce. Earlier I put the question ‘Why have a website, when you can use social media platforms?’, Ed gave me the answer during an E Biz series late last year. He may give it again. To find out more come along to either or both sessions!

Tickets: $50 members   $60 non members

Book at the following link:

(6/7/16) From the council chambers – June

Published 5 Jul 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

Below is a summarised version of key aspects of the most recent ordinary meeting of council.

The full agenda and minutes of this and previous meetings (as they become available) are available on the agendas and minutes page.

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(6/7/16) From the council chambers – June

Freo’s budget for year ahead

Published 4 Jul 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Late last week we adopted our $90.98 million 2016–17 budget. This was a balanced cash budget that included a 3% rate increase from 2015–16. It was a tough budget as it was one in which it was agreed we needed to keep rates as low as possible while having a strong focus on essential services. […]

Fremantle at the forefront of this year’s WA Architect Awards

Published 3 Jul 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Fremantle buildings, designs and architects once again featured heavily in this year’s WA Institute of Architect Awards. Fremantle-based Kerry Hill Architects (who also won the competition to build Freo’s new library and civic buildings in Kings Square) picked up WA’s highest awards the George Temple Poole Awards for the City of Perth Library and Public […]

Release of cycling Code of Conduct ideal time to legislate one-metre rule – Greens

Published 30 Jun 2016 by allan in Lynn Maclaren | MLC Western Australia.

Greens South Metropolitan MLC Lynn MacLaren has renewed her call for the Government to implement the one-metre rule to protect bike riders, ahead of the imminent release of a new cycling Code of Conduct.

Ms MacLaren offered her congratulations to peak cycling body WestCycle on the code, which offers a guide to best practice for riding in groups and riding alone.

She said the inclusion of advice for vehicle drivers to allow a one metre passing distance when passing bike riders was pivotal – and hoped the Government would reinforce the code by implementing the one-metre rule into law as was practicable.

“I congratulate WestCycle on their excellent work in putting together the new Code of Conduct,” Ms MacLaren said.

“Not only does the Code offer a guide to best practice for bike riders, it also goes a long way to clearing up some of the ongoing misunderstandings between bike riders and motorists. An effective wide scale public education campaign would help to get these messages out.

“The next practical step is for the Government to implement the one-metre rule.

“I first introduced my Road Traffic (Keeping Safe Distances from Bicycles) Amendment Bill during Bike Week in 2014.

“Since then, five other states have put legislation in place or are carrying out trials.

“WestCycle have done their bit, now it’s time for the Government to meet them half way and show they’re serious about bike riders’ safety.”

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Making Cycling Safer
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Greens oppose Government’s Biodiversity Bill in current form

Published 29 Jun 2016 by allan in Lynn Maclaren | MLC Western Australia.

The WA Greens will not support  the Government’s proposed new biodiversity legislation unless major amendments are made to it.
The Government introduced the Biodiversity Conservation Bill into WA’s Upper House today and debate is likely to occur at the next sitting in August.
“This Bill can’t be supported in its current state; we will work constructively to try to improve it during debate in the Legislative Council,” Greens Biodiversity Spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC said.
“I note that attempts to amend the Bill in the Lower House were unsuccessful and there are serious flaws in the Bill which the Greens and conservation groups are very opposed to.
“One of them is the ‘god’ clause which gives the Minister unfettered powers to allow a species to become extinct.
“Despite the Bill containing some of the language of modern biodiversity legislation, the finer detail reveals too little protection for threatened species, habitats and ecological communities and too much unfettered power for the Minister.”
·         The Biodiversity Conservation Bill 2015 was introduced by the Government to the Legislative Council today (30/6/3016) and is likely to be debated in the next sitting which begins on 16 August.
·         The Bill would increase penalties and allow the listing of threatened ecological communities for the first time in WA.
·         The WA Greens introduced a Bill for Priority Reforms first in the previous Parliament and again during this term. These priority reforms included increased penalties.
·         The Government’s Bill would replace WA’s archaic Wildlife Conservation Act 1950.  While previous ALP State Governments circulated discussion papers, they never got to the point of introducing a new Bill for debate. Even with the Greens in the balance of power, which would have all but assured the passage of stronger, updated laws, the ALP failed to table proposed legislation.

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Biodiversity & Conservation

Mandogalup residents should be compensated over State land grab

Published 27 Jun 2016 by allan in Lynn Maclaren | MLC Western Australia.

More than 100 residents who stand to lose out if the WA Government passes legislation allowing a buffer zone around the Kwinana Industrial area should be duly compensated, says Greens Member for South Metropolitan Region Lynn MacLaren MLC.
“Through a question in Parliament at the end of last week, I pressed the Government about whether it planned to compensate the 112 residents who will be directly affected if this legislation is passed,” Ms MacLaren said.
“The Government admitted that residents would not be compensated, claiming that the affected land in Mandogalup would not be ‘injuriously affected.’
“We know that this doesn’t ring true. The enjoyment and use of their properties will be limited once the buffer is implemented.
“I met with residents earlier this month, who told me they were very concerned about house prices falling because of this and the restrictions that will most likely be placed on their land’s development potential.
“Surely, compensation should be considered if the Government is going to change the potential usage of their properties.
“The Government also admitted to me that no studies had been carried out to establish whether the extra land was needed for industrial use.
“If there is a health risk, residents should be fully informed. Otherwise, industry should be held to stick by their long established plan to decommission the nearby facility.”