Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt has been outspoken on why he believes the Arthur Head A Class reserve needs a tavern, and now first a temporary two-year events venue with live outdoor concerts for up to 1,500 or maybe 1,000 patrons, depending on if full Council on Wednesday will accept the changes to the original application.

I lived at Captain’s Lane in one of the old Pilot’s Cottages for about two and a half years and absolutely loved it. I adored the historic feeling of the area, to sit in quiet at night on the veranda and look down at the harbour and see ships coming and going. It was a magnificent experience and so was the interaction with the delightful Crookes family next door. Kids from Lance Holt School played up on the hill, we held bocce nights for the locals, the Fremantle Society held events during the Heritage Festival, on Australia Day, etc. and we looked after the place.

The Captain’s Lane area is lovely. It was delightful to live there and to sit on the veranda and talk to people passing by. The kids from next door and I introduced many foreigners to ‘bush tucker’ lilly pilly, and the few homeless people who walked by came for a chat or yelled goodnight at me through the window. We were the passive and active surveillance of the area. I asked Council to put a proper path down Captain’s Lane so it would make access to the Roundhouse and to the lawn-for weddings more accessible, and they did.

I have suggested to light up the cottages from the front and make them a feature. It would surely not be a huge expense to put four lights below the wall and light it all up. I would love it if disabled people could get into the Roundhouse. I have suggested Council uses the grassed area for events and I have suggested an art market there.

I have asked for years if we could have a ‘stage’ at Little High Street during the Street Art Festival long weekend to encourage people to walk down High Street and discover and enjoy the far West End of town.

Georgie Adeane and I extended the Bathers Beach Sunset Food Markets all along the path from Kidogo Arthouse to J Shed and onto the A Class reserve, we lit up the tunnel beautifully and I have asked Fremantle City to at least put more attractive lights in the tunnel and make it a feature, but it fell on deaf ears. How many people see the lit up cliff face? I thinks it looks great but not many people visit there during the night.

The heritage area deserves more and better attention from the City. I can’t believe there is still no proper wayfinding signage in the area although we have asked for it for years, and that is not acceptable.

The Mayor sits in Council and tells us the area needs activation because nothing is happening at Arthur Head, but the City has failed to do the basic things. Where is the Arthur Head promotion, where is the signage, the lights, the events and a bit of tender love and care for the area?!

Yesterday the Whalers Tunnel was still closed at 9 am! I have alerted the City on numerous occasions that the security company either failed to open the gates, did it far too late and closed the gates too early at night, but who cares. I am just a geriatric nay-saying whinger who should shut up because Brad and his mates know best what’s good for us. Quiet enjoyment of the great historic area is not good enough. It needs to be destroyed by making it into a live outdoor music venue.

Only Councillor Ingrid Waltham got it on Wednesday when she suggested to only approve events for up to 400 people but not the 1500, or now maybe 1000 patrons, ticketed concerts.

We have been banging our heads against the wall for many years to get improvement at Arthur Head but all we’ve got is a few benches, but still no shade structures for tourist to sit under or a water fountain.

The City of Fremantle has failed the area and neglected it, and because they did that they now want to destroy it. They have been giving similar reasons for Pioneer Park. No one uses it so let’s build a multi storey building on it, when all it needs is some creative landscaping, seating and shade structures and a playground near Spare Parts Theatre. But that is just common sense low-hanging fruit placemaking the Mayor no longer seems to want to support, although it was he who brought out David Engwicht on several occasions to preach exactly those solutions.

Arthur Head needs better connectivity and wayfinding and signage all the way from the Esplanade and Fishing Boat Harbour to Victoria Quay and the Maritime Museum. It needs to be included in events. Bathers Beach needs a public toilet and shade structures and so does the grass area next to the Roundhouse.

Make the area a feature and light up the cottages, set standards for the art galleries and insist on professionalism and proper signage instead of some ugly banners hanging off the verandas. They need to be as professional and inviting as the Glen Cowans photography gallery!

There are many many small and inexpensive ways to make the area more attractive and safe that would reduce vandalism, but the City of Fremantle has no eye for detail and only wants to do the big picture stuff.

Roel Loopers

P.S. Those of you who have criticised my very critical and sarcastic article about the Planning Committee session as being disrespectful to Mayor Brad Pettitt should have witnessed how disrespectful the Mayor was to all those who addressed Council and who send in submissions.

Pettitt’s attitude toward Fremantle Society President Henty Frrar and historian and former Councillor John Dowwson was unacceptable, rude and arrogant. He had no right to interrupt Dowson’s address to the members and question if he had even read the agenda item on the Workers Club development. If the Mayor wants respect he needs to treat us with respect, so start earning the respect some still believe you deserve, Brad.

ROEL FOR FREO. Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162.

How the ‘lucky country’ is blowing its luck

This is well worth a read. Aligns nicely with some of the recent initiatives here at Freo: October 7, 2015 Michael Short Journalist Australia, we have a bloody big problem. Unless we change the way we develop our cities, particularly Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, we are going to turn one of the most liveable nations […]

Grand designs for Holland Street

This week the Housing Authority announced the winners of a multi-university student competition to redesign the run-down state housing on the east end of Holland Street in Fremantle. Students from Murdoch, UWA, Curtin and Edith Cowan and from across a range of academic disciplines came up with some great flexible and creative housing designs. The […]


Professional sport has very little to do with community but is all about making a lot of money out of people who follow their footy team like a religion. The Fremantle Dockers have shown this just to be the case by demanding a rumoured $ 4 million from the City of Fremantle for their building at Fremantle Oval when they move to Cockburn.

This is akin to someone kicking you in the guts and then asking you for compensation because they hurt you. Fremantle City did not want the Dockers to leave and offered them many incentives to stay, but none were good enough for the high profile footy club, so it was their choice to move to our neighbours.

The building the Dockers now want to sell to the City of Fremantle, while breaking the lease they signed till 2054, was built in 2000 with the help of a loan Freo City took out for them in support of the development.

Greed is the pretty ugly face of professional sport where it is all about money and the bottom line and where no one really connects with the community or feels an obligation to it.

It’s good riddance to the Dockers as far as I am concerned. The City of Fremantle should fine them the equivalent of what they want for the building for breaking their lease.

On the upside Fremantle Oval has huge potential to be developed into a multi-use stadium for sport, events, concerts, etc. and help take the pressure off the over-used Esplanade Reserve, while it is still attractive to organisers as an inner city venue close to the train station and public transport.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Fremantle 6162.

The future of Freo Oval post Dockers

Yesterday WA Today ran an interesting piece on the Fremantle Dockers and the future of Fremantle Oval which I have posted below. The context for this is (building on recommendations of the Freo 2029 visioning document) the City of Fremantle has been working with the Fremantle Dockers, West Australian Football Commission, East Fremantle Football Club, […]

The Fremantle Workers’ Social and Leisure Club building get a new life on Henry Street.

Last night the planning committee voted to support the redevelopment of the former Fremantle Workers’ Social and Leisure Club building at 7 Henry St. There has been a bit of misinformation around on this one so thought it worth clarifying the approval here. The development was supported but without any extra height granted. The planning committee was […]


There is less than a week to go to return your Local Government votes via Australia Post, so please do vote and put your envelope in the mailbox TODAY, because the returns are very low so far.

It is very, very important to have your say who should represent you on Fremantle Council, as last night’s Council Committee showed yet again. Council no longer listens to the residents, ratepayers and retailers but bends over backward instead to accommodate the big money players. Public consultation has become a total farce with the Mayor patronising and belittling those who dare to have an opinion that differs from his own.

Up till yesterday only 15.37% of votes had been returned in Beaconsfield Ward, 14.62% in City Ward, 16.19% in East Ward, 21.05 % in Hilton, 13.95% in North and 18.88% in South, so that is unacceptably low and probably the result of people having lost faith in the local government process.

I understand it is hard not to feel frustrated when Council does not listen and stops representing the electorate, but you can make a difference and create change at Fremantle Council by electing six new Councillors in on October 17. Do it!

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconfield Ward. Truly Independent. IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162


A new report by the Australian Council of Learned Academies-ACOLA tells us a lot what we already know but is important to remind us all about it time and time again.

The ACOLA reports says that by the middle of next century the population will be double in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne and that the cost of urban congestion will increase four-fold in the next 20 years to $ 53 billion by 2031.

We all know and understand that urban sprawl is the major factor in this, so ACOLA recommends to reduce and avoid the need to travel through creating economic hubs so people live close near where they work, and to shift to environmentally friendly transport; public, bikes, walking, and improve energy efficiency; electric cars.

The recommendation I like best, and wonder why it is not happening already, is to get all three levels of government, Federal, State and Local to actually coordinate planning.

ACOLA also suggest to establish a planning philosophy where the need for mobility is reduced and the aim of good health and sustainability advanced.

It all makes sense but how do we get the Great Australian Dream of a big house and garden out of the Australian culture?

The W.A. State Government is not exactly rushing to create so called satellite cities around the Perth metro area and move large departments to places like Fremantle, and neither are big businesses keen to move away from their highrise palaces in Perth and West Perth.

One option would be for Landcorp to release less land for single housing and insist on higher density new suburbs, and urban infill needs to increase faster than at the present rate and that is a challenge for local governments as residents are reluctant to embrace it.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162.


The former One Steel site on Stirling Highway near Mc Cabe street in North Fremantle is up for sale again, so it will be interesting to see if there are any takers.

The 31,044 square metre site has an approved structure plan for eight apartment sites for up to 25 metres high and is a mixed-use urban zone.

The real estate agents say it could be used to develop over 400 apartments or 233 semi-penhouse style dwellings, so it would be a substantial development for North Freo.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162.


art at BB

Fremantle’s Bathers Beach has a new artwork by Tony Jones. It has been placed straight in front of the new(ish) Bathers Beach House and looks stunning.

The area is attracting more people and it needs public toilets, so that should be next on the agenda.

While I love art and strongly support the local art industry I hope the BID group will invest in something practical and help the placement of shade structures there now that the market has been moved to South Beach.

Roel Loopers

Debating the J Shed.

Last night we debated  the temporary approval at J Shed at great length – finishing the meeting at close to midnight. This long meeting with a full gallery gave rise to a bit of a feeling of déjà vu. Just before the last Local Government election there was a lot of negative noise about the […]




There were a lot of Curtin University students at this evening’s Fremantle Council Planning Services Committee meeting. Their teacher told the Councillors and packed public gallery the students have to write 1,500 words about their observations, so let me help them out and suggest they start with the word farce.

Farce is probably a too nice word to describe the shambles Fremantle Council has become under Mayor Brad Pettitt’s it’s my way or the highway leadership.

And didn’t our Bradman, he who was sent from space to rescue Fremantle from boredom, make it very clear that he did not give a damn about community submissions and the people who had just addressed Councillors. Oh no, Bradman was sick and tired of that boring place called Arthur Head, a place where nothing happens, the White Gum Valley resident told the people who actually live a stone’s throw away. Braddy knows it so much better than those who have lived there for years, and than the Roundhouse heritage guides who welcome more than 110,000 people a year into the old goal.

Naw, we need activation the Mayor lectured us all, because basically that heritage stuff is boring like bat shit. Might I remind you that under his leadership Arthur Head was made into a ghost town when his Council signed off on the Bathers Beach Art Precinct that has attracted many undesirable people and anti-social behaviour to the heritage area.

Councillors tried to pacify the residents by proposing little motions and passing them, and it felt a bit like they were trying to smooth small ripples in a tsunami, because the community had already expressed they did not want a music venue and alcohol outlet at J Shed.

Forget the new alcohol policy and anti-social behaviour, drunks, etc. It’s insignificant in the big picture. His Worship told us it is just a two-year trial and might not turn out all that bad. That was very reassuring especially since advertising of alcohol would be restricted maybe somehow, or whatever, but not the consumption off it.

His eminent Worship told us there are no complaints when the Fremantle Arts Centre have concerts for 3,400 people in that heritage area, so why would that be different in a venue whose core business it is to sell alcohol. Yes sorry Brad, we are not as intelligent as you are and did not make that connection.

The Mayor was leading the way to get approval for the Sunset Events proposal one way or the other. Brad, like a spoiled single child, gets what he wants or he bang his fists on the table and tells officers off, as he did tonight but without the banging of the fists because that is not a good look in public. It appeared he intimidated and influenced the decisions of some Councillors anyway.

But the next item on the agenda  showed the real farce of it all when Bradman told us that the facade of the former Workers Club in Henry Street “tell an important story of how we evolved in Fremantle.” That apparently does not apply however to the extremely historic significance of Arthur Head, that just needs to be activated according to the Mayor, who even offered the locals to come and show them nothing is going on there, apart from some 110,000 people visiting the heritage site every year. Bradman is also happy to replace the successful family fun Bathers Beach Sunset Food Markets, that attracted up to 5.000 people each Saturday in summer, with herding 1,000 people into a small fenced off area for ticketed events.

There is little use boring you with all the things people said when they addressed the Council Committee this eve, because most of it was ignored by our Elected Members and barely mentioned in the debate. In the City of Fremantle community consultation is like toilet paper. One flushes it down ideally without looking at it.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent. 

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162.

Senate inquiry into the Perth Freight Link

The Senate inquiry into the Perth Freight Link was underway at Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle today. Lots of public and media interest too. The more I heard from the impressive array of witnesses the clearer it became that this project is an epic waste of taxpayer money. The opening statement I made is below. ******* Thank […]

The Urbanist on Freo’s Best

There is a great new website called the Urbanist which maps out all that is hip and happening in Australia. Their article on 14 Fremantle Restaurants And Cafes You Need To Visit has had over 28,000 views and 7400 shares! One their latest articles is a list of the 12 Of Fremantle’s Best Bars and is below. Enjoy and […]

Laws needed to provide clarity for free range egg producers and consumers

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says consumers’ ability to clearly identify and choose free range eggs has come a step closer with the release of the ACCC's guide to misleading claims in the free-range egg industry.

“Shonky practices and misleading labelling are rife in the egg marketing industry where it is abundantly clear that voluntary management has comprehensively failed,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The ACCC’s guide is welcome, but it merely confirms what we already know – that rogue operators in the industry are failing to clean up their act.

read more

Three more places available, be quick!


Quick! Three more places have opened up in our free writing workshop on Sunday 18th October.

Writing workshop – Character development through roleplay with Leonard Goulds

An aficionado of stories and storytelling since birth, Leonard is a keen traveller and avid collector, especially of books and games. Leonard is a proud recipient of the CAL Emerging Writer in Residence position at FAWWA for 2015. He predominantly writes short stories (alternating genre between fantasy, science fiction and horror) and also has an interest in alternate forms of literature, creativity and mythology.

Inspired by theatrical exercises and pen and paper roleplaying games, this workshop will encourage the creation and evolution of complex and believable characters to be utilised in written work.

Sunday 18th October 2015
Fremantle City Library
12:30pm- 3:30pm


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Greens WA support Steve Marsh’s appeal to the High Court on GM-Free farming

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren welcomed the news of a high court challenge and wished farmer Steve Marsh well, saying Justice McClure found in his favour in the Court of Appeal.

The Greens have long supported the right of farmers to grow their crops without the threat of contamination by GM varieties, and accordingly the Greens support Steve Marsh’s application for leave to appeal to the High Court.

“We have long held that more protection is required for farmers, not less,” Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said.

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Senate Committee urged to consider First People’s wishes on Roe 8

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has urged a Senate Committee that convenes in Fremantle today to listen to the views of Traditional Owners on Roe 8, after those views were ignored by the Barnett Government.

From 1.30pm, the Senate inquiry will hear from Reverend Sealin Garlett, one of 54 Traditional Owners who were surveyed by Main Roads for their views on Roe 8. Along with the majority of those surveyed, he has opposed the destruction of Aboriginal heritage sites located in the path of the proposed highway.

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I received this email from Alex Fletcher and want to share it with you, as it sounds like an interesting project:

I am trying to get Perth people (starting in Freo) to reduce their driving, in favour of walking, cycling and public transport. I also want to support local businesses. I’m working on an app called Freewheeler ( ) with my dad to track commutes and modes then reward people for active & sustainable commuting.

I’m doing a crowdfunding campaign at the moment to raise funds to help roll out a Fremantle pilot project. The campaign page is at

If this initiative interests you at all, then I’d appreciate any exposure you’d care to give on your blog. Crowdfunding is proving to be pretty hard work and I’m really keen to get the Fremantle community on board, as I think it could make a big difference to Fremantle (and hopefully later Australia).

Check it out Freo!

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers if 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162.

WIN! Film fest celebrates Brit flicks

The BBC First British Film Festival is thrilled to announce its full line-up of films screening across Cinema Paradiso, Luna on SX and Windsor Cinema 28 October – 18 November. Showcasing the best and brightest cinema from the British Isles, the program captures the magic, unique humour, romance, traditions and new age vitality of British culture.

The festival will open with Paolo Sorrentino’s highly anticipated film YOUTH, nominated for the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes film festival, and the follow up to his Academy Award-winning film, The Great Beauty. Following two old friends, retired composer Fred (Michael Caine) and film director Mick (Harvey Keitel), on vacation at a prestigious hotel in the Swiss Alps, the film is an introspective and thought-provoking, wry buddy comedy – and it employs Sorrentino’s hallmark stunning visuals to majestic effect.

Other films include:

This year’s retrospective, Love Actually: A Century of British Romance, captures the romanticism of British cinema with 10 gems reflecting each decade of the Twentieth Century. Titles from the retrospective include: THE GO-BETWEEN (1971), A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH (1946), TWO FOR THE ROAD (1967), RYAN’S DAUGHTER (1970), THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIE (1969), SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY (1971), MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE (1985), FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL (1994) and A TOWN LIKE ALICE (1956). The Festival is also proud to present the newly remastered WOMEN IN LOVE (1969), direct from its premiere screenings at the London Film Festival. Featuring Glenda Jackson’s Academy Award-winning portrayal of a free-spirited artist, the film remains an explicitly powerful 1920s period piece unlike any other.

Festival tickets go on sale Wednesday 30 September via or

The 2015 BBC First British Film Festival comes to Cinema Paradiso, Luna on SX and the Windsor 28 October – 14 November.

Fill out the entry form below for your chance to win!
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Competition closes 20.10.15 with winners announced in the 24.10.15 edition of your Herald.



a b c d e f g h t

The Senate Inquiry into the PERTH FREIGHT LINK came to the Fremantle Esplanade Hotel and so did aroun 100 protestors who could get away from work around midday.

Politicians Scott Ludlam, Lyn MacLaren and Simone McGurk were there but I did not see any Fremantle Councillors but Sam Wainwright.

The PFL is a badly planned dud that should be be stopped, but let me reassure residents in the west of Fremantle that I do not believe there should be more freight on rail along the existing line through Fremantle. Noise issues are a serious concern and we know the line can’t handle double stacking of containers because of the passenger rail power lines and the bridge is not strong enough either.

A good alternative rail route is as essential as urgently starting to plan the outer harbour overflow port.

Roel Loopers

P.S. Community groups are welcome to use the photos!

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162


It is disappointing to read Fremantle City Ward Councillor Rachel Pemberton’s disingenuous blog post on the proposed Sunset Events temporary tavern and music venue at historic Arthur Head, where she compares the proposed venue with the Fremantle Arts Centre. I believe that Pemberton is a relatively good performer in the Chamber who does her homework, so why did she write a post like this one?

Like Rachel I go to many of the concerts at the FAC, especially the Sunday afternoon ones, so I know the proposed J Shed venue will be nothing like the FAC experience.

The plain fact is that the main purpose and core business of the FAC is art and culture, while the core business and main purpose of a tavern is the sale of alcohol. The vast majority of people who frequent pubs go there to drink alcohol and only a small percentage also have food. The tavern no doubt will have many beers on tap while at the FAC one can buy only one brand of mid strength or one brand of full strength beer in a stubby and one brand of white or red wine and a cider.

I did not read a mention of restricted alcohol sales and no spirits for the J Shed temporary tavern proposal and neither is there a mention of under 18 alcohol-free events, so let’s stop the spin and pretend the tavern will be similar to the FAC. It will be nothing like it!

State agency Fremantle Ports is against the proposal because it is worried about anti social behaviour, parking and traffic issues, etc. The Roundhouse volunteer guides are against it because it will severely impact on the tourist experience and amenity of Arthur Head and their operations there. The arts businesses and local residents are against the J Shed venue proposal and so are the Whadjuk Nyoongar people. The hospitality operators at the Fishing Boat Harbour are not keen on it either but because of some bewildering solidarity don’t want to go public with their opposition to the J Shed pub.

Connectivity between Victoria Quay and the Fishing Boat Harbour will be interrupted when the area is fenced off. Ugly portable toilets and other semi-permanent structures will visually pollute the Bathers Beach experience for visitors to our State’s most significant historic precinct that stars the oldest public building in Western Australia, the Roundhouse.

And then when Council has approved the proposal after all because it does not give a four X about community opinion the Fremantle Doctor will take care of it all and will make the experience a very unpleasant one, as we found out when we extended the Bathers Beach Sunset Food Markets to J Shed one year. Or would they dare to take the Indian Ocean vista away by planting double-stacked sea containers there as a wind break?

I think this issue is far too important to be rushed. Council should more or less be in caretaker mode when half of Council is up for election on October 17, so why not defer the item till after the election, so people can vote for Councillors who are for or against the proposal, whatever their preference is. Sounds fair to me.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162

Solar Energy Storage Goes Live at Josh’s House

In Australia more than 1.4 million households have rooftop solar panels, with double digit growth every year. In Perth one in five homes have solar power. Combined they equate to the biggest source of power generation in the state. The problem is solar power is only available when the sun is shining. At night time households are still completely reliant ...

TPP is a Trojan Horse for Taking Power from the People

TPP is a Trojan Horse for Taking Power from the People

Federal Member for Fremantle, Hon Melissa Parke, today condemned the Turnbull Government and its Trade Minister Andrew Robb for last night agreeing to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

“This dirty deal has been done in secret

to the great benefit of multinational corporations and to the potentially enormous detriment of Australia’s patients, consumers, workers and the environment,” said Ms Parke.

“The full text of the TPP has not been released but we do know that the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clause remains. This will allow foreign corporations to sue the Australian government for laws, policies or court decisions that impact upon their profits.”

“Already, Philip Morris is using an ISDS clause within a little known Hong Kong-Australia FTA to sue our country for the tobacco plain-packaging laws that were passed with bi-partisan support in the national parliament and upheld by the High Court of Australia.”

“The TPP is being sold as a trade agreement that will reduce tariffs and gain access for farmers to markets but in truth, the TPP is primarily about control of the regulatory framework of countries for the benefit of multinational corporations, who have been party to the negotiations on the TPP.”

“The greatest impact will be on things like internet freedom, the cost of medicines – not only here in Australia but also for the poorest people in the world, tobacco and alcohol control policies, food labelling, labour rights & safety, human rights, environmental standards, and indeed any area that might be regulated, such as cracking down on multinational tax avoidance.”

“The TPP, a so-called free- trade agreement, stands to undermine the high-quality social, economic, health, workforce and environmental standards that countries like Australia have painstakingly established. The community is entitled to know and to have a say about what the government is signing us up to.”

“The Australian public deserves to see just exactly what the minister has signed our country up to and I call on him to release the TPP and its full text.”

Fremantle Council Addicted to Booze

Tweet How can a council with a policy such as their own SG50 be so driven to push thru clearly destructive booze outlets as the one planned at Jshed, people should read this agenda and decide from them selves about the actions of council. For me reading it, they come across as an addict who […]

Sunset Arts Centre?

arts centre concertsOn Sunday, I attended the first of the free summer music series at the Fremantle Arts Centre, along with about 700 other people. I think it is a useful and important comparison, when considering the temporary use of J Shed by Sunset events.

The Freo Arts Centre has a capacity of up to 900 people in the front courtyard, where the Sunday music is held. The major concerts held on the south lawn have a capacity up to 3500 people.This is more than double the proposed capacity of the proposed venue at J Shed.

The Arts Centre is also much closer to residents and has similar parking constraints. Plus it has similar operating hours, with all events finishing by 10pm.

Sunset Events plan to attract a similar audience (aged 25+) and host similar “mature” artists like Sarah Blasko, Missy Higgins and Paul Kelly in a family friendly environment. The Freo Arts Centre does not attract significant anti social behavior problems, like those some are claiming will inevitably occur at J Shed, because it is a well-managed venue that targets more mature patrons. I expect Sunset Events to operate in a similar manner. I also note that the Arts Centre is a significant heritage building. It is not being harmed by these events. In fact it is being experienced and enjoyed by many thousands of people.

On Sunday, I was sitting next to people from Woodvale (30km north they told me…) they are regulars at the Arts Centre gigs and travel to Freo for them often. This demonstrates the pulling power events like these in our town have, which supports local artists, businesses and builds community.

Locals I spoke with at the Arts Centre on Sunday and door knocking today thought a similar venue at J Shed would be a wonderful addition to Freo’s cultural landscape. Noting again that this would be less than half the capacity of the Arts Centre, which has a maximum capacity of 400 people and 1500 people just twelve times a year.


Some people have raised concerns about the legitimacy of allowing a temporary use prior to the permanent license is approved. I see this as a potential benefit. Firstly it will enable the strategic aims of the lease being realized sooner – that is creating an attraction that will support the Arts Hub and West End businesses.

Secondly, it will enable Sunset Events to be tested to see if they can deliver on the many criteria they are being asked to meet as part of this lease. This includes adhering to sound regulations, security and safety issues and compliance with the aims of the arts hub. You can’t imagine RGL providing Sunset Events with a permanent license for this venue if they are not responsible or don’t do a good job. Refusing a liquor license is far easier than withdrawing one – so this is an opportunity to ensure Sunset Events can deliver on their promise to our community.


I have moved a number of amendments that seek to address some of the key concerns raised:

1. Reduce capacity for 12 x large events to 1000 people (only a little more than the front courtyard events at the Freo Arts Centre)

2. The performance criteria set out in the lease agreement forms part of this approval and must be met as part of the temporary use

3. The risk management plan must include consideration of people attempting to view events from the cliff top

4. Sunset will be required to liaise with the J Shed tenants regarding any artwork in the area and any temporary removal will be at the cost of Sunset Venues.

5. Temporary fencing erected for events must be removed by 9am morning after

6. No more than 6 food stalls / vans to operate in the area at any one time

I also have concerns about the lack of vehicle access and a satisfactory solution is yet to be found. I do not support any vehicle access from Mrs Trivett’s Lane and also have concerns about the Whaling tunnel being used for regular vehicle access to the venue. I am considering an amendment that would make this a condition.

I am also concerned about the uncertainty about the entry point for these events – given the potential impact on adjoining neighbors. If no permanent entry is proposed as part of these plans, I would like to add a condition that says “The public entry must be at least 10m from the Western wall of the shed and access doors into other tenants units”.

It is also important to note, the DA for the temporary use does not include any physical changes or alterations to the shed and there will be no removal of existing vegetation. There will be no permanent fencing of the Reserve. Temporary fencing will only apply during events where a liquor license has been approved (as a requirement of Liquor Licensing) or during major ticketed events (as approved by the event application and process).


I believe that the strategic aim behind this proposal – to create a significant attractor that would bring new and repeat visitation to Arthur’s Head via the West End – is a good one. For too long businesses in the West End – the former beating heart of our CBD – has been struggling. The Retail Model Plan (2010) identified the need for an “anchor” attraction(s) that would generate repeat visitation from all over Perth (and beyond) to the West End. It is with this in mind the EOI was issued for unit 1 at J Shed. We also wanted to make the area an ‘Arts Hub’ that would showcase the city’s diverse creative and cultural assets. Sunset Events will need to meet criteria to deliver these outcomes as well as the commercial aims for our West End. We also want to see a nighttime economy returned to the historical centre of town – our beautiful West End.

cym_crowdThe concerts at the Fremantle Arts Centre are popular, well managed and a great cultural attractor to Fremantle. If we can have a second, smaller venue in an equally iconic historic site that brings more families and mature music and art lovers to the west end I believe this will be a good thing for Fremantle. But we need to ensure it is well managed and respects existing tenants and neighbours, which is why I’ve moved the range of amended conditions above.

The public comment during question time, debate in the chamber and the outcome of my amendments will help me to determine my final position on this matter, however I believe a good outcome for all is possible.

The evolution of a White Gum Valley sump

What was just another weed infested, fenced off hole in the ground in White Gum Valley is steadily being transformed into a new public green space through a clever sump redesign as part of the Kim Beazley redevelopment. The photo with the stackable, porous, plastic mesh was taken this morning. It will soon be filled […]

Fremantle Council Direction Drives Anti-social Behaviour

Tweet  ARTHUR ASSAULT by the Fremantle Herald     Fremantle council has been driving our fair our city into the ground for years. A mixture of poor decisions, miss management, poor policy and actively ignoring policies they have, just sees Freo go from bad to worse, driving up or encouraging anti-social behaviour. Fremantle councillors removing […]

Arthur assault

• Vandals chucked this picnic table over the cliff near the Round House last weekend. Photo supplied

• Vandals chucked this picnic table over the cliff near the Round House last weekend. Photo supplied

VANDALISM at historic Arthur Head is out of control, with picnic tables being thrown from the clifftop, people defecating in yards and drug-users leaving used needles strewn about the tourism icon.

Council candidate Roel Loopers points the finger squarely at the council’s decision to evict residents from the site’s cottages for the precinct becoming “a haven for homeless people, drunks and drug users”.

The photographer and Round House guide says people who used to live there — he had been one of them — had acted as unofficial security guards, but now the place is devoid of life at night because arts organisations now leasing the properties are closed outside business hours.

“They were warned before that they would make the area into a ghost town but refused to listen,” Mr Loopers told the Herald.

Fremantle Heritage Guides office manager Steve Gibbons says vandals last weekend threw a picnic table off the cliff next to the Round House.

“They threw it over the cliff,” he told the Herald. “The last time I saw it, it was hanging somewhere off the rail here. To get the bloody thing there I am surprised they didn’t break their necks.

“This graffiti is also a new addition, he says, pointing to a large scrawl on a brick outbuilding attached to the cottage the guides are based in.

“They use the backyards to go to the toilet. All the hoses are getting smaller—they use them for bongs: they cut them and use them to smoke marijuana.”

A local artist, who didn’t want to be named, says she is finding used syringes next to her studio, as well as sleeping bags and other personal belongings.

She says rangers clean up but only when called.

The artist criticised the council’s decision to approve a large tavern at the nearby J-Shed, saying it will put the historic Round House at risk from drunks.

“We have been trying to get surveillance cameras for ages,” Mr Gibbons says. “Police and rangers hardly patrol here anymore even if they are supposed to.”

No-one from the council would put their name to a response, but flak-catcher Chantelle Blight sent an email which says additional lighting and security patrols have been introduced.


1. Continental Meat Supply 10x3

Freight Link clips

A NEW tunnel option for the Perth Freight Link that would start at Stock Road in Hilton and emerge at Booyeembara Park is being looked at, according to Fremantle council sources. Commencing at the intersection of Winterfold and Stock Roads—beside Foley Village and Seton Catholic College—the tunnel would pass under Hilton and White Gum Valley and emerge near the driving range at Fremantle golf course. A similar option, presented to the Barnett government as part of the Roe Highway extension in 2002, had a tunnel going from the Stock Road/South Street intersection to the junction of High Street and Stirling Highway.

AN anti-protest bill is being fast-tracked through state parliament to take the sting out of Roe 8 protests, claims local Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren (right) . “While there are legal challenges that are yet to play out, it has been apparent for a long time that stopping Roe 8 may involve ordinary people taking peaceful direct action to block bulldozers from clearing in the Beeliar wetlands,” she says. “This could be a ‘push factor’ in the Barnett government moving so aggressively with its proposed ‘Prevention of Lawful Activity Bill’ which would create new criminal offences, fines up to $24,000 and up to two years’ gaol terms for people convicted of actions that interfere with activities such as clearing land for a road. “The bill, which is still being debated in the WA upper house, is so loosely defined that you could be charged if authorities think you intend to obstruct an activity or you are in possession of a ‘thing’. “For example, if you have a bike chain or rope with you, you could potentially be charged because you might be suspected of intending to use that to lock on to machinery or scale a tree.”

WA transport minister Dean Nalder (right) is looking at permitting 36.5 metre, triple-carriage road trains on the Perth Freight Link. Currently, the maximum length allowed on roads to the port is 27.5 metres, as part of a two-container truck. “If we can create a system and reduce the number of trucks going through because we can put an extra container on it, I have encouraged Main Roads to explore it as an option,” Mr Nalder says. “A final decision has not been made.” Fremantle Labor MP Simone McGurk says the B-triple road trains could be a safety hazard. “Remember that cars will be sharing the road with these massive trucks,” she says.  “This is more proof, if more proof was needed, that PFL is a disastrous plan which will actually mean more trucks and bigger trucks on our roads.”

THE Barnett government has spent at least $255,421 so far on spin doctors for the Perth Freight Link. Questions tabled in parliament by shadow transport minister Peter Tinley (right) reveal the government employed Carolyn Walker Public Relations, JAC Communications and Professional Public Relations Australia to spruik the PFL. Representatives from the outfits attended various rallies and fora without identifying themselves. “Main Roads WA: they’ve got the time and money to spy on activists and community groups, but not to actually do a coherent and comprehensive benefit-cost ratio analysis of PFL and its alternatives,” says Fremantle councillor and anti-PFL campaigner Sam Wainwright.  “Your taxes at work!”


2. Joy Kitchen 10x2.3


Cockburn plan could ‘collapse’ SMRC

COCKBURN council’s move to a three-bin rubbish collection has the potential to trigger the collapse of the problem-plagued Southern Metropolitan Regional Council, a report claims.

Cockburn is running a trial in Hamilton Hill of a third bin specifically for garden waste, and plans to roll the system out citywide next year.

It has told the SMRC, of which it us a paid-up member, it doesn’t want to use its recycling waste facility in Canning Vale any more, preferring to process its own garden clippings at its own landfill site in Henderson.

Cockburn argues it would be uneconomical to send food scraps and other household waste to Canning Vale without green waste.

A report to Melville council says the change will leave the SMRC with an annual net financial loss of $7 million a year.

“The loss of approximately 30,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste would have a devastating impact on the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council and the remaining project participants, and may possibly trigger the wind-up provisions of the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council,” Melville technical services director John Christie reports.

Exacerbating the problem is the RRRC doesn’t get enough waste now from its council members to be viable. The SMRC has been unable to attract any commercial customers to bolster its bottom line.

Cockburn has requested a “partial withdrawal” from the RRRC project, but the SMRC called in lawyers who argue that’s not possible without the agreement of all members, including Fremantle, East Fremantle and Kwinana.

Mr Christie recommends Melville reject Cockburn’s request.

Cockburn has its own legal advice that a partial withdrawal is achievable through a deed of variation to the project partners’ agreement. Its three-bin system has the blessing of the state’s waste authority. On its website it highlights a review of Nedlands’ three-bin system which found it helped the council reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill by 20 per cent.

The SMRC has been plagued with issues for years, including a long-running and expensive controversy over odour, devastating fire that gutted one of its facilities and resignations from member councils.


3. WA State Futsal 10x3

Melville rejects centre

MELVILLE council has baulked at providing its own permanent drop-off point for recyclable goods because of the cost.

As a result ratepayers will likely have to continue their 30-minute trek out to waste transfer sites in Canning or Cockburn, where they’ll have to fork out up to $95 to drop off a trailer-load of rubbish.

The issue is up for discussion at Melville’s October meeting, but staff warn that despite environmental benefits, including a reduction in illegal dumping, it’s too expensive for the council to go it alone.

They’ve suggested discussions with the SMRC or Canning council to look at a regional facility in the future.

A report to council says it could cost between $1.4 million (to subsidise three tip passes) and $13m (to buy six passes outright) for the Canning facility, where the standard fee is $95 a trailer load.

Melville only has two land holdings big enough to host a 4500sqm metre drop-off facility; the depot in Bramanti Road and the old landfill site at John Connell reserve. Building on the former would mean staff losing their car parking, while the latter has been mooted for a residential development in partnership with the Melville Glades golfing club.

4. Pekho 10x3

Rocky’s carbon rip-off

ROCKINGHAM council is refusing to refund almost $400,000 it took as carbon tax from neighbouring councils that used its tip.

Both the Australian Local Government Association and the Australian Landfill Owners Association urge landfill owners to return the carbon tax but Rockingham is sticking firm.

In a letter to the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council in July, it said the federal Coalition government hadn’t mandated refunds when it repealed the carbon tax legislation, so it was under no obligation to repay.

The SMRC, which represents Cockburn, East Fremantle, Fremantle, Kwinana and Melville councils, paid $378,764 in carbon tax to Rockingham.

Fremantle says its portion of the refund is $41,306 and last week the council voted to send mayor Brad Pettitt and CEO Graeme Mackenzie to put the hard word on Rockingham.

Cr Doug Thompson, who’s long represented the council on the SMRC, won support for a motion stating if the council is successful, it will look at ways of returning the money to ratepayers.




• Noorel Mecklai’s leafy backyard is one of the few left in the neighbourhood. Photo by Steve Grant

• Noorel Mecklai’s leafy backyard is one of the few left in the neighbourhood. Photo by Steve Grant

LOOKING out from the back verandah of her renovated Hilton cottage, Noorel Mecklai’s once-leafy view is decidedly barren these days.

“So much for the garden suburb,” she says almost wearily, pointing out that apart from her own lush garden, there’s just one other property with a decent tree in view. And that will one day go for a subdivision too, she sighs.

The Hilton council candidate says the council’s infill program has failed the suburb, its tree canopy disappearing and the tiny carved up lots reducing its amenity. Just next door, Homeswest has clear-felled two adjoining properties to bung up a bunch of one- and two-bedroom apartments with checkerboard alfresco areas.

The irony is not lost on Ms Mecklai that she is running on a “green” platform critical of a council dominated by Greens party members — including a Greens mayor. Stressing she’s no anti-development campaigner — her family’s background is in business — she wants to protect what’s left of Hilton’s heritage—including some backyards.

If elected Ms Mecklai will push for a tree register, saying Hilton and Samson are the “lungs of Fremantle”. She also wants to see more native species planted on verges, intermingled with parking bays.

“The council has earned a great deal from sub-division here and I aim to hold them responsible for better services like parking-friendly kerbs, traffic management, maintenance of verge trees, providing equipment for parks and better amenities for families, the elderly and the disabled,” she says.

She’s also keen on rainwater harvesting and wants a suburb-wide trial.


6. Malcolm Ogilby Builder 19x2


A FREO resident who has a homeless person living in their roof says the problem’s been fixed for now, with the WA housing department securing a skylight.

For two weeks the Beach Street resident’s kids could hear scratching and moving about and it was all a bit freaky-deaky (Herald, September 19, 2015). A plumber later found a mattress in the roof.

Complaints to the cops and housing department didn’t do much but after our story ran the resident was practically trampled in the rush of action.

An inspector visited the afternoon our story hit the streets and a contractor came over a few days later to ensure the skylights were secure.

The upstairs penthouse neighbour can still be heard shuffling about but the resident is pleased there’s no way to get into their place. The roof of the apartment is pretty easy to access from neighbouring buildings, including from a notorious flophouse recently closed down for failing safety rules.


7. Luce Del Sol 10x3

NDA’s one-sided seminar

NOTRE DAME university has caused a stir by hosting a Thursday seminar in Fremantle on marriage equality — which presented only the Catholic church’s view.

In a staff email seen by the Herald, vice chancellor Celia Hammond acknowledges the event might be “confronting” because of the charged political atmosphere but “at the same time, and this is by way of explanation and not defence, part of our mandate as a Catholic university is to provide opportunities for all people — Catholic and non-Catholic — to gain a better understanding of the Catholic faith”.


8. Free Range Therapy #1 20x3

Markets move to South Beach

09. 40NEWS

THE popular sunset food market is moving from Bathers Beach, following complaints from harbour restaurant owners that it cripples their nightly takings by 20 per cent.

The weekend market, which attracts up to 5000 people a night and has been going for four years, will now be held at South Beach, in-between the cafe and the sailing club.

Eddie Watling, coordinator for the fishing boat harbour traders’ association, says he’d met with Fremantle city council to express traders’ concerns.

“Customers were booking a table and then coming down to eat, but they couldn’t get parked, so they were cancelling and driving away,” he says.

“Aside from parking issues, people going to the markets were also using toilet facilities belonging to the restaurants. A lot of members from the traders’ association were telling me that on average their takings were down 20 per cent on the night the markets were on.

“The association was supportive of activating Bathers Beach, but as time went on it became clear it was impacting our trade.”

Market operator Georgie Adeane concedes traders’ grievances have been a factor in the move, but maintains the markets have simply outgrown the small West End Beach.

“We’ve been talking about moving to South Beach for the past two years,” she says.

“Lack of parking has become an issue at Bathers and council officers have expressed safety concerns with the number of people attending.

“Currently we have around 25 stalls, but at our new site we will be able to increase that to around 40 and have a wider range of food stalls and entertainment.

“We looked at having markets at both locations, but it would have been too much work.”

The Herald understands market customers could originally use toilet facilities at the old Fisherman’s Co-op building, but since that place was relaunched as Bathers Beach House, liquor licensing laws meant toilets could only be used by its paying customers.

Mayor Brad Pettitt says the council will support the move.

“I loved the market where it is, but talking to Georgie it’s clear it needed more space,” he says.

“I’m sure it will be a great success at South Beach.”


9. Beehive Montessori 10x3

Barnett’s anti-protest Bill likely to ensnare Roe 8 objectors

Proposed new laws that would criminalise many forms of peaceful protest could ensnare people who take non-violent action to stop Roe 8, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said.

Ms MacLaren hosted a “Democracy & Your Rights to Speak Out” public forum in Fremantle on September 30.

“The massive level of objection to Roe 8, especially in the South Metro region, makes it clear that many ordinary people are prepared to take peaceful direct action, for example to block bulldozers from clearing in the Beeliar Wetlands,” Ms MacLaren said.

read more

It is time to have your say. Please vote.

One of these little envelopes should be arriving in your letterbox this week. Please take the time to open it and vote for your local government representatives here in Freo. It makes a big difference to the kind of council we have for the next few years and what we can get done. If the […]

Freo recognized in Age Friendly Communities Award

I was proud to represent Fremantle at the Council on the Aging (COTA) and Department of Local Government and Communities  WA seniors awards 2015 today where we were a finalist in the Age Friendly Communities Award. There are huge challenges with our aging population. It was said that around 2000 people a day in Australia […]

PM asked to appoint ‘fairest and best’ to ABC Board and panel

The cross-party Parliamentary Friends of the ABC group congratulates the new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and looks forward to working with a PM who values the national broadcaster as a key feature of Australia’s cultural life and an essential part

of Australia’s democracy.

The Parliamentary Friends of the ABC is calling for a resolutely non-partisan approach by the Turnbull government as it appoints more than 50% of the ABC board, managing director and advisory panel membership positions in the next nine months.

“The ABC is too important to all Australians to be run in a party-political or ideological manner,” Liberal MHR Craig Laundy, Labor’s Melissa Parke, Nationals MP Bruce Scott, Independent Senator Nick Xenophon and Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said.

“We call on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to consult widely before the appointment of two ABC Board members and two members of the ABC Advisory Panel, the body which recommends to the government who should be appointed,” they said.

By early next year, a new managing director also has to be appointed to replace Mark Scott, who is stepping down mid-year. As the MD is a member of the ABC Board, that means a third turnover in composition of the body setting the direction for the organisation.

Two further Board member appointments must be made by June next year. In other words, five of the nine positions will change in the next nine months.

“Members of the Parliamentary Friends of the ABC – from all parties, and independents – call on PM Turnbull to exercise great care in making the new appointments.”

“The ABC is Australia’s saviour in emergencies, a respected independent voice in times of personal and political drama like changes of Prime Minister, and literally the daily lifeline for people in regional and remote areas to avoid loneliness in the bush.

“We must treasure it, and ensure it is in the hands of the fairest and best Board members we can find.”

Fremantle Studies Day 2015

IMG_1920 (2)

Fremantle History Society presents Fremantle Studies Day 2015 on Sunday 25th October 2015.

Four lively presentations exploring aspects of the suburban-city centre relationship from the 19th C till the present in the heritage listed Hilton Hall, 2/34 Paget Street, Hilton.

Our program of events includes our famously delicious Afternoon Tea, served in the hall’s spacious café style foyer.

See the flyer below for further information.

Fremantle Studies Day 2015


Stay awhile on Wray Ave – soak up a Solar PARKlet

PARK(ing) day pop up parklet

I love the design for the Wray Ave Solar Parklet. It’s a proposed expansion of community space here on the Ave. These photos are from a fun afternoon letting people know about the proposal, whilst celebrating international PARK(ing) day. ABC news got in on the action.

The parklet recently won City of Fremantle Start Some Good funding support, now we just need to crowdfund the rest to make it a reality before the end of October:

According to designer Jean Paul Horre “The Wray Ave Solar Parklet is a public place designed to enhance the community by redeveloping road space into a public park with a small garden, seating and solar power to charge personal devices and light the dark at night.

The park transforms unused space into community space, providing a place to meet friends, watch the world go by or to rest on your way elsewhere.

The sustainable solar parklet will be build using reclaimed materials by local crafts people.

It is carefully designed to enhance local identity and community interaction by providing a place to meet and linger.

So what is it? A parklet is basically a cleverly designed sidewalk rest stop with seating and plants and other anemities that may not be provided yet. In this design on Wray Ave the parklet will have solar lighting and power along with permanant seating and plants.”

2015-09-18 16.13.19

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Winter verge busy bee 2015

Who would have thought that 49 Wray Ave would consistently inspire verge busy bee coordination? When Diane and Ian rented their home out Marc and Danielle soon stepped into their shoes and were getting active on the street. Massive thanks to them for organising our last busy bee (including many loads of mulch shovelling and transportation) and best wishes for home making in East Freo! Hats off to Louise, Matt, Bonnie & Harry for transforming their neighbours verge seeings as theirs is paved and Mark from Samson St for lending a hand. Jo is keeping hers spruced still I see. Thanks to Cherise who was on hand for landscaping expertise. Great to have a coffee with you afterwards Mark (x3!), Cristiane, Lee, June, Heath et al. Thanks muchly to Councillor Rachel Pemberton for helping weed and for shouting the volunteers a coffee – and to Lenny the Ox for coming to the party and making it a feast!

2015-07-21 17.42.13

Thank you flowers to Marc & Danielle!

Lookin good

IMG_4722 IMG_4723 IMG_4724 IMG_4725 IMG_4727 IMG_4728 IMG_4729 IMG_4730

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Turnball Gives Perth Freight Link (PKL) Tick Of Approval

Tweet Perth Freight Link is a really important, game-changing project for WA, with massive benefits for the freight industry, commuters and the livability of people living around Fremantle port,” he said. Source: Light rail gets nod from Canberra – The West Australian by Andrew Probyn He warned any Federal contribution to MAX light rail would not be […]

Rear Engine Car Day

Kings Square hosted rear engined car day today.  For me the Alpines and Karmann Ghia’s were the stars.  But as you can see there were Porsche, Hot Fiat 500 and a bright orange VW Type 3.

DSC_0687  DSC_0677 DSC_0673 DSC_0670 DSC_0682DSC_0668

Visit to Garden Island

Amazing day on Garden Island with Dr Shane Burke guiding the group around the Captain James Stirling's first settlement in 1829. Thanks to the Stirling Naval Base for allowing access to the island and to Able Seaman Ian Strike for sharing his knowledge of the island and base. Thanks also to Dr Shane Burke for giving us his time and in depth knowledge and to Jennifer Dudley and Jenny Patterson for organising the visit.

Amazing day on Garden Island with Dr Shane Burke guiding the group around the Captain James Stirling’s first settlement in 1829. Thanks to the Stirling Naval Base for allowing access to the island and to Able Seaman Ian Strike for sharing his knowledge of the island and base. Thanks also to Dr Shane Burke for giving us his time and in depth knowledge and to Jennifer Dudley and Jenny Patterson for organising the visit.

IMG_1926 IMG_1933 IMG_1939 IMG_1946 IMG_1948 IMG_1949 IMG_1950

Fremantle Councillors Hypocrisy on Advertising or are they just having laugh?

Tweet I recall about a year or so ago the pompous Superior attitude of the Fremantle  councillors. When the Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club (FSLSC) came before council to ask for permission for a few signs to generate much needed funds (sponsorship) to sustain the FSLSC operations which are extremely costly and considering that the […]

Half-Time in the Election Race

As the voting packs hit the letterboxes it marks the half way point between nominating and the count on 17th October.  It is a good time to reflect on the process so far and what should voters look for in their preferred candidate.  In South Ward there have been some issues raised, and I will address those first.
Two candidates are running on similar tickets, that of community representation, they both promise to listen to the community, but as of yet have not explained how they would do this.  Belinda did a great job organising a ‘Meet the Candidates’ event on Thursday evening.  At this we were told by both these candidates that community engagement was time wasting and the annual community survey was a waste of money.  These are 2 important ways Council gets to understand what is important for the community, without them I simply do not understand how Council can be aware of community sentiment on broad ranging issues.
I guess this leads onto preparedness for the role of Councillor.  In the years leading up to my initial election in 2005 I had been an active member of the South Fremantle precinct and being involved in several community issues.  In the months leading up to the election I attended many Council and committee meeting to inform myself of how the process worked and what the current issues were.  I also attended a workshop run by the City for prospective candidates.  I had done my apprenticeship and was ready to move into the role.  Conversely I do not see in the candidates pushing for change any preparedness for the role they are asking the electorate to vote them into.  I think the voters will be very wary of their capacity to undertake the role.
I attend many Local Government meetings across the South Metro area and I can tell you there is a lot of respect for how Fremantle Council is performing in our role.  There has been a lot of work turning Fremantle’s fortunes around while being very cognisant of the communities dislike for developer driven outcomes and high density.  It has been a hard path, but the work is now creating results.  Check out Transformational Moves to get the picture.
When voting remember, it is the future of Fremantle you are considering be sure the person you vote for has the capacity and experience to perform the role of Councillor.

Green wants project probe | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Tweet Source: Claudia Green wants project probe | Fremantle Herald Interactive What pile of crap is the Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt is talking now? “The Herald has obtained an email exchange between mayor Brad Pettitt and a ratepayer in which the mayor says staff are so worried about the information falling into the wrong hands they […]