I don’t want to be a party pooper, but when you watch the Australia Day fireworks today live in Fremantle or Perth, or on the TV from around the nation, think about how much better we could have spent the money instead of blowing up explosives in the sky. How often do we hear local governments tell us they don’t have funding for maintenance or new infrastructure and whilst acknowledging the history of the beginning of British settlement is appropriate, I wonder if we are not getting over the top with it and should use the money we spend on fireworks on something more worthwhile, e.g. a memorial on Rottnest Island for the indigenous people who were inhumanely treated there with hundreds of them dying on the island.

It is quite amazing that the carbon neutral, One Planet and ever so environmentally conscious City of Fremantle would organise fireworks because it creates pollution in the ocean and in the air we breath, and it scares the hell out of dogs.

Fireworks, according to experts, create smoke and dust that contains heavy metals, sulphur-coal and compounds and noxious chemicals. Barium creates intense green colours but is poisonous and radioactive, copper gives the brilliant blue colours but contains dioxin which is linked to cancer.

Cadmium, lithium,antimony,rubidum,strontium,lead,potassium nitrate are also commonly used for different fireworks effects.

I wonder what amount the City of Fremantle spent on today’s fireworks and the Council party they always have on the waterfront. Happy Australia Day!

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Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander, Freo style?

Tweet   Later last year  I was at a council meeting where the COF council voted to divest our city funds from any  financial institution that did business with industries  that support  fossil fuel companies, I QUOTE,” In August this year Fremantle Council adopted modifications to its investment policy that gives clear directions not to place […]


Blinco a Blinco b

I always like to support new ventures in Fremantle and even more so when they are off the beaten track and need a bit of a hand to get going. The BLINCO STREET CAFE in the Fibonacci Centre is under new management, so it needs the community to step behind it and make it work.

If you want an early Australia Day celebration why not hop into the Blinco this evening for Sunday roast. They have lamb and chicken on the menu and the roots vegetables and Yorkshire pudding looked pretty yum when they did a trial dish this morning.

I also had one of the best Espressos I have had in a long time there, so be adventurous and visit the cafe at the Fibonacci Centre. It’s got a lovely alfresco first floor deck to relax.

The cafe is open Wednesday-Sunday.

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citizenship, tiff

It will be a fun and hot AUSTRALIA DAY tomorrow in Fremantle so come along! From 3 pm there will be music and entertainment and a market on the Esplanade and from 4 pm the always special Citicenship Ceremony will be held where many people will pledge their loyalty to our special country.

Before that at 1 pm Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt will fire the cannon at the Round House.

Also on from 4 pm at Clancy’s is the hilarious Divinity Cup cricket match between the Gyuto Monks of Tibet and Clancy’s staff.

The eclectic KELP BAR at Kidogo Arthouse on Bathers Beach has a special bar license and will open from noon till 11, so a great spot to watch the FIREWORKS at 8 pm.

Australia Day is a great day to celebrate our multicultural community and to embrace newcomers to our city and country.

Roel Loopers

Enjoy the BLINCO STREET CAFE at the Fibonacci Centre!


It was very interesting to read in the West Australian that the City of Fremantle is on top of the WA Local Government chart of INCREASE IN CASH HOLDINGS with a whopping 585%. I am not much of a financial person but it surprised me to read this as we very often hear that Freo council does not have the funds to do maintenance on heritage buildings and to pay for infrastructure, so why does it  keep millions of dollars in the bank that could be spend on improving our city?

In that context it is also intriguing to read in the monthly financial report for December 2014 that the City had budgeted for a profit of $ 400,000 for the sale of the Pakenham Street carpark but that it made an actual loss of $ 133.000 instead.

Bad financial news also from the Leisure Centre where the Gym has not recovered from the long closure due to upgrading the pools and the revenue from the Gym is $ 546.000 under the YTD budget.

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The sublime Dutch classical violinist Rudolf Koelman, whose mesmerising musicality and deep emotional interpretations has left many in the audience inspired and humbled at his concerts with the FREMANTLE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA will be back at the Fremantle Townhall on February 1. Rudolf and the FCO will also perform the day before on January 31 at the Perth Townhall. The FCO will be conducted by Christopher Dragon.
Mozart: Don Giovanni Overture
Prokofiev: Violin Concerto 1
Mozart: Abduction from the Seraglio Overture
Haydn: Symphony 88

Saturday 31 January 2015: Government House Ballroom @ 3pm

Sunday 1 February 2015: Fremantle Town Hall @ 3pm

These concerts are not to be missed by lovers of classical music. Rudolf’s music has left me with goosebumps and tears in my eyes on many occasions.

Roel Loopers


The threat of limitation of use for the Fibonacci Centre creative incubation space in Blinco Street is one that Fremantle Council will have to consider carefully because it is common all over Perth that new residents move in near entertainment centres and then start complaining about noise and parking issues.

Fremantle can ill afford to loose another creative space. We already lost Kulcha, Deckchair, Fly by Night, FTI, and the Circus School might also leave Freo, so that will leave the ‘City of Arts’ with next to nothing.

It’s that funky weirdness, the unusual and unexpected, that makes The Fib stand out from the crowd. It’s a place where people think outside the box, where the community networks, supports, creates. It’s a great place to just relax on the deck of the Blinco Street Cafe, have a Sunday roast or enjoy the Friday pizza night. It’s where singer/songwriters meet and support and where people play the ukelele on Saturday mornings,

Fremantle Council needs to protect the privacy of residents but new residents also need to be aware that they can’t become the dictators of what or what not can happen near established creative centres like the Fib, and they will have to accept-as those near the Fremantle Arts Centre do-that they have to put up with a certain number of concerts and functions per year.

People near the Esplanade have to put up with the noise and inconvenience of the many festivals on the reserve and people in High Street west will in the near future be subjected to live concerts from the Sunshine Events pub on Arthur Head, so if Fremantle Council wants to show just a tiny semblance of consistency it will allow the Fib to grow and continue as Freo’s creative heart.

Roel Loopers

Poor management of assets leads to increased rates

A quick search via google shows that back in October 2012 the City of Fremantle council item number SGS1210-11, the LEASE – KULCHA THEATRE – PORTION OF EVAN DAVIES BUILDING – LEVEL 1, 13 SOUTH TCE, FREMANTLE.

City of Fremantle SGS1210-11

In the submission it states “The proposal is for a term of ten (10) years with a commencing rental of $40,000 per annum plus GST from 1 July 2011. Over the term, a set annual increase of $1,000 per annum will bring the tenancy up to the market valuation of $49,000 plus GST by the end of the lease.”

The building is the first floor above DOME in Fremantle. The area is 272 sqm. It has a bar and access to the balcony. A market valuation of $40,000 plus GST is very low. Especially for South Terrace in that position. You would at least expect rents in the order of $400+ per sqm, given the current fit out and location.

At $42,000 per annum, that is $154 per sqm. Retail and commercial shops outside of Fremantle are getting $250 per sqm. One could reasonably expect to get around $400 per sqm + GST for around $100,000 in rent plus the outgoings at around 10% of rent.

Realistically if the City of Fremantle cannot manage and maintain the assets correctly in a commercial manner, the management should be outsourced to a real estate management agency to get the best value for money for the ratepayers of the City of Fremantle.

This is another example of the City of Fremantle officers and its councilors forcing ratepayers to pick up the tab through their own inability to execute their fiduciary duty as officers of the City. I have no doubt that there would be at least $1 million or more of saving that could be found through better management of assets. At the moment without a tenant it is losing $100,000 a year in revenue.

This is an example of one property held by the City of Fremantle. The City of Fremantle is one of the biggest landowners in Fremantle.

Car Ownership in WA Soars in 2014

According to the statistics from the ABS, car ownership is at an all time high. In WA, a whopping 2,142,388 vehicles are owned. This is all registered vehicles and shows a massive jump of 17.2% from 2013.

According to the ABS, the population of WA is 2,573,400 people. Obviously the vehicle registrations are for the majority of people of driving age, over 16 and mostly under 90 year olds.

What is interesting is that despite the rates of vehicle ownership increasing, the Mayor of Fremantle, Dr Pettitt, Dean of Sustainability, and fellow green and left leaning City councilors are limiting car parking spaces, have a negative view towards car ownership and parking around the Fremantle council boundaries, with Councilors Rachael Pemberton and Dave Coggin being instrumental in blocking residential developments with a double carport, despite approval from the planning staff.

One has to question whether these policies fly in the face of common sense and are detrimental to the development of the City of Fremantle as a whole.

WA Car Ownership Statistics

State of Registration, Census years 2009, 2013 and 2014

Change 09/14
Change 13/14
Average annual growth 09/14(a)

New South Wales
4 567 386
4 984 557
5 102 352
4 010 276
4 383 634
4 483 098
3 283 243
3 606 121
3 705 400
South Australia
1 208 926
1 298 404
1 326 232
Western Australia
1 828 346
2 048 388
2 142 307
400 516
436 999
442 575
Northern Territory
128 758
148 569
152 177
Australian Capital Territory
246 985
273 924
279 352
15 674 436
17 180 596
17 633 493

City of Fremantle Gouging Ratepayers

While I have known for sometime that under Brad Pettitt’s tenure as Mayor, the City of Fremantle has increased rates well beyond the CPI, it was no suprise to read the paper this morning to see Fremantle at the top of the list and confirmation of these thoughts. A 585% increase in cash holdings.

The paper rightly states that there needs to be money in the bank for project development, but over the last 5 to 6 years we have seen rates increases of over 10% per annum when the CPI was around 3%. We have seen increases each and every year over the last 6 years, and possibly more, well beyond the CPI.

The Council is entrusted to collect, distribute and manage the funds of ratepayers for the City in a sensible and economically proficient manner.

The West – Councils Rake in the Money

There have also been massive increases in commercial and differential rates. The so-called spew-tax increased from $85,000 to $130,000 in 1 year from each of two businesses, and that is on top of normal council rates. The council has been looking for ways to increase rates in other areas such as “vacant shops” and vacant undeveloped land, despite certain councilors being key contributors in not approving development applications on some properties.

What Brad Pettitt has been spruiking is a notion that we are on our way to being a $100 million revenue council. As if that is something to aspire too given we have such a small rate base currently.

Labor Leader Mark McGowan seems to feel that there needs to be another level of bureaucracy in relation to monitoring of council rates as seen in other states. I don’t necessary feel that is the answer, but there needs to be greater accountability of the whims of councilors for their special projects and scrutiny of rate increases.

How about we have a decrease in our rates for a year? or keep the rates at CPI level and get the council owned properties in order? Unfortunately the majority of the councilors haven’t the ability, nor business sense, experience, or inclination, to question and find savings in the budget. Savings that should be delivered back to ratepayers in the form of rate decreases.

I say majority, as Bill Massie and Simon Naber are probably the only ones who have any decent business experience.

Commercial tenants pay the outgoings on their properties and the council rightly has a lot of buildings, property and investments of its own. One example is the former Kulcha HQ. Empty now for at least 1 year since its demise under the leadership of Fremantle Councilor Jon Strachan. This would have a commercial tenanted value of at least $100,000+ a year in rent and outgoings lost. This is potentially one example of rates money not being collected and the burden of rates being placed back onto the rest of the ratepayers.

There are many examples of fee waiving of the Esplanade Park to friends of the Council for events such a festivals and marches, with the private citizens and commercial ratepayers are left to pick up the tab for this opulence. It’s poor money management and smacks of nepotism.

Greater scrutiny of council money mismanagement is needed and I urge everyone to question the Mayor, councilors and City officers over the spending and collection of rates from private citizens as well as the management by the City of its own property.


gg 1 gg 2 gg 3 gg 4 gg 5 gg 6

I love the community aspect and the atmosphere of the Fremantle GROWERS GREEN MARKETS at the South Fremantle Senior High School. It is such a relaxed ambience and perfect to catch up with friends for a Sunday morning breakfast or coffee while shopping for food.

There are a lot of free range and organic products, fantastic breads and pastries, meat and fish, vegetables and fruits. Whatever is needed to cook great meals can be bought at the GG.

The breakfast menu is more extensive than any cafe with a large variety of international food stalls, and the kids won’t be bored because there is plenty to do for them as well.

The Growers Green is on each Sunday from 8 am till noon.

Roel Loopers

Perth Have, Fremantle Have Not

Tweet Just looking at a couple of new developments, between Perth and Freo, a difference that’s you see straight away is parking. South of the Border Now we have heard the argument made by Freos Mayor on a you tube post, that living in the CBD areas you don’t need a car and if you don’t intent […]


a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s z

The Fremantle PRINCESS MAY MARKETS in the park near Clancy’s is turning into a real family event with lots of mums and dads bringing their children to have fun with the fairy, get their faces painted, enjoy the photo booth and the animal touch farm.

Great international food stalls provide yummy dinner and there are clothes, books, Bon Pussy sauces, Wild Bakery bread and pastries, and many, many more, while on the Little Creatures stage last night Billy Rogers and the Country Gentlemen kept us all entertained despite the cool breeze.

The markets are on every Friday from 5-p pm and if you want to set up a stall contact Kylie Wheatley at

Roel Loopers

Beaconsfield precinct meetings not occuring

The Fremantle City Council website next Beaconsfield precinct meetings are not occurring until June. It seems the February and April meetings aren’t being run.

This year the City of Fremantle has updated the meeting times for the Beaconsfield Precinct.

Last years full schedule wasn’t updated with the correct times, days and dates until August. If you plan on attending a precinct meeting, check the dates, times and location against the City of Fremantle schedule. A link to which is located at the bottom of this post.

The precinct system as is stands has seriously fallen into disrepair. The City of Fremantle is basing a lot of its community input around the precinct system, yet there isn’t any requirement to have formal, or even semi-formal meetings. They are just get-together’s where people can have a discussion of sorts. No minutes are required to be taken.

From what I understand more and more resources have been withdrawn from the precinct system from when it was originally conceived. But despite this, its still worth going along to your local precinct and addressing local issues you feel are important (better footpaths, cleaning up the city centre, rubbish pickup, rates increases, removal of the graffiti by-law, etc).

City of Fremantle Precinct Meeting Schedule

The City of Fremantle & CUSP Community Cafe Series – Sustainable Water Management

The City of Fremantle and CUSP are holding a Community Cafe Series event on Sustainable Water Management to discuss how we can all work together to better use our precious water resources. From 4.30 – 6.30 next Thursday the 29th of January you can come and chat about water use and conservation with speakers: • Josh Byrne – Curtin University ...


The recent public debate about freedom of speech in the context of religion and terrorism is very interesting and complex. With freedom comes responsibility and consideration, especially being aware of cultural differences.

A word can mean something different for individuals and groups and when some of us flippantly joke about the many gods in this world, the mere mention of a god in a certain context can hurt and infuriate others for whom their god is sacrosanct.

As someone who occasionally uses sarcasm and cynicism I know that my words can do damage and they have cost me the odd friendship and have hurt partners. Being acerbic in cartoons and poking fun at certain cultures is received in my world as being funny and making social and political comments, but in other cultures the same words are received as an insult to ones faith.

Language is such a powerful tool to do good and bad and the fine nuances are often not recognised by those who send out the message that could be received totally different from what it is meant to say.

The other day while in a down mood I was wondering why I kept telling myself I was traurig. It is the German word for sad, but sad was not precise enough for what I felt, so traurig was the word I went back to. It’s that fine and tiny nuance that makes a world of difference when we communicate with other cultures and language groups. We do not understand how our words are being received, so hence we believe those we criticise are overreacting.

For Christians the word Allah is just a word, something to describe a god we don’t believe in, but for other people Allah is sacred, a way of life, a culture, and religion. The greatness of our gods should never be challenged because it is a belief in something intangible. There is no real proof our gods exist, but it is not up to us who don’t believe, or who believe in a different god, to question the importance of a religion and its god.

Freedom of speech requires freedom of thinking and tolerance and accepting that our words can deeply hurt even if we only mean to be a bit sarcastic or naughty.

Roel Loopers

Knuts to noise

NEW residents demanding a quiet life are threatening the existence of Fremantle’s experimental Knutsford Street precinct, says Fibonacci Centre creator Robby Lang.

Promoted as a visionary mixed-use precinct where artists, musicians and craftspeople might live and work alongside residents, the precinct is in danger of becoming just another suburb, he fears.

Mr Lang last week told the council’s planning committee his Blinco Street centre—which houses a cafe, gallery and music venue—had been shackled by the sensitivities of neighbours moving into a converted warehouse next door.

“Within a month of the residents moving in we were subjected to a noise infringement notice,” Mr Lang said. “We haven’t had a single gig since. The only people who lose out are the community.

“The Knutsford Street precinct is a very unique precinct, it’s mixed-use not residential. The spirit of the people is very much one of tolerance. It’s very much an experimental zone. Over the past few years Fremantle has experienced serious business decline and it’s important that people can try new ideas without extra restrictions.”

Mr Lang was before the committee seeking permission to change the use of his land without having to apply each time.

Council officers recommended rejection, claiming the “intensity and nature of the proposed use combined is incompatible with the existing and future character of the area as envisaged by council”.

But deputy mayor Josh Wilson leant towards supporting the application, subject to conditions, and moved the item be deferred to next week’s full council meeting.

“We have tried lots of strategies,” said Cr Rachel Pemberton, opposing deferral. A “massive fan of the Fibonacci” she said rejecting Mr Lang’s application would not affect his current activities.

Cr Andrew Sullivan likened the Knutsford Street precinct to a “wattle tree in a denuded bit of dirt…it needs time to incubate”.

“There is a concern that we will see what we had hoped would be mixed use become more and more residential, counter to the strategic intent,” he said.

“To not support [Mr Lang] sends the reverse message, that this is all too hard and maybe we just build residences.”

Cr Sullivan said any issues about noise could be dealt with under existing regulations, but that was no reason not to support Mr Lang’s bid for more flexibility with his site.

The committee supported Cr Wilson’s deferral.



IF you like African and Brazilian beats you’re in for a treat with Afrocentrix. The gig’s on Friday January 30 at Fremantle’s Fly By Night Club. All the artists, pictured above from various bands and groups, are performing free.

The gig’s a fundraiser for Lyme Disease sufferer Aymee Affotey, with all the cash going towards her trip to Germany for treatment Doors open 6pm, $20 pre-sale, $25 at the door. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

02. 4NEWS

Pinged by parking sensors

IF you like to live on the edge and are often a few minutes late to get back to your parking bay, you could be in for a nasty shock in Fremantle.

The council has installed sensors in 52 bays along High Street between Market and Cliff Streets that alert rangers the second you overstay your 30-minute free parking limit.

Depending on how successful the three-month, $26,000 trial is, the council could roll the sensors out to all its bays.

High Street traders’ reaction is generally favourable.

Epicure on High owner Steve Cook says it could “stop people parking for half the day and facilitate a higher turnover of customers in shops”, a sentiment echoed by Bodkins Bootery manager Nick Tsalikis.

New Edition owner Alan Sheardown urges shoppers to use public transport when possible while Record Finder owner Mark Lahogue is concerned it’s just another revenue raiser for council and could lead to parking attendants losing their jobs.

The council’s Matthew Piggott says the sensors will provide useful data about parking habits and “aid enforcement”: “High Street is an important commercial area,” he says. “There is no other information collected other than the amount of time each car spends in the bay, the time of day they are most frequently used and the duration the bays are used or empty.”


Fremantle’s Councils Perceived Anti-Car Stance

Tweet Here is really another opportunity to solve Brads concern on the concrete jungle that car parks,  roads etc will bring destruction to Australian culture as we know it. (Still haven’t figured out why its a concerns to him, as he is/has approving  concrete to be poured in to our parks). So with a bit of vision […]

Dachshund mauled to death

A DACHSHUND was reportedly mauled to death by a bigger dog at Leighton Beach Monday January 12.

Herald reader Sean reports he saw the shocking incident, with the smaller dog’s head clamped in the jaws of its killer.

“There was a group of people around the dogs, women were crying, one person was whacking the pitbull with a cane,” he reports.

“Eventually, the dachshund was dead and the pitbull only released its grip when another owner got it off.”

Sean says the dachshund’s distraught owner picked up her dead pet’s body and, crying all the way, carried it off the beach.

The owner of the killer dog hadn’t been around for the incident and upon his return following the commotion was reportedly unfussed on being told his dog had killed another. Sean says he simply leashed the dog and walked off.

Sean says he called Freo council’s rangers and was shocked when told only the dead dog’s owner could lodge an official report: they would not act on his eyewitness complaint.

The Herald rang the council and, sure enough, that’s what we were told too before a manager told the staffer not to talk to us and to direct us instead to the council’s glacial-pace media relations office.


Reunion prescribed

FIFTY years ago this week 24 young women commenced nursing studies at Fremantle Hospital.

Last Sunday 14 of the 16 who graduated reunited at Market Street’s La Sosta restaurant, swapping memories and stories and discussing the future of a hospital that next week loses its emergency department and tertiary status.

Anne Ormsby graduated in 1968 and retired in 2010, working at Fremantle and later Hollywood.

“We had to live in nurses’ lodgings the whole three years of our studies,” she recalls, smiling, “and we had to be in by midnight.”

As for working, the training was on the job and military-like.

“There was a strict hierarchical system of the ward sister, staff nurses—who you only spoke to if spoken to first, and always with your hands behind your back—and then the third, second and first-year sisters.

• Left: Anne Ormsby, now. Above: Front: Annette Westhoff, Bernadette Holmes, Fran Rice (dec.), Kath Hoare (nee Cox) • Middle: Helen Thomas (nee Furzer), Pippa Rae, Jill Walter (nee McClintock), Sonja Kitcher (nee Meydam), Gaye Edgecombe, Margaret Wyllie, Sue Keen • Back: Barbara Golightly, Peta Nottle (nee Rebechi), Anne Ormsby (nee Goldsir), Anne Dowie (nee Palmer) and Coralie Carew (nee Lewis)

• Left: Anne Ormsby, now. Above: Front: Annette Westhoff, Bernadette Holmes, Fran Rice (dec.), Kath Hoare (nee Cox) • Middle: Helen Thomas (nee Furzer), Pippa Rae, Jill Walter (nee McClintock), Sonja Kitcher (nee Meydam), Gaye Edgecombe, Margaret Wyllie, Sue Keen • Back: Barbara Golightly, Peta Nottle (nee Rebechi), Anne Ormsby (nee Goldsir), Anne Dowie (nee Palmer) and Coralie Carew (nee Lewis)

“In our first year we’d be on ‘ins and outs’—we found out very quickly if we couldn’t hack it, having to deal with poo and vomit—then drinks, then dressings under supervision and so on.

“Now, trained nurses are much closer to what doctors did, with many of the duties we used to do now done by [personal care assistants] and others.

“Nurses are far superior technically now but lack some of that hospital training.

“You might get someone saying now, ‘that’s not my job’ if a patient wants a cup of tea. Well, just get the cup of tea, or ask a PCA to get it, but look after the patient first.”

Ms Ormsby is saddened by Fremantle’s demise as a full tertiary hospital but is hopeful the changes will lead to better health outcomes overall.


Fling’s Fly farewell

IT’S going to be a big feckin’ wall of Irish sound at the Fly By Night on Saturday February 21.

We’re talking vocals, pipes, whistles, guitar, bass, drums, fiddles, a horn section and Irish dancers. And it’s all to pay homage to an iconic venue that within weeks will close its doors on nearly 30 years of supporting local artists.

Fling is one of WA’s most successful folk bands, its heyday in the mid-‘90s when it toured the world’s folk festivals and, says member Jon Cope, “every Irish pub in Asia between Singapore and Tokyo”.

Now, the band is reforming for the Big Fling Fly Farewell Concert.

“In the late ’90s, Fling were one of the few local bands that could sell-out a double Friday/Saturday night at the Fly,” says Fly chief John Reid. “They played a big Celtic sound and had a huge following so we’ve invited them back one last time.”

• Fling member Jon Cope and Fly By Night manager John Reid discuss the upcoming Big Fling at the Fly. Right: Gay Saunders illustration, found on thousands of the band’s popular CD.

• Fling member Jon Cope and Fly By Night manager John Reid discuss the upcoming Big Fling at the Fly. Right: Gay Saunders illustration, found on thousands of the band’s popular CD.

The Fling line-up has changed over the years but this one gets back to its roots and features Ormonde Waters, Suzanne Harris, Dave Johnson, Cope, Richard Saunders and Reuben Kooperman. They’ll be joined by fiddler Rob Zielinski, the Kavanagh Irish Dancers and a horn section. New Irish contemporary band Sparrow will open the show.

“The Big Fling’s Celtic sound is perennial upbeat happy music and we’re looking forward to playing together again, especially with the larger line-up,” says Cope, the band’s vocalist and cittern player.

“I hope people who’ve really enjoyed the Fly come along and say goodbye to the Fly as we know it.”

Pre-sale tickets $25 or 9430 5976 or $30 at the door.


‘No’ campaign falling short

WITH just two weeks to go until East Fremantle’s merger referendum deadline, 28 per cent of the town’s eligible voters have cast their vote.

For the result to have legal weight more than 50 per cent must vote and, for the merger with Fremantle to fail, more than half of those who vote must vote “no”.

Town resident Bruce Seligmann is leading the “no” campaign and has authorised full-page advertisements urging locals to reject the merger.

The retired executive says town residents risk losing control of assets they’ve built up over more than a century: “Fremantle has a massive debt and they just want to grab all of our assets,” he warns.

The town’s big blocks and leafy streets are also under threat: “Our planning scheme makes it difficult to subdivide and approve high rises, while Fremantle want to rezone the area around our council building to allow high density.”

Mr Seligman’s campaign includes newspaper advertisements, 13 banners strewn across the town and 4000 flyers hand-delivered to letterboxes. Two more letter-drops over the next two weeks to beat the February 7 deadline.

“We have around 20 volunteers raring to go,” he says.

The town council officially opposes amalgamation but has formally decided to surrender, regarding it as an inevitability.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring Fremantle, ratepayers’ and residents association chair Mark Woodcock is opposing a bid by Brad Pettitt and East Freo mayor Jim O’Neill to be appointed as commissioners.

He says commissioners must be independent and ideally in place for the least amount of time possible for an election to be held of the new merged council (assuming the East Fremantle referendum fails).


Mall lift

FREMANTLE’S High Street Mall looks set to get a surprise facelift following a new agreement between the council and property owners.

Keen to attract quality tenants to the dilapidated mall, owners asked the council to spend $275,000 on new seats, racks, bins, lights and paving in return for the owners improving their shopfronts and making more of an effort to tidy the place up.


09. 4NEWS

THE Adelaide and Point Streets streetscape changed suddenly over Christmas with the demolition of the old Port Cineaste cinema and various shopfronts.

They’ve made way for the development of a swish 4-star, 7-storey Doubletree by Hilton hotel (Herald, April 4, 2014) which will boast 150 rooms and, importantly, the provision of a chocolate chip cookie on check-in. Every year Fremantle plays host to more than a million tourists and accommodation is notoriously hard to get.

Photo by Matthew Dwyer

‘Lemon’ alert for McCabe St

A PROMINENT street that dominates the North Fremantle ridge risks becoming an “aesthetic and social lemon” warns local precinct leader Gerry MacGill.

He wants Fremantle council to approve detailed design rules before voting in a heights policy for the McCabe Street development zone.

“Setting height limits or densities might give some starting point, but we can still get an aesthetic and social lemon if the council has not articulated any notion of the sort of community we want to build here,” Mr MacGill warns.

Formerly home to light industry the street sits high on the North Fremantle and Mosman Park border. It is being redeveloped for medium- and high-density housing.

The Tasker building that’s being constructed already dominates the skyline and the precinct wants design rules in place before something like it is replicated. “[The building] obeys all the rules but it looks and sounds more like a Gold Coast resort,” Mr MacGill told councillors at last week’s planning committee, which recommended the policy’s approval (the decision goes to full council next week). “Where is the vision?”

• The Tasker building already dominates the North Fremantle ridge—the local precinct says design rules are needed before it’s replicated.

• The Tasker building already dominates the North Fremantle ridge—the local precinct says design rules are needed before it’s replicated.

Precinct member Ann Forma says the area is “in danger of soulless apartment buildings that look like computer mock-ups”.

“We want it to be the best it can be.”

Cr Jenna Ledgerwood from neighbouring Mosman Park town council told the committee the area had undergone massive growth, with thousands of school children being driven in and out daily, and the heights decision should not be rushed. She’d prefer to see the final decision made by the new Riversea council that will oversee the area following amalgamations.

The council needs to do more to “articulate the sort of community we want to build,” Mr MacGill says. “This isn’t just an issue for North Fremantle. Such concern is erupting everywhere, here and in Burt Street (Herald, January 17, 2014).

“Neighbouring communities are shocked at the possible impacts of bulk, scale, overshadowing, traffic and pressure on local amenities.

“With other large sites around Fremantle ripe for development at the high densities being pushed by the state government, we need a new planning model, one that harnesses the community’s passion about the city they live in.”


Greens MLC congratulates commitment to a meter matters by South Australia

Media statement, Friday, 23 January 2014

In response to today’s news that the South Australian Government will become the third jurisdiction to commit to trialling a minimum distance of one metre for drivers overtaking a cyclist Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says the Barnett Government should not delay introducing a metre matters trial.  The SA decision comes in response to recommendations handed down to by the South Australian Citizens’ Jury.

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Waste to energy can deliver savings to ratepayers

Phoenix Energy WTE

There has been quite a bit of reporting lately into the incineration, or waste-2-energy plants being built and approved in the Kwinana industrial area. A recent application from company New Energy see’s potentially two plants in the Southern suburbs region. My understanding from talking with the proponents, is that the technology being used differs.

The Pheonix Energy plant, uses a technology that is being used widely around the world in many locations. Its primary function is waste disposal with energy as a by-product.

There has been a plan by the State Government to implement a strategy to minimise landfill by 2020 for some time.

Currently the City of Fremantle is in partnership with neighboring councils and has a considerable investment in the SMRC. Although the recycling part of the plant is a good operation, the waste side of the operation has been plagued with odour problems. It’s also costly and ineffective.

As ratepayers we are paying $200 a tonne to dispose of our waste at the moment and the new Waste-2-Energy facility is going to cost us $100 to $110 a tonne. A lot of the waste that ends up at the SMRC currently gets taken to landfill because it cannot be sold or processed. The compost produced contains glass.

What I find interesting is that the Mayor of Fremantle was initially all for the idea, which would have been great as it would save the ratepayers $100 a tonne on their waste disposal. This move was initially seen by some as a back-down on his green ideals. After he ingratiated himself with a ratepayer funded trip to Japan to see the technology in action, he has since backed down from the proposal to have the City of Fremantle sign onto supply the City’s waste and distanced himself from the scheme.

Ultimately signing onto this should deliver a slight rate decrease back to the ratepayers which would provide some relief. Under Brad Pettit’s tenure, ratepayers have been subjected to consistant yearly rate increases well above the CPI.


z a _WI22605 _WI22600 _WI22596 _WI22587

It’s going to be a perfect Fremantle evening for the second PRINCESS MAY MARKETS in the park near Clancy’s on Friday from 5-9 pm. A brilliant start the the Australia Day long weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

There will be books, flowers, fairtrade, children’s clothing, vintage, fresh produce, bread and more from Wild Bakery, Dosas from Copper Chimney, South American cheese sticks, Polish potato dumplings, Goan Indian curries, Morrocan food, spitroast, La Paleta, Tartufo, the Firy, facepainting, Lady Bananas and graffiti art for kids, animal farm, and the LLiitle Creatures stage will feauture the delightful Billy Rogers and the +Country Gentlemen.

There is heaps of parking in the area and it’s a five-minute walk from the Freo train station, so come and join the fun!

Roel Loopers

Positive words to get you through the day

Here is an interesting site I came across featuring some inspirational quotes such as this

“There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be you, proving them wrong.”


This latest post was going to revolve around Australia Day and the spirit of “Having a Go” or “Have a Go – Ya Mug”, but it went through an incarnation and the original post ended in the trash can. This turned out much better. Enjoy!


Common Sense Hits Freo Council like a Bolt of Lightning

Tweet Tonight at SGS Common Sense came in like a lightning bolt from Dave Hume. Maybe it was because Dave was sitting in Bill Massie’s chair, maybe as he stated he had listened to concerns of rate payers and residents. The issue was investment in High St Mall upgrades councils calls it a Revitalisation Strategy, […]

Token Wind Farm No Benefit to Fremantle

Wind farm in the countryside

There has been some talk of the Fremantle Wind Farm Project which rears its ugly head every 12 months or so. The last media installment via the local newspapers sees its main exponent getting aggressive because the Port won’t lease land to their project.

The Mayor of Fremantle, Brad Pettit, has stated previously that the he and the council are fully supportive of the idea. Whilst I don’t believe everyone on council is supportive of the idea, he obviously feels that the majority of Councillors will vote it through.

For some reason, the people behind this project feel that they need to see the Wind turbines in action so as to feel good about the fact that they are generating power. The environmentalists, despite putting in a massive concrete and steel footing and huge steel columns, understand that their 8 towers wont generate a lot of power. Maybe enough for a couple of thousand homes, but they want to do it anyway. Unfortunately no consideration has been given to the rest of the residents and ratepayers of Fremantle, who will be exposed to any harmful side effects and loss of amenity.

A lot of people like their views of the port authority and this will no doubt be spoilt.

Their (Fremantle Wind Farm) mission is to put eight 50m or higher Windmills on the Port Authority land. This could realistically cause the publicly accessible areas of the Port such as North Mole rendered inaccessible. They have no funding currently, but presumably feel the private sector will get behind it or possibly crowd fund a $20 million project of this kind. It’s currently run by a bunch of would-be volunteers.

Fremantle Ports have rightly stated that its an inappropriate development on Port Land and not conducive to Port operations, especially since the port is a Government owned enterprise and responsible for trade and tourism worth billions of dollars annually to the State and Fremantle. One must also look at the potential losses from a Wind Farm.

There has been a lot of shouting and protest regarding building heights and most recently a back-down on McCabe Street developments, sighting loss of amenity as one item. Not to mention the furore regarding 30m buildings in the Centre of town. The ING development caused a massive stink and that was on port land. These were protests regarding a potential height of 30m for a building. The Wind turbines are 50m or higher and have three 45m spinning blades.

Despite living in a massive State, where there are huge tracks of available land and a extremely long coast line running for thousands of kilometers, the proponents insist on putting it smack bang in the middle of a busy port and trade centre. There are other places around the State where wind farms are located 50 km inland, on farm land located hundreds of kilometers from population centres, which generate significant amounts of power and don’t ruin the amenity of the neighboring 30000 people, such as Emu Downs Wind Farm near Cervantes. This has close to 50 turbines on 80m towers with 50m blades. It is an interesting sight as you drive past, but not something that I would like to see in the Port of Fremantle.


Fremantle Funding Under Labor or Greens – Non Existent

There are some in the community that bemoan and complain about Fremantle not getting enough funding from the State Government, especially since Cottesloe and Scarborough have received a funding to upgrade thier beaches in recent days. It’s no coincidence that these people are strong Labor supporters.

It’s amusing listening to these same people complain when Fremantle has traditionally had a Labor sitting member and was in power in the seat of Fremantle and held government in WA between the years of 2001 and 2008. So where was the funding when not only did they have one of the most influential Labor ministers holding the Seat of Fremantle, Jim McGinty, and were in power?

The simple fact is the Labor party don’t feel the need to spend money in Fremantle as it has always been regarded as a safe Labor seat. I very much doubt that their position will change. So regardless of the bleating and whining, I doubt Simone McGurk will contribute anything in the way of funding to Fremantle. They have no funding initiatives for Fremantle, just complaints and no solutions.

Lets not forget that under Richard Courts Liberal government, the Maritime Museum was built. I cannot find a figure at the moment for the cost, but it would have to be close to $100 million or more given the new Museum is going to cost $500 million. There was a lot of controversy at the time regarding its construction, but I doubt there are too many people who regret it being built. It rates highly on tripadvisor and is a major tourist draw-card housing Australia II, who’s victory ultimately brought the America’s cup challenge to Fremantle.

Fremantle is also getting a huge injection of funding for the High Street upgrade via the Perth Freight link, which should improve freight movements into and out of the port. The Labor Party in Fremantle has a history of opposing road upgrades (Fremantle Bypass) into and out of the port, which unfortunately has created this road network, but at least there is $100 million being spent on that section.

Lets not start on the brief foray the Greens had in the seat (less than 1 year) and what a disaster that turned out to be. Chance of getting Funding for Fremantle. Less than zero.

This Week In The Wilds Of Perth

Click on the photos to go through to that link.

These posts were all created on Facebook. So, check us out here.

Victoria Park

Kelvin is a Malaysian-Australian running his first business. He is more interested in community development than his own bottom line. Perfect. We need retailers who are in it for humanity. The Town of Vic park has recently completed a parklet project in front of his shop. Why? Kelvin is the agent for community development and the parklet facilitates dwell-time, incidental contact, walkability and traffic calming. All community development happens through our retailers. Thank you Kelvin.



"We've had a great Xmas" beams the gorgeous Anne Day (left) of The Lane Bookshop in Old Theatre Lane.  She shows me the pictures of celebrities lauding her beautiful store. Should we start a collective of local book shops? Like frogs, they indicate the health and diversity of a place.

Below: It doesn't get better than this. Astonishing Old Theatre Lane

Below: This is Bay View Terrace, Claremont. Pretty isn't it?

North Fremantle

Hamish Fleming started Flipside and revolutionised burgers for Perth. Smart fella then opened Mrs Browns (small bar) right next door. Then he bought the Matilda Antiques building and now we have a restaurant at that building, on the park. He saw the potential in North Fremantle. Good chap.


"Leederville is so vibrant today. All the restaurants are full."

Mount Lawley

"Mt Lawley's on fire."

Below: See this? This is one of thousands-of front-doors surrounding Mt Lawley and probably frequenting Beaufort St. for their essential services. Behind this door is a person. And they will know what's missing from our mainstreet. This is just one of the many flats near the beautiful Beaufort Street Mt Lawley and inside is an answer to 'the vibrant Mainstreet' problem.



High St West End, Freo. The Fremantle BID and the West End Traders facilitated the up-lighting, and the once-burnt-down labour-of-love National Hotel is back on its feet (five years later) thanks to that landlord - with High Street tables (a first). Business sold by Graeme Clarke of Burgess Rawson.

Below: This is Craig Olde of CBRE retail leasing. You may think it's unusual that he's having a gentle cycle in Fremantle when in 2 hours he has to be on St Georges Tce murdering small animals, but Craig and his beloved wife live here and this is their mode of transport. He tells me the improved bicycle infrastructure has meant their bicycle journeys have massively increased. I think we should get him on to A Beautiful City TV to get the low-down retail leasing in the city. Oh - and online shopping? He says he browses online to then buy in a local store. Opposite of many. So good.

West Perth

'A Building' in West Perth - um... pretty new. It's got some stuff going on there - residential on the upper levels? That's good. That means you can jump out. That's not good, but isn't it lovely that the state government now allows us to build them that way? Normally you have to fuse all the windows shut.



Golly, Napoleon Street's pretty. Cottesloe.

Mosman Park

I like this: it's 11pm and it's closed, but they've left their tables and chairs outside. Good. Glyde St Mosman Park

Ray Glickman’s novel ‘Reality’ is “compelling, thought-provoking and darkly funny”


Ray Glickman’s darkly entertaining first novel, ‘Reality’, published by the Fremantle Press, is on the surface, a punchy, in your face, thriller set in and around Fremantle. At its core, ‘Reality’ examines the concept of personal responsibility and compels readers to examine their own motives and behaviours.

Thursday 26 February 2015
12:30pm – 1:30pm

Book online or call 9432 9766.

‘… compelling, thought -provoking and darkly funny.’ Subiaco Post

‘… Glickman crafts an ensemble of varied and distinct characters for his lucky six, but his greatest trick is making the reader complicit in the Master Plan of his narrator — while you know full well that this expert manipulator is a high-functioning sociopath you ought to loathe, you’ll be just as keen as he is to see how his plan pans out.’ Scoop Magazine

‘Glickman’s debut novel shows us how psychologically the
human species is so vulnerable to manipulation, and how easily we can succumb to our own egocentric and emotional indulgences.’ Launceston Examiner

About the author
Ray Glickman holds Masters degrees in Business, Applied Social Studies, and Psychology and Philosophy. He was the CEO of the City of Fremantle for nine years and president of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce for three.
Ray has a background in psychology and social work as well as leadership and management. He has been a lifelong student of what makes people tick as individuals and in groups.
Ray has spoken at numerous conferences around Australia for many years on a variety of subjects.
Reality is his first novel.

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East Fremantle Voting on Amalgamation

Tweet CityofFremantle map Saturday 7 February 2015 in the Town of East Fremantle, votes on amalgamation. There seems to be a strong movement of locals in EF to block or stop this part of the state’s amalgamation process. I have an opinion but this is a decision best left for EF electors to resolve. In the […]

3 sites gone from Planet Freo

Three feeds are gone from Planet Freo. Only two of the sites are kaput though; the SFFC still has a site, but they’ve ditched the feed (not on purpose, I’d say, because they’ve still got an icon for it on their homepage).

  1. South Fremantle Football Club
  2. FreOasis
  3. Fremantle Carnevale

Compulsory Third Party insurance scheme

Our Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance scheme has been in place in WA since 1947 and provides cover for drivers/owners of registered motor vehicles for personal injuries they may cause to other people as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

The CTP scheme is an 'at-fault' scheme where you must assert fault against a driver of a WA registered vehicle in order to make a successful insurance claim. Vehicle passengers, pedestrians and cyclists can also claim against an at-fault driver to obtain compensation for their injuries from motor vehicle accidents.

Lynn MacLaren MLC, as the Greens WA spokesperson on health, transport and road safety, made the following submission to the Insurance Council of WA on the proposed changes, calling for a more equitable application of the scheme. 

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Freo Future

Tweet Online yesterday I read on Perth News an article on Perth neighbors disputes at all time high. Reading this I immediately though of the situation at Burt St Is our current council ideology driving us into this situation, as density increases, more neighbour disputes seem to be happening, this has an added cost to […]

Paving Over Perth

As expected there has been a diverse range of responses to the West Australian’s coverage of my calculations that Perth if it continued with its current approach would be spending huge sums of money on providing new parking spaces for our cars. Here is what the West published: Kent Acott also followed up with […]

Fremantle First

Tweet I see Brad in the paper again, photo opp anyone, something about cars and parking, I think? People call Barnett emperor seriously check out Brads pic hes just missing, The Gladius and his Galea, standing over the evil vanquished cars. I find it hard to see how the Mayor of a city with such […]

No Representation for Burt St, What’s New?

Tweet Fremantle, City Council kicked off 2015 , showing what representation means in Fremantle,  Bugger All. After looking over public submissions they are massively against the proposed zoning at  R-160, did that sway council 1st night of vote for 2015?, at 4 councillors for R-160 and 2 against, I guess not? So we will wait […]

Fremantle Mayor hypocritical of car bays

For those who read the West Australian on Saturday 17th of January and read the articles regarding car-bays and Fremantle’s Mayor spruiking his own utopian green vision for WA, here are a few interesting facts.

Dr Pettit owns a car and is supplied a car by the city of Fremantle. He gets his very own, and often used, ground floor level ratepayer supplied car bay.  All hours free parking in the multistory parking complex in Fremantle. He was particularly critical of multistory complexes in the article.

Free access to all car parking spaces around the City of Fremantle without fear of being fined at no cost. Fuel, for his ratepayer supplied car, paid for by the Ratepayers of Fremantle. He has a driveway and carport at his house.

Rather than telling everyone else to shed our bonds of the motor car, cut down on our car bays, numbers of cars, usage, and adopt public transport. Perhaps as he is a Dean in Sustainability and being such an environmentalist, and anti-car campaigner, he could start by setting the example for the rest of us and sell both cars off, remove his driveway and carport and catch public transport.

I wonder from reading the article how many cars and car bays Professor Peter Newman has. Presumably, one at the University and one at home, plus a spare, as per what Dr Pettit stated in his article.

The debate about the selling off of car parking complexes in Fremantle is driven by the Mayor and his green card carrying Councillors, who feel that, despite the fact that they themselves drive cars and have multiple car parking spaces, some at ratepayer expense, feel that the rest of us don’t need parking facilities in our City and should catch public transport.

New audiobooks to download

new audiobooksWe’ve just added some more audiobooks that are free to download. Log in with your account, or if you don’t have one already, create a new account including your Fremantle City Library card number. Enjoy!

These can be listened to on a smartphone or tablet (App store | Google Play store), mp3 player, or your computer.

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Simone McGurk continues to perpetuate lies about Fremantle’s hospitals

Simone McGurk, the Fremantle State Lower House Representative, continually fails to act responsibly for the closure of the Emergency Department at Fremantle Hospital.

Despite her reluctance to accept responsibility for this on many occasions in parliament and with full knowledge that her Labor Party predecessor and former Health Minister, Jim McGinty, was the driving force behind the review into the Hospital system in WA, which recommended the closure of the Fremantle ED, Ms McGurk still perpetuates the lie that WA Labor, and specifically her office, wants to keep the ED open at Fremantle as well as other hospitals in the Fremantle State Seat.

If Simone McGurk, cannot even look the people of Fremantle in the eye and accept that WA Labor was responsible for initiating its closure, instead of lamenting it, then she isn’t fit to represent the people of Fremantle. She should be explaining to the people of Fremantle the reasons, as initiated by WA Labor during its last term of office.

Ms McGurk went to the 2013 State Election trying to tell everyone that WA Labor would keep open the ED facility at Fremantle Hospital. It isn’t a surprise to many that a former United Voice Secretary, would spin any lie to distance herself from a decision that her and her colleges had something to do with.

In fact, she has probably had full knowledge of this decision, given her time in the Labor Party and her position. The fact she is trying to perpetuate this lie in relation to Kaleeya Hospital is a further slap in the face to the people of Fremantle.$FILE/A39+S1+20130808+p3102b-3102b.pdf



Movies in the Square

Free movie screenings! What’s not to love about that!

This time… How to Train Your Dragon 2 and it’s on tomorrow night at 7:30pm. It’s the second in the season of family friendly movies brought to you by the City this Summer. Next time… Rio 2.

Movies in the Square



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Exciting role now available

Position available - Electorate/Research Officer.  

An exciting opportunity exists to work (full or part time negotiable) in a small team at the Electorate Office of Lynn MacLaren MLC, Member for the South Metropolitan Region in Fremantle.

Key responsibilities: Media support, update website and social media; prepare briefing notes, reports and other Parliamentary materials; organize functions and meetings; provide initial point of contact and follow up constituent enquiries; draft correspondence; liaise with community organizations; organisational support for busy office; undertake special projects.

Conditions: Subject to a three (3) month probationary period, the appointment will be for the term of the Member. Salary: $72,768 to $89,464 pa pro-rata (Electorate & Research Employees General Agreement)

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Fremantle Graffiti, Crime or Art

Tweet The title above is a question only for Fremantle, it seems quite clear everywhere else. Picture above shows Fremantle’s Heritage D.O.D. Married quarters, this is an ongoing  crime with constant graffiti. Oxford dictionary describes  graffiti as “Writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place:the […]

1st night of council @ Freo 4 2015

Tweet 32°02’46.09″ S 115°45’24.28″ E google earth Well council kicked off 2015 tonight with Planning Services committee. All were onboard, we heard that Brad is on Holidays. So while we are into  a new year the issues the residents are taking/complaining  to council are still the same. Tonight there where residents amenity,  traffic, density, R- […]