WA Business News feature on Freo Ports and Transport

Last week WA Business News ran a 12-page feature on Port and Transport with Fremantle at the centre of these key infrastructure challenges. There were quite a few articles but I have posted one below by Dan Wilkie & Mark Pownall. Great to see this issue getting some in depth coverage. You also would have […]


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Fremantle has got 20% more people living here for six days with the US Navy boosting our 30,000 residents by 6,000. The navy personnel is on a well-earned R&R after months of deployment in the Middle East fighting the Islamic State.

The Nimitz Class supercarrier Carl Vincon is in Gage Road and the sailors are being ferried to Victoria Quay by the Perth Diving Academy, while the USS Bunker Hill and USS Gridley are at berth at C Shed.

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AGENDA for GPP next meeting … 28th April 2015





                  Tuesday 28th April 2015 at 7.00pm

               East Fremantle Primary School Library

       This Meeting’s Chairperson : –

Apologies : – Cr Doug Thompson, Shane Chambers


  1. High Street Report Update (Cr. Rob Fittock) : –


  1. R2R and Option of Tunnel under Fremantle (?) :


  1. Gibson Lower Park – access for wheelchairs, prams, bikes (Coralie) :-


  1. Parking at Gibson Park (Coralie) :-


  1. Gibson ParkNewsletter (Coralie) :-


  1. General Business :-


Next Meeting Date :     Tuesday 30th June 2015

Contact Persons :

Annolies Truman- Ph. 9433 6946 Email : truman.healy@bigpond.com

Karl Paterson       -Ph. 6161 5890 Email : karlrand@optusnet.com.au



Renowned Fremantle artist Ian de Souza is holding an exhibition of his latest works at the Freight Gallery in Beach Street from May 1 to 10.

Ian travelled with the TURA New Music group to remote communities in the Kimberley and his new work reflects on what he experienced and observed.

De Souza has been painting for over 30 years. His latest works go back to the figurative work he did in the past to show the excitement of the children and the colours of the stunning Kimberley landscape.

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maritime 1 maritime 2

Unlike many thousands of people I did not go to the ANZAC dawn service, although I was up at 4 am. I went to Fremantle port instead and photographed another amazing sunrise. I love starting my days being amazed and overwhelmed by nature, as it so often happens here in Freo.

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Here some of the photos I took of the Fremantle ANZAC Day parade this morning.

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When it comes to development it appears everyone is a climate change denyer. I am surprised that no one has asked if the huge 110 hectare Cockburn Coast development between Fremantle’s South Beach and Port Coogee, that will incorporate the former Rob Jetty and South Fremantle Power Station sites, is appropriate so close to the ocean and if that is a good long-term investment with the predicted rise in sea levels.

Some 12,000 people will live there, so why is no one concerned they would be building on a future flood plain where beach erosion and storms inevitably will start impacting on the new coastal suburb. Are insurers still happy to cover coastal development or does it come at a premium price, and is buying into any development along the coast close to the Indian Ocean a good investment?

On the up side of it the development will be good for Fremantle even if the Mayor of Cockburn wants to make a bit of a Gold Coast theme park out of it. So many people living close to Fremantle will be good for our retailers and hospitality industry and no doubt the location of the development would make it ideal for coastal light rail.

I question if it is sensible to do it though and if State Government has done a predicted sea level rise study for the area. It might be good if real estate agents offered the properties with free snorkels, wetsuits and diving lessons.

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anzac day, tiff

It’s going to be a big ANZAC Day today so get up and join the crowd in Fremantle. The sunset ceremony will be at Monument Hill in two hours and then there will be the ANZAC breakfast at Kings Square. From 11.15 the parade will march through the CBD and that is always a nice event with lots of families and Australian flags supplied by Fremantle Ports.

For those keen to join an old tradition there is TWO UP in the laneway behind the Wyola Club from noon. Enter from Bannister Street.

The afternoon is reserved of course for the big Dockers game against the Sydney Swans, so go buy some nice pies from Culleys to avoid having to cook today.

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It's As Simple As Your Senses

This building will be known to many as that big block of flats in Claremont opposite the boys school (on Stirling Highway, near Stirling Road). 

Now it's got a big slinky on it. And that's better.  

Because of our senses. As our senses are engaged we participate more... so public art leads to: more community participation, economic innovation, safety, and regional resilience. 

The investment pays itself off. A Beautiful City argues for that to defend common sense and invigorate city development in our unique way.  


Cockburn Boast

THE first lots of the $4.9 billion Cockburn Coast redevelopment went on sale this week.

On Wednesday WA lands minister Terry Redman launched the first stage, Shoreline: a skeleton construction crew has already made a start on the massive earthworks needed to prepare the former Robb Jetty abattoir and market gardens site for 5000 new residents, businesses and a primary school.

Workers told the Herald things will crank up later this month when huge scrapers move in, flattening the area and making it all-but unrecognisable in next to no time.

“The Cockburn Coast redevelopment is something that has never been attempted before in WA on this scale,” Mr Redman said.

When finished, the 109-hectare strip between South Beach and Port Coogee will house about 12,000 people in the state’s first foray into large-scale high-density living.

• Cockburn mayor Logan Howlett checks out the start of earthworks for the massive new Shoreline development. Photo by Steve Grant

• Cockburn mayor Logan Howlett checks out the start of earthworks for the massive new Shoreline development. Photo by Steve Grant

Most apartments will be around five to six storeys, rising to the equivalent of about 10 storeys at the old South Fremantle power station, which is to be redeveloped as a major entertainment and tourism hub in a later stage. There are also nodes of three-storey townhouses in the mix.

Cockburn mayor Logan Howlett praised the Barnett government and its development arm LandCorp for the project’s extensive consultation process.

“It’s been excellent, particularly with engaging the public and private landowners, and I’ve told them this should be adopted for all future land releases,” Mr Howlett told the Herald.

“We’ve hit every milestone, and on deadline.”

01. 17NEWS2

He says recognition that oceanfront land on this scale is a rare opportunity made all participants work harder to produce something special—extra prodding from his council and Fremantle helped.
The mayor reveals he and port city counterpart Brad Pettitt haven’t given up on a light rail system.

He’s scheming to make a planned entertainment precinct—centred around the power station—so popular the Barnett government will have to change its mind about light rail in order to cope with the numbers.

The mayor says he’s also pushing to have Scitech—or an offshoot—relocated to the station, and wants a museum on the ground floor and a giant water slide hanging off the top of the building—perhaps even into the ocean.

“They’re hugely popular on the Gold Coast,” he says, clearly energised at the prospect.

01. 17NEWS4

Mr Howlett is also floating a robotics research centre for the old station, saying there’s a lot of local interest and it could help forge a new high-tech industry, as recommended in the Abbott government’s recent Intergenerational Report.

He says including an entertainment district will help avoid repeating the empty, sterile feeling that dogs Cockburn Central. And he says mandating a higher mix of affordable housing should attract more families, not just wealthy retirees.

Fremantle Labor MP Simone McGurk still harbours reservations that LandCorp is allowing development too close to the adjacent rail freight line.

“In other developments along the Cockburn Coast, neither LandCorp nor the council have shown any indication they will require decent setbacks from the freight line, or any building along the is non-residential,” she told the Herald. “This is crucial for quality of residences and to ensure we can get full use from the freight rail infrastructure.”

01. 17NEWS1

Ms McGurk notes the power station entertainment precinct is unlikely to get up unless the government commits $120 million to shift a nearby switching station.

“The government is more interested in selling Freo assets and taking the cash, but not investing any of that money back,” she said.


Move CN 200x262 20150421 (DEV) (v2)

Feel the love

TURKISH antiques, some in use when the ANZACs landed at Gallipoli 100 years ago, will be trophies at this year’s ANZAC Day tournament at one of Perth’s largest tennis clubs.

In what’s become a tradition over the past 30 years, Demir Bükey will present the winners of the Blue Gum Park tennis club tournament with antique copper trophies brought from his Turkish homeland, where they were once used as trays, food dishes and water jugs that wouldn’t look out of place in an Aladdin movie.

“Some of the copper trays are over 200 years old,” says Mr Bükey, a household name in Turkey in the 1970s as a champion rally driver and TV presenter. “Many of the pieces are special because they have a date or a Sultan’s signature stamped on them, or because of how they were made back then.”

Mr Bükey moved to Bunbury after meeting local gal Gayle Best on the last leg of his epic 1977 London to Sydney rally, and the couple married shortly after.

• Demir Bükey presents a copper jug from Gallipoli to Blue Gum tennis club president, Pauline Foster, with his own collection of bullets, shrapnel and other war relics from the Gallipoli peninsula in the foreground.

• Demir Bükey presents a copper jug from Gallipoli to Blue Gum tennis club president, Pauline Foster, with his own collection of bullets, shrapnel and other war relics from the Gallipoli peninsula in the foreground.

His passion for tennis began when he was about seven, growing up in Ankara and winning his first major tennis competition when he was 14. “My father started the first tennis clubs in Ankara and in Istanbul. After moving to Australia in 1980, Gayle and I decided this was a fitting way to commemorate ANZAC Day.”

“Demir and Gayle are bringing some pretty special prizes for our club’s own 40th anniversary this year,” says Blue Gum president Pauline Foster.

“Some of their copper antiques are exquisite and having our own, private connection with Turkey on ANZAC Day is something we’re really proud of.”

With about 460 active members and the largest junior coaching program in WA, Blue Gum is one of Perth’s largest tennis clubs.

Mr Bükey will present the trophies at the awards ceremony at Blue Gum’s Disney Street clubhouse in Brentwood around 5pm on April 25.


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• Missing this gopher? Give the Herald a call.

• Missing this gopher? Give the Herald a call.

LOCAL guitar legend Lucky Oceans and his now film-making legend wife Chris Gosfield got an unusual present on Saturday morning—a gopher dumped in their driveway. Gosfield joked it was Oceans’ 64th birthday on Wednesday, so perhaps the gopher was a hint from a cheeky friend, but she’s actually concerned it was stolen and the joy-riders have simply abandoned it. If you’re missing your gnarly ride, give the Herald a call on 9430 7727. Gosfield’s all smiles after winning an international film-making gong to go with Oceans’ Grammy on the mantlepiece. Up against industry heavyweights such as Disney, her How I Became a Refugee won an award of recognition at the Best Shorts Competition last month. “We would have taken home the prize for the lowest budget,” Gosfield laughed.

SO many Melville councillors and staff will be attending a $30,000 European not-a-junket study tour to learn about waste-to-energy recycling they won’t be able to hold their regularly scheduled meetings. With CEO Shayne Silcox and two senior staff away, along with councillors Cameron Schuster, Clive Robartson and Robert Willis, it’s barely able to make a quorum if anyone pulls a sicky (the council’s also a man down following the death of Cr Richard Hill), so it’s pulling the whole schedule forward a week. The council reckons the trip’s a good investment of your cash but critics say it’s a promotional event for the industry rather than an educational one and given the sector’s shifting to the state government, local ratepayers shouldn’t be footing the bill.

MELVILLE’S civic square library could be out of commission for two years as part of the Garden City shopping centre expansion. The council’s doing a land swap with centre owners AMP so the behemoth can grow, and that includes the bit the library’s on. The council’s looking into temporarily rehoming the books in either the civic centre foyer or the town’s main hall (though that’ll cost it $50,000 a year since it won’t be able to hire it out for bingo nights). It’ll cost around $92,000 to set up the ersatz library. The library’s visited 150,000 a year and also handles all back end logistics for the council’s five smaller library branches.

THE Fremantle Society lives on. After president Henty Farrar’s recent mayday call, about 50 members rocked up to this week’s meeting promising to get active. A motion to wind up didn’t get a mover, and a handful of new faces will now sit on the committee. The society plans a new focus on getting its message out to attract new members—particularly youngsters—and will take part in and organise more events. There will also be a renewed effort to work with other community groups. The Chook copped some flak for not getting stuck into Freo council enough.

WEST PAPUANS generally get a raw deal out of the world’s biggest copper and gold mine that’s on their land. The Grasberg mine makes super profits for American miner Freeport and the Indonesian government, but locals have little more to show than an environmental disaster. The region, one of the poorest in the world, was annexed by Indonesia in 1961 and locals have been fighting for independence ever since. Fifteen local bands and DJs will be getting together at the Railway Hotel in North Fremantle tomorrow (Sunday April 26) for a fundraiser to support the freedom movement (which is mostly peaceful but has involved some armed resistance, in the face of brutal military force). On the bill are Cera Kymarni, Dillip n the Davs and Shangara Jive, and it runs from 2-10pm. Tix $15 on entry.

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ALDI cops a Hilton hiding

SUPERMARKET giant ALDI’s plan to move into Hilton threatens the local flavour of the area, locals warn.

The German-based retailer’s Australian arm is looking to buy the old Hilton Fresh shopping centre, demolish it and rebuild.

The Herald has heard the sale is conditional on Fremantle council approving a planning application recently submitted by the current owners. The proposal will see existing shops along South Street replaced by ALDI’s storerooms, chiller and freezer.

“It’ll have its back to South Street, which is hardly the best form of urban planning,” says upset resident Sue Foster.


She and other locals are up in arms, saying ALDI’s presence will spell the end for a number of local businesses and kill off a proposed village-style hub.

“This will rip the heart out of Hilton,” Ms Foster says. “The big problem is we are losing our small businesses, we are losing our post office, and our wonderful hairdresser John, who provides a wonderful service to the community. The other concern is there is not one local who doesn’t love our local IGA, and there is no way they can compete with ALDI.”

Brian Pimm, who lives just around the corner, echoes the concern: “Over the past three or four years they have done the shop up and put more variety in,” he says. “But with ALDI there the Hilton and Hamilton Hill IGAs will take a caning.”

Mr Pilmm says he’s not opposed to ALDI’s $400 million move into WA—his dad shops with it over east—but “not here”.

The company has committed to or flagged potential sites around the state, including at South Lake, and hopes to have its first stores open by 2016.

Hilton post office owner Rob Rose says the uncertainty is stressful: “ALDI hasn’t contacted us and I would have thought as a courtesy we would have been,” he told the Herald. He’s already scouted around and can’t see anywhere else in the area that’s a suitable alternative location. That could spell trouble for locals like Ms Foster who rely on the post office for their mail.

“If it was a shoe shop or a hairdressers you could move down the road to the next suburb, but this is the Hilton post office,” he says.

Ms Foster says the planned single-storey development also spells the end for the council’s plans to create a village hub with multi-storey shops and apartments fronting South Street.

Mayor Brad Pettitt concedes the council is concerned the development threatens its vision for the area. Just a month ago, a special project committee voted to increase heights at the site to a heady 17 metres in an attempt to attract cashed-up developers.

Dr Pettitt says the group had also looked at mandating a minimum of two storeys along South Street to try to pre-empt any ALDI-style developments but he concedes that’s probably too late now.

The council has come in for some stick from locals who say it’s made little effort to let them know about the ALDI plans.

Hilton precinct co-convenor Noorel Mecklai is so angry her group received no notification she’s considering quitting and joining the Fremantle Residents and Ratepayers Association.

“At least they get things done,” she fumed.

Ms Mecklai also laments the likely demise of the long-planned hub, fearing it will increase pressure on the heritage garden suburb to build more unpopular infill housing. She’s concerned the cumulative effects of ALDI, a proposed Spudshed and a new development at the old Dulux site off Hines Road will create a traffic nightmare.

Submissions on the development are due by April 30, with plans available for viewing in person only at the council office in the CBD.

Ms Foster can see no reason they shouldn’t be online, and she smells a rat that most of the submission period has been during Easter and over the school and ANZAC holidays.

ALDI said they’d get back to the Herald with a comment for next week.


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Fishy looking protest

MORE than 50 Fremantle locals joined in a national demonstration to protest supertrawlers fishing in Australian waters.

This month the Geelong Star, a factory freezer trawler, arrived in Australia and within three days was approved to start fishing, despite persistent opposition from conservationists, recreational fishers, tourism organisations and the public.

Just days after the vessel commenced fishing it reported its nets had killed four dolphins and two seals, a result described by federal environment minister Greg Hunt as “completely and utterly unacceptable”.

Rebecca Hubbard, coordinator for Stop the Trawler Alliance, says the Abbott government is ignoring overwhelming opposition to industrial-scale fishing.

• Locals gather outside Cicerellos to protest supertrawlers in Australia. Photo supplied

• Locals gather outside Cicerellos to protest supertrawlers in Australia. Photo supplied

“Tasmanian senator Richard Colbeck (parliamentary secretary for agriculture) has welcomed the Geelong Star in to trawl Australian fisheries, when the fact of the matter is that there is still widespread opposition to these supertrawlers and the devastation they could cause,” she says.

Other protests were held in Tasmania, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

The Stop the Trawler Alliance consists of 25 fishing, environment and tourism groups.

Senator Colbeck says the trawler is 95m long, not the 130m that designates supertrawler status, and recent surveys of the small pelagic fishery prove the quota given to the vessel—3.5 per cent of the biomass—is sustainable.


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Hopes on high-rise for seniors

FREMANTLE’S next spurt of development might be in high-rise retirement villages, says mayor Brad Pettitt (pictured, right).

Dr Pettitt says it’s too early to release much information but there’s been some interest from developers keen to emulate the success of the RAAFA village in Bull Creek. A lack of large greenfield sites has locked Fremantle out of the growing sector in the past but the mayor says the council’s desire to increase CBD densities by going up makes it an option.

He says Fremantle is a good prospect for retirees because of the nearby services, particularly when Fremantle Hospital’s rejig is complete.

“We want people who have grown up in Fremantle to be able to stay here for the rest of their lives,” Dr Pettitt says.

The Committee for Perth’s first snapshot of Fremantle’s demographics also underlines why developers might be keener to exploit an older population rather than the funky young urbanites the council’s keen to attract.

Part of the Future Freo project, the committee’s report found what was already suspected: the city is undergoing an “ageing boom”. The number of people aged over 65 in inner Fremantle rose roughly three per cent between 2001 and 2011. At the same time the number of children aged under 14 plummeted from 7.3 per cent to 3.9 per cent.

“An ageing population brings with it opportunities in terms of recreation and leisure industries, having active volunteers and community members and a diverse and experienced workforce,” CfP CEO Marion Fulker said in response to the findings.

“But the challenge for policy makers is to capitalise on these opportunities while recognising the potential challenges around health services, accommodation and public transport.”

But Dr Pettitt isn’t giving up hope of attracting young people. He says the city could take a leaf out of Vancouver’s book and start developing higher-density apartments tailored to families.

“I went to one of these apartment developments and about four/five storeys up they’re stepped back from the front, and where they’re stepped back they have these shared zones, which have a swimming pool and a playground, and they were full of kids.

“Parents really love them because they know there’s always other kids around.”

He concedes Fremantle, let alone the rest of WA, hasn’t got its planning settings right to create this style of living, which is further hampered by the focus on cookie-cutter subdivisions on the outskirts.

The CfP’s report also found the city’s population growth was 20 per cent slower than the metro average, despite having one of the highest density rates.

“What we need to identify is, what factors are contributing to the Fremantle region not growing,” Ms Fulker said. “Even during the height of the resources boom, Fremantle didn’t experience the associated population increases.”

Dr Pettitt says it’s partly due to the fact the city doesn’t have much spare land, but he thinks there’s scope to increase the population by another few thousand.


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Plume pollutes Swan

A “GREAT plume of black stuff” seeping into the Swan River caused an East Fremantle resident to confront a council contractor this week.

David Bell had been walking his dog, Mignon, near the Left Bank pub when he spotted the material polluting the otherwise crystal-clear river.

He traced the mess back to a Horizon West worker cleaning out the ponds at nearby Bincentennial Falls.

“It was a beautiful day and I was watching the swans in the river: the water was crystal clear,” Mr Bell says.

“Then I saw this great plume of black stuff seeping into the water towards them. It was jet black and looked disgusting.”

Upon being confronted the worker phoned his boss and the pump was switched off.

East Fremantle acting CEO Gary Clark maintains the seepage had been “clear water”, not “sludge”, and it had entered the river via an overflow drain.

“The contractor initially pumped out the top 300mm of clear water in the pond to make the pump accessible to be assessed for removal,” he says.

“The overflow drain by design diverts pond overflow, and stormwater, under Riverside Road into the river.

“Once the clean water is removed the remaining water and ‘sludge’ is then cleaned out by a pump truck.”

Mr Clark says the actions of the contractor are being assessed to ensure they meet the council’s procedures.

He says the ponds are cleaned out every two to three years: on this occasion the pump required removal for servicing.


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Italian language fightback

FREMANTLE’S Italian Club has joined a campaign that’s fighting to stop funding cuts to a comprehensive Italian language education program.

This week the campaigners lodged a 6000-signature petition with the state parliament calling on the Barnett government to reverse its decision.

For 37 years the Italo-Australian Welfare and Culture Centre has run the program, with educators across 81 schools now teaching 22,000 students.

But the government last year decided to re-distribute its funding so providers teaching other languages receive more.

WA treasurer Mike Nahan notes the budget for the community languages program (CLP) is $1.058 billion, and funding per student has “increased from $65 to $100”.

He says a review—the first in 30 years—had found 77 per cent of funding going towards Italian but the CLP was “never intended to be an Italian-specific language program”.

“Its primary function is to provide grant funding to not-for-profit community organisations to teach languages other than English and cultural maintenance programs after school hours,” Dr Nahan told the Herald.

He says it’s “inequitable and unsustainable” that 29 providers teaching 18 languages receive just 23 per cent of funding.

• Labor MPs Rita Saffioti (in red), Mark McGowan (opposition leader) and Freo’s Simone McGurk with members of WA’s Italian communities and a 6000-signature petition.

• Labor MPs Rita Saffioti (in red), Mark McGowan (opposition leader) and Freo’s Simone McGurk with members of WA’s Italian communities and a 6000-signature petition.

“WA is home to people from more than 200 countries who speak more than 270 languages,” Dr Nahan says. “The changes being made are needed to ensure that the CLP is relevant and responsive to the current and future needs of WA’s diverse and growing population.”

But Fremantle Italian Club president Fred Calginari says 600 of his members and their families are upset.

“Perth was founded in 1829 and I know for sure Italians were here in 1830,” he told the Herald.

“Italian culture has a long history here and it would be a shame for children to miss out on our language in schools.

“We’re not saying that other languages shouldn’t be funded in schools, but just don’t cut off money for kids who want to learn Italian.”

The club was amongst dozens of teachers and community members who this week rallied at state parliament, where the petition was tabled by the Labor opposition.

Maria Famiano, who teaches Italian at Como and St Michael’s primary schools, says the cuts will add her to the unemployment line,

“I’ve been working in this role for more than seven years,” she says.

“Most schools won’t be able to afford putting teachers like me on the payroll.”


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Dethridge Groves

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Deferred, Fremantle Parking Policy Before Full Council April 2015

Tweet Bit of a strange meeting tonight. I blogged about the parking policy already, the councillors on SGS all unanimously  voted to approve the recommendation,  before them, now strangely the councillor who chairs SGS tonight at full council tonight made a motion to defer the issue for several reasons. This in itself is got a […]

Enjoy a great coffee at the Library


Now you can meet up for a coffee at the Library! Our barista Izabel will make you a lovely coffee from freshly ground Toby’s Estate beans. Or if you prefer you can warm up with a hot chocolate, tea or chai.

You can even preorder via SMS – text your order to 0430 920 440 and let her know what time you will pickup.

Now brewing at the library, weekdays 9am – 1pm.

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Anzac Day 2015 opening hours


Fremantle City Library will be closed on the morning of Saturday 25 April for the Anzac Day Memorial Service.
We will open at 12.00pm.

Saturday 25 April 12.00pm – 5.00pm

Sunday 26 April 12.00pm – 4.00pm

Monday 27 April CLOSED
To renew any loans or access the library catalogue, visit http://library.fremantle.wa.gov.au/

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A report by Professor Peter Newman and Research Fellow Cole Hendrigan of the Curtin University of Sustainable Policy- CUSP has concluded that the $ 1.6 billion road freight link from Kewdale to Fremantle will be a waste of taxpayers’ money and will harm the City of Fremantle.

Newman and Hendrigan say that the number of trucks passing through Fremantle would increase fivefold and would make Freo into “Truck City.” They argue that the money would be better spent on a rail and road connection to a new port in Cockburn Sound since Fremantle Port will reach capacity to deal with containers in 10 to 15 years.

The planned new toll road will also split communities in half and create a huge bottleneck and traffic congestion in North Fremantle, the Road2Rail group has warned, but unfortunately indications are the Federal Government will increase its funding for the truck tollroad to offset GST losses Western Australia is making.

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Local Governments will be punished for the W.A. State Government messing up its own local government reform process and the community will be paying for it by losing more planning control over what can be built in their cities.

Planning Minister John Day has announced the State has lowered the threshold for builders so they can go to the Development Assessment Panel and bypass local councils if the development is $ 2 million plus. Previously that had to be a $ 3 million dollar project.

This severely limits the input the community can have on what they like or dislike as far as new development is concerned because there are only 2 members representing local council on the six member panel, so they are outnumbered by state bureaucrats.

Local Government Minister Tony Simpson is quoted in the POST newspaper as having said at a Bunbury Chamber of Commerce  and Industry lunch that “If you don’t go on the journey with us…..you’ll wake up one day and you’ll be putting a smiley face on every application to say you have looked at it but have no power to deal with it”

It was very disappointing that the Town of East Fremantle residents did not want to go on the amalgamation journey with the City of Fremantle, but at the end State Government created the shambles, but now punishes all local governments for the disaster they should blame themselves for. Sour grapes is not good governance Premier Colin Barnett!

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anzac day

It is ANZAC Day tomorrow and a day I alway look forward to. There is something special about the parade through Fremantle and the hundreds of Australian flags waved by children and grown ups, when veterans, soldiers, sailors, pilots and cadets march through the city centre.

For many years I was reluctant to join in as I believed it would be a celebration of war, but when one sees the faces of the mainly old men one realises this is a day to celebrate and commemorate the lives of all those young people who died or were maimed in atrocious circmstances. For many the trauma is still there and quite visible on their solemn faces and I am happy Australia pays so much respect and that the nation stops to honour people and not a sporting event.

Dawn service is at Monument Hill, breakfast at Kings Square, and the parade will be at 11 am, so come along!

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The long ANZAC weekend starts soon and we are still waiting for a response by the City of Fremantle on questions asked about the Kings Square business plan and that is a worry. The ongoing community questioning of the Kings Square business plan and the financial commitment of the City of Fremantle is something that needs to be resolved fast, and that can only happen if the COF frankly, openly and honestly reveals what we are getting and what we are losing and if the predictions made in the plan are realistic or fanciful. Very specific questions have been asked for some seven months now and it is not good enough that COF have been avoiding answering the very valid questions by concerned Fremantle community members.

The public criticism and skepticism is damaging for brand Fremantle and is also unfairly damaging for Sirona Capital as the partner in the Kings Square development. If the City signed up for a bit of a dud because it was overly optimistic than this can only be blamed on the consultants and officers and a Council that did not scrutinise the plans carefully enough and forgot to ask the right questions. That has little to do with Sirona, which as a private company is in the business of investment, development and making money, and do not have to account to the community, but the City of Fremantle does have an obligation of explaining in detail what Fremantle will be getting and what it already has and will cost us in the future.

It is not acceptable that after seven months of questioning the City of Fremantle now claims to still need more legal advise before they can release more details. What highly-regarded professional auditors have asked the City of Fremantle to do is TO MAKE PUBLIC THE CASH FLOW SPREADSHEET THAT SUPPORTS THE $ 4 MILLION NPV AND THE BUSINESS CASE PREPARED FOR THE CITY OF FREMANTLE BY CONSULTANTS LEEDWELL.

Already questions have been asked in State Government by Labor MLA Peter Tinley and I fear it is only a matter of time until the big media boys will pick up the story. That is something Fremantle, that is on the cusp of being a desirable development destination again, can’t afford.

The community and developers need to have confidence in Fremantle council and the administration and that can only be achieved with brutal honesty and full disclosure of the City’s financial commitment in the Kings Square development. Hiding behind commercial confidentiality will leave a very sour taste in the mouth of many and would create a backlash in community confidence in this council and the administration. That should and can be avoided by looking the community in the eyes and telling us the true story.

Questions also should be asked what the delay in the development costs the City, with very reduced income from the Queensgate building that has huge vacant areas that could have been leased for few years. Will COF receive compensation for that?

Roel Loopers

P.S. I think it is rather funny that I have been accused by both sides in this saga of taking sides for the other side. Let me assure everyone that I am not interested in playing games or people trying to push me in certain directions. I am on neither side, just on the side of Fremantle. I am well capable of making up my own mind and will blog about this issue how and when I see fit, no matter whom that might displease. All I want is the best for Fremantle and if that displeases both sides than so be it.

From my view point I am expecting full disclosure of the financial details by the City of Fremantle and I would be disappointed if the Council and officers I trust would give the community anything less.

Attack on RSCPA a deliberate distraction

A call by the Shooters and Fishers Party for a Parliamentary inquiry into one of WA’s most respected community organisations appears a deliberate attempt to distract attention from ongoing animal welfare problems in WA, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says.

“If the Shooters and Fishers Party was genuinely concerned about the implementation of animal welfare laws in WA, it would be talking about the need to improve performance of the State’s Animal Welfare Unit,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The unit, which is within the Department of Agriculture and Food, is chronically under-resourced and is failing to keep up with need across Western Australia.

“Meanwhile, the RSPCA WA, which relies mainly on donations and fundraising and is greatly respected by the community, has been obliged to try to fill the gap that State Government underfunding has created.

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Councils’ Costly World Tour For Rubbish Junkets Continues

Tweet Perth councils’ costly world tour for a rubbish solution. Here we go again, we see reported in the West another overseas junket trip for councils to look at how to manage waste? What a joke, with the internet why is it necessary to travel over the world to see how to handle rubbish.  Just recently […]

Fremantle’s 849 honoured for ANZAC centenary

This Saturday is going to a very special day in Fremantle. One hundred years on from the Gallipoli landings, the City of Fremantle will honour Fremantle’s fallen servicemen with Western Australia’s only World War One plaque unveiling this ANZAC Day. The twelve plaques–which bear all 849 names of the Fremantle servicemen who failed to return […]

Fremantle Parking Policy Before Full Council Tonight

Tweet Fremantle’s night to see if the COF is about Rate Payer and Resident Amenity or Anti-Car Ideology One of the purpose of the council is too ensure that rate payers and residents amenity is improved or at least not eroded. So tonight the residents and rate payers of fremantle will see what is the […]

What Do You Want? Retailer Tells

The inimitable Marshall Martin of The Good Store, winner of a thousand awards including Telstra Businesswoman Of The Year and many more for customer satisfaction, innovative store merchandising and outstanding product delivery, was confronted in an interview - 

"What I want is more good businesses around me. Good, distinctive businesses. There is no ladies shoe shop, or a bookshop. Someone in our precinct knocked back Crow Books. I think we'd be 5-10% up if Crow Books were here."

We learn a lot from our local retailers. Some are so distinct and powerful they are anchors within our precinct - it's what makes them win awards - and we must listen to them: their aches and pains, their worries, their opportunities

Curating our retail ecology means tending to our retailers, especially the ones that can catalyse further community development. And they do - if other retailers want to be around them; and everyone wants to be near the Good Store. They're a big business in a small store format: a one-off, mom-and-pop, corner store; so ubiquitous but so unique that no business beside them would feel threatened, nor would The Good Store by they. 

Identifying these rythyms in our streets, listening to the anchors, and curatorially stacking the retail mix in the right spot WILL create a bullet-proof community. 


 ::: A Beautiful City consults to government about retail vibrancy. 

The inimitable Marshall Martin.  

The inimitable Marshall Martin.  

National Party must not abandon farmers over draconian anti-protest laws

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has warned WA Government MPs that proposed laws that would jail peaceful protestors for up to two years will seriously damage their standing in regional communities and throughout civil society. 

“The campaign to stop the laws that would see peaceful protesters jailed is gaining momentum; more than 14,500 people have signed this petition so far, and 67 groups have signed an open letter opposing the laws,” Ms MacLaren said, speaking after today’s rally outside the WA Parliament.

 “These individuals and groups are diverse but significantly, includes many farmers who are concerned about fracking on their farmland.

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Part 2 Questions to Council on Kings Square October 2014

Tweet The other day I posted an email sent to the cof, here is the questions in the attachment. These are questions being asked to the City of Fremantle on their Kings  Square business plan. These are the questions that the City of Fremantle are not answering on the kings sq business plan. They real […]

Retailer Wants Others To Do Well

Sam Pangiarella owns Warrens Menswear on Market Street, Fremantle. 

The recent street arts festival was particularly extended to include Market Street. The road was cut off from traffic and there was a stage at one end. With the Newport Hotel at the other end and no cars accessing his street Sam was in the middle of a very busy footfall paradigm which saw him with a big smile at the close of proceedings.

Sam argues that he needn't profit, particularly - himself, on festival days but if others around him do, that gives him a great deal of satisfaction. 

It's thais type of retailer we need in our mainstreets: stable and altruistic.  

Here he is pictured in a second store he has just opened: a pop-up shop in Fremantle's High Street Mall.  


Fremantle’s New Parking Policy

Tweet At Fremantle’s next full council meeting, the council will consider the new council  parking policy for residents, link here to the meetings agenda. Its an issue I have spoken about many times before, I have included links to the Heralds parking curbs article from October 2014. Also the interview I had back on WTV “Fremantle […]

Questions to Council on Kings Square October 2014

Tweet October last year Mr Lee wrote to council asking some questions of the business plan he had read online from the citys website. Here are those questions he raised, it took council till December 2014 to respond but give no actual 1answers what so ever to the questions he raised.   To: mayor@fremantle.wa.gov.au; jonst@fremantle.wa.gov.au; […]

Minutes of GPP Meeting … 24th February 2015

Minutes of Gibson Park Precinct Meeting Tuesday 24th February, 2015

The Library E. Fremantle Primary School – Forrest Street, Fremantle

Attendance : 7 persons
Apologies : Doug Thompson, Ingrid Waltham, Annolies Truman (resigns – work at Kemh) Minutes of Previous Meeting :- AAR 1: Coralie 2: Ron

Meeting Chair Person : Valerie Cousins Meeting opened : – 7.02pm

1). Resignation – GPP regrets Annolies’s resignation but understands reasons.

2). High Street – Update – Freight Link fast track. Roe Highway contentious. Tony Abbott wants it to go ahead – push because the money is available. GPP wishes to invite Cr. Doug Thompson to the next meeting ( April 28th) to request update on High Street … Karl to email.

3). Intersection of Holland & East Streets – Steve to follow up. Shut off exits at school. Traffic calming on Hampton Rd – same planned for Holland / East St plus drop off area at the school. Coralie said that there is a huge grassed area which has space for 12 cars. Drop off instead of directing cars. Entrance on East St, Art Centre entrance. Steve said it isn’t a black spot.

4). Parking at Gibson Park – Everyone is now driving over grassed area and there are kids playing there. Netball’s responsibility to chain it off. Ask Brad (email) to look into it – stop cars going in to the grassed area ( around Forrest and Wilkinson rds) when they can park on the verge. Val said there should be signs to stop the cars. This is every week night and even Sunday mornings at present.

5). Lower Gibson Park – Coralie pointed out that rocks are being removed from the shelter roof – safety issue. She suggested a workshop with Council people or perhaps a petition. Coralie will contact Brad about this.

6). Non Amalgamation – Colin Barnett had suggestions after it was nullified eg. City of Stirling – significant projects. Steve pointed out that George Street has been getting better. East Fremantle – The “Anti Footy” crowd “killed” East Fremantle football stadium. WAFL have no money, no extra area, grassed etc and the stand is miles away. Derby is still well attended plus there’s gym for fitness training, yoga

etc. Sell off bit to housing like at Claremont. Ron stated that there are valid reasons for “staying small” as in approaching a smaller Council. – Grass roots approach. Of course you’d still have to mail list a huge area.

1). Coralie requested policing during the Netball Season.

2). Steve said that there is a long wait for Council with regard to pruning verge trees. Holland Street is bad and so are the paths at Curtin – Safety issue. Essex Street. Ron said the best way is to email the web site, giving your name and the address of the location where the tree is.

3). Coralie – Difficulty for traffic at the corner of Garling Street and Stock Road traffic lights – there are no right turn arrows – this is causing traffic to have to wait in the middle of the road. Who do we approach about this : Council or Main Roads ? Steve said Write to Council. South Street and Stock Road have arrows.

4). Ron – The Freight link is fully implemented – Roe to Canning with no stops. Stock road is becoming part of it. The Federal Govt is committed – almost $ 1Billion.

MEETING CLOSED AT 7.36 pm. Next Meeting Tuesday 28th April 2015.

Check Freospace for details: www.freospace.com.au Contact Persons :-

Karl Paterson – Ph. 6161 5890 E-Mail karlrand@optusnet.com.au Annolies Truman – Ph. 9433 6946 E-Mail truman.healy@bigpond.com

Minutes of GPP Meeting … 2nd December 2014

Minutes of Gibson Park Precinct Meeting Tuesday 2nd December, 2014

Councillor’s Lounge … Council Buildings … Fremantle

Attendance : 11 persons incl. Mayor Brad Pettitt, Cr Doug Thompson, Ingrid Waltham Apologies : Barry Healy
Minutes of Previous Meeting :- AAR
Meeting Chair Person : Val Cousins

Meeting opened : – 7.30pm

Thanks to Cr Doug Thompson for the use of this venue incl snacks and drinks


AGM ….
Valerie Cousins … nom by Annolies Ron Kawalilak …… nom by Valerie Coralie Clarke …… nom by Karl Karl Paterson ……. nom by Coralie Annolies Truman … nom by Ron Shane Chambers … nom by Valerie

Brad – rather sunk and tunnel method preferred. Fremantle Council voted against giving land as far as Golf Course concerned. Lands Dept didn’t want to override Council. Need to come up with a better solution / design

Valerie inquired re. letter of Intersection ? Steve was taking it up with Council … see minutes of 28th October 2014… not here so carry to next meeting.

Coralie – Grass can’t regenerate on lower park … all occasions not just netball (now finished). Brad indicated that we can ask for a solution. Also that we can monitor the fact that residents problems need to get seen to. Bitumising is a bad idea. It is hot and would have the undesireable effect of cutting out a lot of people. Gibson Park is used a lot more now by people, families, children etc.


Coralie suggested that Gibson Park residents should apply for an avenue to be built around the lower Gibson Park. This was indeed suggested as far back as 1985 when the playground was built. Peppermint trees could be planted to decorate. The avenue would be suitable for bikes and wheelchairs. See minutes of 28th October 2014. Brad happy to look into it. Valerie suggested a workshop idea… Funds available … put forward a proposal for Council consideration. Make it suitable for prams – make it resident friendly. Rocks being thrown around. Maintenance required … cement in. Brad to look into this too.

That Precincts would lose out. However, Brad indicated that Precincts won’t lose but would rather be more important. The continuation of Wards will be supported.
MOTION : – “That we support continuation of Wards” 1st : Ron 2nd : Annolies … Carried


MEETING CLOSED AT 7.55 pm. Next Meeting Tuesday 24th February 2015

Check Freospace for details: www.freospace.com.au
Contact Persons :-
Karl Paterson – Ph. 6161 5890 E-Mail karlrand@optusnet.com.au

Annolies Truman – Ph. 9433 6946 E-Mail truman.healy@bigpond.com

Fairly Fashionable? is back Friday 24th, April at MANY 6160

Fairly Fashionable? Was one of my favourite events last year and it is back next Friday the 24th of April at Victoria Hall. Fairly Fashionable? is a challenge to designers and consumers who question where, how and who makes their garments and under what working conditions. The challenge asks designers to consider the history, culture […]

Fremantle Negatvity

Tweet Recently we saw Roels blog stepping back from the Kings Square questions. Sadly Roel seems to have been made to  think that there is too much negativity around the issue. Or is it that the situation, has  been portrayed that way to discourage people from raising or continue to raise questions about Kings Square […]

PUBLIC 2015, City-making and the LRT/BRT debate

  This week I have had the pleasure of attending part of the FORM symposium called PUBLIC 2015. This is the discussion behind the fabulous street art going up around Fremantle and other parts of Perth – all in the name of “building a state of creativity”. The keynote speaker was Enrique Penlosa – former […]

City of Fremantle’s Howzat, More Spin Than a Warnie Leggie, Kings sq Saga Contines

Tweet Can u believe the city of Fremantles attempts to distract attention from the Kings Sq business plan financials? Is there no lengths that COF, will not go to to spin, cover, deflect, smoke screen the questions that have been asked about the details of the Kings Sq business plans? Anymore spin they would be […]

update Fremantle’s King Sq Links, Plenty of Q’s, & No A’s

Tweet Here is a quick reference to all the latest Kings Sq Questions, comments, articles etc. Remember the real question is not whether we think Kings Sq is a good development or not, we all know Freo needs development the question is about the business plan. Is it a true a true reflection of the […]

Future of Freo – Today Perth News

This morning Channel 9 took a closer look at what’s happening in Fremantle and some of the major changes designed to lure visitors and businesses back to the Port City. If you missed it here it is:

Fremantle’s King Sq Links, Plenty of Q’s, & No A’s

Tweet Here is a quick reference to all the latest Kings Sq Questions, comments, articles etc. There are some good comments and questions on the blogs and articles, so read those too. Its amazing so many questions and all the council could muster was a sarcastic type letter running down a resident who dares question […]

GST Inequity

I cannot believe either the authors of the GST, or those who supported it at the ballot box ever anticipated the current situation, where one State only receiving 37% of their GST take. The GST was promoted as a State tax, one that offered the States a degree of financial autonomy, how that has changed. It was also supposed to replace a suite of other State taxes such as Stamp Duty, FID & BAD, we still have Stamp Duty and the Treasurer is calling for a return of FID.

Of course a crucial role of a tax system is to offer financial support to those who need it, funded by those who can afford it, but this is the role of Federal taxes such as income tax and company tax. The GST was designed for each State to fund important services to the community in that States, not for States to cross subsidies each other, especially when it results in the current proposal for WA to only receive 30% of our tax take.

The Federal Government has created a situation where some States are dependent on GST from other states. It is disingenuous for them to now step away from the problem and say it is up to the States to sort out the mess. I suspect the Feds are now trying to insulate themselves from the GST, so the can blame the States for any proposed increase to the 10% rate. Furthermore for the treasurer to say for WA to keep our current 37% portion of GST, the State needs to undertake micro economic reform really rubs salt into the wound.

PUBLIC 2015 No more blank walls in Freo.

It has been wonderful today to see Freo’s blank walls turned into canvases for some of the world’s best street artists as part of FORM’s PUBLIC 2015. Below are some highlights and check out http://www.form.net.au/public2015/social/ for more info.

R2R Meeting a great success

The R2R meeting in Fremantle Council’s packed reception room this afternoon was a great success, with Labor Transport spokesperson Ken Travers telling the  meeting his party does not and will not support the Perth Freight Link.

Other speakers were Sue Bolton from Moreland Council (Victoria), Sam Wainwright from Fremantle Council, Pam Nairn from Save Beeliar Wetlands, Scott Ludlam Federal Senator and Cole Hendrigan from CUSP (Curtin University).   Whilst they all addressed the issues from diferent  standpoints they were all consistent is saying the Perth Freight Link is flawed across all parameters and that freight has to go onto an eficient rail system.

This meeting has prompted me to post some work I did while Fremantle Council was developing its Integrated Transport Strategy. I think it’s still pertinent and aligns well with the presentations.

Freight overview

As with any urban centre Fremantle must accommodate freight transport associated with the city’s commerce. Unlike other urban centres in metropolitan Perth, Fremantle also accommodates freight demands from Fremantle Ports which eclipses all other freight challenges. Thus this section will focus on port related freight transport.

Fremantle Ports

Fremantle is home to Western Australia’s largest and busiest general cargo port. The Inner Harbour currently handles the vast majority of containerised freight imports and exports for the state.

In addition the Inner Harbour also handles trade associated with:

  • Livestock
  • Bulk items such as scrap metal
  • General Cargo
  • RORO including cars, trucks and caravans
  • Cruise ships
  • Non cargo ships such as research and naval vessels

Container transport

The port currently handles 700,000 TEU1 (twenty foot equivalent) containers annually, with strong growth in numbers; most of these are currently transported by truck to and from container yards at Kewdale, Forestfield and Henderson. The State Government has committed to transporting up to 30% of containers by rail. This aspiration is not realised with only 14%2 of containers transported by rail in 2013-14 financial year.

Road transport

The above statistics show 86% of containers are transported by road, in addition to 100% of livestock and scrap metal exports transported by road. The State Government, through its proposed $1.575 billion Perth Freight Link is concentrating its visions on a road based freight solution, with plans to widen existing roads and build new ones between Fremantle and the container yards at Kewdale and Forestfield. More roads do not solve congestion; building freeways increases overall road use and contributes to worsening congestion3.

Rail transport

The current rail infrastructure utilises the existing rail line south, and aging rolling stock. This combination creates noise issues associated with wheel squeal and late night trips to avoid clashing with the passenger rail across the river bridge and through Fremantle Station. Furthermore, this adversely impacts on the potential to use this line for transit (see section on Transit Corridors).

Port growth

Trade through the Inner Harbour is predicted to grow to 1,400,000 TEU4 annually in the next decade, essentially double the current number of TEU. Whilst a container terminal is mooted for the Outer Harbour, progress is limited or non-existent, even with such a facility predictions still have TEU numbers through the Inner Harbour at 1,000,0005 annually.


Analysis of the long-term predictions for container traffic through Fremantle Ports elicits that business as usual is not sustainable. As a result there must be a strategic decision made relating to transport of containers into the future. The State has an opportunity to decide where it will focus its attention and funding for best industry and community outcomes in relation to container and freight transport.

There are two options open to the state, continue to try and build congestion out of the road network, or embark on a strategic piece of rail network that will serve the state well into the future.

Position Statement

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.6

$1.575 billion7Perth Freight Link is an attempt to do just that. It attempts to solve the congestion problem from transporting hundreds of thousands of containers annually on hundreds of thousands of trucks by transporting even more containers on even more trucks on a more expensive road system. The Perth Freight Link is doomed to failure, it is now internationally accepted that you cannot build yourself out of congestion, so wasting $1.575 billion of taxpayer’s money.

There is urgent need for the development of new rail infrastructure to service the needs of Fremantle Ports into the long-term future. Whilst the route needs to be developed through community consultation and expert advice it is anticipated it will involve replacement of the existing, vulnerable rail bridge, perhaps in conjunction with replacement of the old traffic bridge, and through the use of tunnelling. A tunnel running due south in line with the former Fremantle Easter Bypass reserve and connecting with the freight line adjacent to the old South Fremantle Power station is recommended as a starting point for feasibility studies.

The benefits will be:

  • A long term solution to container freight transport issues and associated road congestion
  • A more cost effective solution for freight transport
  • Saving the high values conservation area, Beeliar Wetlands, from decimation through road building
  • Minimise localised freight impacts
  • Reduction of carbon intensive greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduction in community health issues related to road trauma and exhaust emissions
  • Better utilisation of existing road infrastructure

It is acknowledged that moving from road to rail for the majority of port related container transport is a medium term infrastructure project that will need support from successive State and Federal Government bodies, as well as private investment (PPP). A good transition management plan will address these issues, and such constraints should not stand in the way of long-term strategic benefits.

Henderson and AMC

The rail solution will not address issues with freight between Fremantle Port and container yards at Henderson and the Australian Marine Complex (AMC). Stock Road is able to cope with this trade, however some operators choose the Hampton Road and Cockburn Road option as a shorter route. Hampton Road is currently a pinch-point in regards to traffic congestion that will become worse with development of the Cockburn Coast Structure Plan area. It is therefore desirable for trucks to use Stock Road. There are no mechanisms to prohibit as-of-right vehicles from using public roads and removing freight from Hampton Road to Stock Road can best be achieved by making Hampton Road a less attractive route. Work needs to done on Hampton Road to make it transit preferred and unattractive to freight operators through traffic management and pavement treatments.


Fremantle is unique in Western Australia insomuch as there are two distinct freight systems, those servicing Fremantle businesses and those servicing Fremantle Port. The existing infrastructure is adequate for domestic demand and non-containerised freight, but not for anticipated growth in port container trade. The current rail infrastructure is better suited to improving transit infrastructure than being used for a compromised freight system. The only feasible long-term solution to the freight issue is to commence investment on new rail infrastructure dedicated to the freight task.

1, 2 & 7                     Dean Nalder                              WA Transport Minister

3                                  Leigh Glover                              University of Melbourne

4 & 5                          Mick McCarthy                        South West Group

6                                  Albert Einstein

Freo takes Gold Award in the Australian Tourism Awards

Tonight the City of Freo won GOLD in the Australian Tourism Awards in local government award for tourism in Adelaide. Well done Wendy (very happily in the picture) and to all the City of Freo staff involved for winning this against some tough competition from all around Australia. They should be very proud of winning […]

Fremantle ANZAC tribute

Around 3,000 soldiers from the greater Fremantle area fought in WWl; 849 never returned. From Monday 13th April we will be presenting a display in the Fremantle History Centre in the Library – Our ANZACs, recognising and paying tribute to our local soldiers and the contribution they made to the war effort.

Fremantle History Centre opening hours: 9.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday

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