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winter 1

A tree reflected in a big puddle after heavy rain, with a single leave floating on the surface. An arty impression of a winter day in Fremantle.

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sign 1 sign 2

More and more wayfinding signs are going up in the Fremantle CBD and I think they look pretty good and impressive. What do you think?

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I know I am a cheeky little man, so excuse my strange sense of humour. I hope the Brazilian style mussels at the Fremantle LAPA restaurant in High Street means more than just that the beards have been removed. ; >)

Not sure what a larger beer pint is, but it probably should read lager and it’s a steal at only $ 7.00!

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her 4 her 3 her 2 her 1


Nice historic signs about Fremantle were put up today around the Townhall maintenance site. I love these old photos and it makes the working site much more attractive.

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52 Adelaide Street


Another development proposal in the CBD will no doubt divide the Fremantle community. The Yolk Property Group wants to build an eight-storey, plus basement building at 52 Adelaide Street next to Target. The site was previously earmarked for a seven-storey hotel.

The mixed-use building would house 24 one bedroom, 42 two bedroom, 6 three bedroom apartments plus five retail shops and one office space. Car parking will be in the basement.

The development application states that “The facade of the building references and draws from the facade treatments of Fremantle heritage buildings.” but I fail to make any connection to that when I look at the artist impression.

The site is a real eyesore and is opposite Freo’s highest and ugliest cbd building Johnson Court, so I was hoping for a much more creative design than this run of the mill one. I am all for residential development east of Kings Square but it really needs to be more respectful to Fremantle’s unique character. The height itself does not bother me personally, but it is yet again a very boring building and that is something I do not like and support at all.

While the development proposal will go though community consultation, the planning committee and ordinary council it will probably end up at the state’s development assessment panel for final approval.

Check out the details for yourself here:

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The Extraordinary Historical Panoramas of Perth and Freo

Published 27 Jun 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

I recently attended the launch of the very impressive  Historical Panoramas Virtual Tour Website at the Curtin University HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch) The Historical Panoramas project (which was also part of the Fremantle Heritage Festival) is a collaboration between the State Library of Western Australia and the Curtin University HIVE.  It showcases […]


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A new smartphone application that will be launched in Fremantle during NAIDOC Week will aim to strengthen connections and awareness of cultural events, days of significance and significant places for Aboriginal people, and improve the level of Aboriginal engagement with local government.

The world-first Trakka mobile app–developed by Indigenous Consulting Group in collaboration with the City of Fremantle–will provide updates on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural events, dates, significant places and services locally and around Australia. The app has been developed in consultation with the local Aboriginal community including Aboriginal Elders and young people.

The City of Fremantle supported the development of the pilot Trakka application through a $20,000 funding grant. The app will be developed further over coming months to include more information, events and features as well as being made available to other regions in Australia.

The free Trakka app is available for download by searching ‘Trakka’ from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iPhone) or by visiting

For more information on the City of Fremantle’s Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre, visit

(28/6/16) World-first Trakka mobile app helping Aboriginal people keep connected with local culture

Published 27 Jun 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

A new smartphone application will aim to strengthen connections and awareness of cultural events, days of significance and significant places for Aboriginal people, and improve the level of Aboriginal engagement with local government.

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(28/6/16) World-first Trakka mobile app helping Aboriginal people keep connected with local culture


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I just read an article in the Fifth Estate of June 20, 2016 by Hana Jestribek about a forum of property experts that included Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt. The forum was about infill and density and is definitely a discussion we in Fremantle should have as the very costly urban sprawl is not sustainable in the long-term.

But I wonder where our Freo Mayor got his facts from when he told the forum that “Density was widely supported by the Fremantle community because the City promised our community design excellence.” Where are the survey figures that show that the Freo community supports density, Brad? I haven’t seen them so please be so kind and post them in a comment to this article.

As for the promise of design excellence, the Fremantle Mayor indeed promised us heritage of the future quality buildings during the Planning Scheme Amendment 49 debate, but not a single multi storey building approved by Fremantle Council is anywhere near excellent, in fact most are very boring and mediocre concrete boxes.

What Fremantle needs is smart infill and density, density hubs spread all over the city but only in appropriate locations, where public transport and shopping is nearby and where people will be less inclined to use their cars. We need density hubs so we can cater for a fast ageing population and for couples without children, in smaller but better apartments that have outstanding sound proofing against internal and external noise. Residential hubs with great public and green spaces around them that are well planned ahead and where public transport is not an after thought.

Buildings approved in recent years by the City of Fremantle and/or the state’s Development Assessment Panels are not outstanding in any way or form and are basically the bland, cheap and fast structures developers love.

That brings me to an article by Guy Keuleman of the University of NSW who warns that modern concrete structures will not even last till the end of this century because of the steel reinforcement-rebar process used.

Keuleman points out that steel is mainly made of iron and that iron rusts, but the process is faster and cheaper because it requires fewer concrete pours, but it ignores more durable processes such as brick and mortar and stainless steel frame constructions. The author writes that developers fail to consider the extended costs of maintenance, repair or replacement, and that there are severe environmental implications as developers ignore low carbon and more environmentally sensitive options.

So let us have a few public forums on urban infill and density in Fremantle, Mayor Brad Pettitt. Let’s find out if the community actually does support density and where it believes infill should happen.

Fremantle is growing and that is good, but we need to develop with extreme sensitivity and restraint and with community consensus. Let’s talk about it! Maybe one of the next Fremantle Network talks could start the discussion.

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Greens call for farmer protection and oppose lifting the gate to GM Crops in WA

Published 27 Jun 2016 by Arran Morton in Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC.

Greens South Metropolitan MLC Lynn MacLaren will today reiterate her opposition to the Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Repeal Bill – telling Parliament the Bill would further weaken protection for non-GM and organic farmers.  

“We know that less than a third of WA farmers currently grow GM crops – we need to ensure that the remaining 70 plus per cent are protected.

 “In subsequent years, Steve Marsh’s crops were contaminated. As a result, not only did Steve endure years of costly litigation, he has been denied compensation and will be forced to pay legal costs.

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tai chi


We all know that WA drivers are not the best, but isn’t it a bit over the top to conduct driving lessons without a car? That’s what this Tai Chi midday session at St George’s Cathedral today looked like for me at first glance from a distance.

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dutch 1 dutch 2 dutch 3 dutch 4 dutch 5


I went to the DUTCH JOURNEYS TO THE WESTERN EDGE  exhibition in the State Library in Perth and highly recommend it to anyone interested in WA’s history or our connection with the Netherlands.

Why report this on a Fremantle blog some might ask, but I believe there are a lot of connections to the Dutch history here in Freo. The wreck of the Dirk Hartog’s ship Batavia is at the Shipwreck Museum and the replicas of the Dutch sailing ships Endeavour, Duyfken and Leeuwin were all built in Fremantle.

The exhibition was curated by Dutch born Nonja Peters who migrated here as a three-year-old child in 1945.

On the train on the way back to Freo I reflected on the ‘stopping the boats’ policy by the Liberal and Labor parties here in Australia when I read at the exhibition that during the second world war 170,000 Dutch people found refuge in Australia, 13,000 of them in WA.

But the Dutch of course fitted in well with the White Australia Policy with their blue eyes and blond hair and were considered to be adaptable, unlike those brown, non-Christians we refuse entry into Australia to at present.

In that context it will be interesting to see how many Brexit ‘refugees’ we will be welcoming in WA without anyone claiming they take jobs away from local people

The Duyfken will be sailing from Fremantle in August to be at Shark Bay on October 25 to celebrate the arrival there of Dirk Hartog 400 years ago in 1616. There will be an exhibition in all the ports she visits; Bunbury, Mandurah, Hillaries, Jurien Bay, Dongara, Geraldton, Denham.

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Freo’s community gardens, turning vacant space into suburban farms.

Published 26 Jun 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Great to see the White Gum Valley Orchard and North Freo’s Growing Change used as case studies on how to make community gardens work on Today Tonight. Well A great feature on some of Freo’s community gardens led by passionate members of our local community! The video for it is on Facebook at:  


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A special council meeting of the City of Fremantle will be held this Wednesday to debate the budget for 2016/17, so here some figures that might interest the community.

The total budgeted expenditure for Fremantle for  2016/17 will be $ 90.98 million. This will be funded from the following revenue resources:

$ 42.49 million in general rates, $ 32.60 million of other operating revenue, $ 4.10 million of capital grants and contributions, $ 4.79 million in new loans and borrowings, $ 31.85 million disposal of assets(transferred tp Reserves), $ 6.70 million of surplus cash, $ 6.50 million Reserves.

The general rate increase will be 3% and minimum rate increase will go from $ 1,222 to $ 1,259 in next financial year’s budget.

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Freo Winter Festival is back

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Last night I got a sneak peak at the Winter Festival at the Esplanade in Freo that opens today and it looks fantastic. For the next 24 days there is a 600 square metre Ice Rink with falling snow, the new real ice toboggan ride, pop up inflatable rides, snow fairies, local food vendors serving […]

Beating the bastard

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

PHIL ILLINGWORTH reckons being diagnosed with bowel cancer was one of the luckiest days of his life.

“Because it meant I could get help and beat the bastard,” the Cockburn local says.

Following surgery and an ileostomy bag, chemo and radiotherapy, Mr Illingworth finally got the all-clear and was so thrilled he celebrated the occasion by having “beat the bastard” tattooed on his arm.

“It took five and a half hours to get the bastard out. The doctor told me it was a bit of a mongrel, but he was confident he got it all.”
Biopsy results came back completely clear.

Things could have turned out very differently for Mr Illingworth, as an initial ultra-scan failed to spot the cancer and he spent two years thinking he had irritable bowel syndrome until his partner insisted he get a second opinion.

Two weeks later he was admitted to hospital for what turned out to be a 17-day stay.

• Phil Illingworth is a tough bloke, working through chemo and radiotherapy, but he says bowel cancer is a bastard to beat, and he’s urging blokes over 50 to get tested for Bowel Cancer Awareness month.

• Phil Illingworth is a tough bloke, working through chemo and radiotherapy, but he says bowel cancer is a bastard to beat, and he’s urging blokes over 50 to get tested for Bowel Cancer Awareness month.

“Keeping a positive attitude” might sound trite, but once back on his feet the 57 year old continued working at his pharmacy shelving business in Atwell despite going two rounds with chemo and having six gruelling weeks of radiotherapy.

While family and friends feared the worse he never doubted a full recovery: “I became the one supporting [them, because] they were affected by my cancer more than me.”

June is bowel cancer awareness week, aimed at motivating people to act to reduce the risk and prioritise early detection.

Colorectal surgeon, BCA director, associate professor Graham Newstead, said while it’s important people work towards healthier lifestyles, individuals can reduce their risk with regular screening, as bowel cancer can develop without any warning signs regardless of family history.

“I would urge people from age 50 to do a screening test…and repeat it every one to two years. It’s easy and can be done in the privacy of your own home, so don’t wait until it’s too late.”

Bowel cancer risk factors include a diet high in red meat and processed foods and low on fibre, a lack of exercise, smoking, heavy drinking, and obesity.

Signs include a change in bowel habits, whether constipation or diarrhoea, or smaller more frequent movements, blood in the stool, frequent gas pain, cramps or feeling full or bloated, and abdominal pain.

Bowel cancer test kits can be purchased at participating pharmacies or online at or at 1800 555 494.


26 Brentwood Pharmacy 8x3.5

Broke Wyola closing

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

THE Wyola Club in Fremantle is broke and set to wind up this week.

Club president Christine Dunbar sent out a letter to members late last week notifying them of a special meeting which was due to be held yesterday (Friday, June 24).

The letter says members will be asked to vote to confirm the club, which until 2010 owned two properties stretching between High Street and Bannister Street, ”has no assets”.

If the resolutions are passed, the club will close immediately and the office bearers will fill in the necessary paperwork to cancel its incorporation.

“Refreshments will be served at the close of the meeting,” was the closest Ms Dunbar came to a flourish for the demise of the historic club.

If Wyola is broke, it means that since 2009 it has churned through somewhere around $3 million, the price it’s believed to have received for the two properties.

One of the sales caused headlines because club manager Phil Douglas had purchased the property for a quarter of its market value thanks to a clause in a lease he’d signed with the club in the early 1990s.

The uproar from current and former members caused WA’s commerce department to step in and initiate Supreme Court action against Mr Douglas.

In the end they reached a settlement, with Mr Douglas agreeing to pay an additional $500,000, reaping Wyola $982,559 all up.

A club member the Herald spoke to said in recent times just a dozen or so stalwarts would turn up for drinks on Friday nights.

Commerce said the Herald’s call was the first it had heard about the wind-up of the club.

No one was answering the phones at Wyola when we called.

It’s been a tough time for Fremantle’s social clubs. The Fremantle Club and the Fremantle Workers Club have both had to sell their CBD premises and have had to move into temporary accommodation.

The Workers Club is hoping to move into a new hub with the local bowls and tennis clubs on Fremantle Park.


26 Federal Hotel 20x3.5

Labor pledges $59m for High St upgrade

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

FEDERAL Labor has pledged $59 million to upgrade High Street between Carrington Street and Stirling Highway if re-elected.

The four-lane stretch of road has been a sore spot for years, with locals complaining bitterly about increased numbers of trucks heading to the port, and associated noise and pollution.

Truck drivers have been complaining about the High Street/Stirling Highway intersection for years and the road design has resulted in a number of rollovers.

• Josh Wilson, Mark McGowan, Lisa O’Malley and Simone McGurk. Photo by Stephen Pollock

• Josh Wilson, Mark McGowan, Lisa O’Malley and Simone McGurk. Photo by Stephen Pollock


The total cost of widening the road and making the intersection less acute for turning trucks will be around $118m, with WA Labor set to announcing its funding commitment nearer the state election.

“Labor supports improvements to roads to Fremantle port, but not the $2 billion plus wasted on the Perth Freight Link,” says Fremantle Labor MP Simone McGurk.

“This intersection would need to be improved anyway, as placarded loads can’t use the proposed PFL tunnel.”

The upgrade was originally funded by federal Labor in the 2013 budget, with the party claiming it was absorbed by the Liberals into the PFL project.


26 Wa Labor Josh Wilson 10x7

Bowls clubs move delayed

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

MELVILLE bowling club has been granted a stay of execution after scores of senior citizens packed the council’s gallery on Wednesday to protest a planned merger of clubs.

The council’s lawn bowls strategy had recommended two mixed-use sporting hubs at Tompkins Park and Morris Buzacott Reserve because the city has more bowling greens than it’s crop of bowlers need.

Under the plan Melville and Mount Pleasant bowling clubs would have merged at Tompkins Park.

“Comparable to other sports Melville ratepayers are subsidising lawn bowls quite significantly”, says Melville CEO Shayne Silcox.

“We hope to be able to give them state of the art facilities, a wider membership base, reduced financial burdens and importantly an opportunity to preserve their history with their future secured.”

A deputation led by former East Fremantle mayor Tim Smith and Melville bowls club’s incoming president Ken Atkins argued the council had misread the club’s financial health and its need to move.

“We have no debt. We have a very healthy bank balance and do not rely on council support at this time,” Mr Atkins said.

“Council used selective data to assist with relocation plans for the Melville Bowling Club,” Mr Smith followed.

“In our opinion, it’s a land grab”.

Mayor Russell Aubrey said land freed up by the club’s move would be for recreational purposes “providing financial benefit to the city” but didn’t provide any additional details.

There was also debate about whether senior bowlers would feel as comfortable socialising at a larger facility.

“Sporting hubs don’t create the club culture, they destroy the club culture,” councillor Nick Pazolli said to cheers from the gallery.

Cr Pat Phelan argued bowling culture comes from the community not the clubhouse.

“Elderly people can play bowls wherever they like”, she said to moans from the gallery.

Cr Cameron Schuster suggested deferring the item, which was passed.


Freo candidate forum fails to fire

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

FREMANTLE federal Liberal candidate Pierrette Kelly says an ill daughter led to her pulling out of a candidates election forum on Tuesday.

Ms Kelly says she only found out on Friday that an appointment with a specialist would clash with the talkfest, but concedes Liberal HQ wasn’t keen on her going anyway.

“There’s a national policy from Canberra that federal candidates shouldn’t speak at these events,” she says.

“I wanted to attend and had fully prepared for it; but because of my daughter I was unable to. It was a case of family first.”

Notre Dame politics lecturer Martin Drum, who helped organise the event, said it was “very disappointing” Ms Kelly had been unable to attend.

• About 250 people packed the Fremantle candidate’s forum, with even the candidates looking a little under-awed by the occasion. Photos by Stephen Pollock

• About 250 people packed the Fremantle candidate’s forum, with even the candidates looking a little under-awed by the occasion. Photos by Stephen Pollock

More than 250 people crammed into Notre Dame’s lecture hall to hear federal candidates Josh Wilson (Labor), Kate Davis (Greens), Chris Jenkins (Socialist Alliance), and Mick Connolly (Mature Australia Party) talk shop.

With three of the candidates being left of centre, and Mr Connolly talking largely from personal experience, there was little debate and contention.

After introductions, candidates fielded questions from the audience on a diverse range of issue, including the Perth Freight Link, overseas aid, fracking and refugee policy.

05. 26NEWS

Mr Jenkins, 26, was the most passionate and witty speaker of the night, while Mr Connolly, a 57-year-old truck driver with an old-school charm, won support for his opposition to the PFL.

The Greens and Labor clashed briefly on the issue of preferences and the emissions trading scheme, but aside from that, the night had all the tension of a sleeping pill.

Midway through the forum moderator Paul Murray, former editor of the West Australian, made the wise decision to halve candidates’ response times to one minute, resulting in a brisker pace.

The most entertaining part of the forum was the twitter feed for #freodebate, projected onto a huge screen behind the candidates, where many of the audience posted satirical comments.

Mr Drum said at the start of the night Labor had held Fremantle since 1934 — and the forum had the feel of a battle whose outcome was already decided.


26 Pierrette Kelly 10x7

Freo quiet on axed rangers

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

FREMANTLE council has mysteriously sacked most of its rangers, but says the number of front-line troops won’t drop and services won’t be affected.

The Herald heard that three long-term rangers with decades of experience between them have been given the flick, but the council’s business director Glen Dougall refused to confirm the number or why they’d been sacked.

“I’m aware of it,” mayor Brad Pettitt told the Herald, but he says he doesn’t know any details.

Mr Dougall wouldn’t comment on whether the sackings were related to a restructure of the council’s ranger services.

The city has had four rangers who deal with lost cats, dangerous dogs, dogs off leads and opening parks and toilets for events, and four community safety officers who patrol the city for nuisances and low-level crime like street drinking. The community safety officers also mediate between locals, business owners and police.

Under the new regime, these two roles will be rolled together, and there’ll be a total of nine combo ranger/safety officers (up one from the four/four system).

Mr Dougall says having the responsibilities “siloed” wasn’t as efficient and this’ll let rangers deal with any issue that might pop up, instead of one of the community safety officers having to call in one of the animal guys if they see a pooch on the loose.



Big bash for Bon’s 70th

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

DOUG THORNCROFT says when he first proposed a Bon Scott statue in Fremantle, the powers that be shrugged their shoulders.

“They thought we were a bunch of cashed-up bogans and nobody was really interested,” he says.

“It took me eight years of campaigning, but we finally got it installed and now it’s a landmark down these parts.”

Thorncroft, who runs the Bon Scott fan club and was behind the now-defunct Bon Scott tram tour, is still on a mission to honour the AC/DC frontman’s legacy.

The 50-year-old has just persuaded the producers of a Scott tribute to bring the show to Fremantle on July 9, celebrating what would have been his 70th birthday.

“A lot of people don’t know that Bon was originally a folk singer, but he damaged his throat in a bad motorbike accident, and was forced to adopt a more rock’n’roll growl,” he says.

• Doug Thorncroft on the Bon Scott statue in Fremantle. Photo by Stephen Pollock

• Doug Thorncroft on the Bon Scott statue in Fremantle. Photo by Stephen Pollock

“This show will feature songs he sang in some of his other early bands, like The Valentines, plus all the ‘DC classics.

Hell Ain’t a bad Place To Be: The Story of Bon Scott will feature live music and a narrator, with Aussie singer-songwriter Nick Barker fronting a four-piece band.

Thorncroft says he was beguiled by Scott when he first saw him on Countdown in 1974.

“I used to play drums in the Salvation Army, but a couple of hours before the Sunday night service, I would go down to the hall, turn up my cassette player and thrash the drums to AC/DC,” he laughs.

“A few hours later I was singing Onward, Christian Soldiers.”

In May, a statue of Scott was unveiled in his Scottish home town of Kirriemuir and Thorncroft says he’s lobbying Fremantle council to install a video link.

“It would be great if there was a video screen at both statues where people could talk with each other and interact,” he says.

“And I would like some kind of bluetooth technology which would tell you about Bon on your phone.

Lead guitarist Angus Young is the only original AC/DC band member left and Axl Rose is currently standing in at live shows for Brian Johnson, who is suffering hearing loss, but Thorncroft says he would like to see the band continue after their current world tour.

“I reckon they’ve got another 10 years left in ‘em, and someone like Jimmy Barnes would be a good replacement singer,” he says.

The Story of Bon Scott will be on at the Fly by Night Club on High Street, on July 8, 9 and 10.


26 Newport Hotel 10x3

Cop shop markets?

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

BUSINESSMAN Gerard O’Brien has confirmed his company Silverleaf Investments recently bought the old Fremantle police station on Henderson Street.

The Herald has heard Mr O’Brien is planning a new hotel, bar and restaurant, markets and other businesses at the site, but he said he wasn’t ready to confirm any plans yet.

“We’ve got a few options and we’ll continue to work through it,” Mr O’Brien told the Herald.

“I don’t want to say X and come out and do Y.

“By Christmas we’ll have a plan sorted out,” he said.

Mr O’Brien says Silverleaf values the heritage of the 100-year-old complex, which was closed because of asbestos contamination and other maintenance problems that became too much for police to deal with.


26 Pekho 10x3

Sunset to push on

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

SUNSET EVENTS will push on with plans for a tavern at J-Shed after a knock-back from Fremantle council, but will consider scaling back to ease residents’ concerns, says managing director David Chitty.

Mr Chitty says the company is still hopeful of a favourable ruling from the WA Planning Commission, which has final say.

At Wednesday’s meeting, councillors backed a committee recommendation to refuse Sunset’s application, despite staff recommending conditional approval.

A note to be sent to the WAPC says during a trial run, the company wasn’t able to manage drunkenness and anti-social behaviour from concert-goers, rubbish and the risks from people falling off a nearby cliff.

Promised community events hadn’t lived up to expectations while “alcohol was the major sales push” at events, rather than a balanced mix of drinking/eating.

Noise levels

“We’re obviously disappointed, but we respect the council’s decision,” says Mr Chitty.

Artists working next door to the venue, and the Fremantle Inner City Residents Association claim noise levels at the four trial concerts reached up to 108dB and could have damaged people’s ears.

FICRA also claims noise monitoring didn’t take place at Marina Village where residents would have been most affected by the concerts.

In a submission to the council, FICRA convenor MaryRose Baker claimed “noise levels vastly exceeded any permissible level, resulting in not only extreme discomfort to local artists and residents but also the Roundhouse guides and tourists.”

Mr Chitty denies the concerts exceeded the relevant guidelines.

“All the officers of Freo looked at the noise and recommended for it to be approved,” he says.

“Sometimes council can go against that recommendation which is what happened last night.”

Mr Chitty doesn’t begrudge the neighbouring residents and artists for their complaints.

“I think they’ve got valid concerns. If I lived there I’d want to be comfortable, so I don’t have any issue with people objecting”, he says.

“If there’s any issues with scale we’re happy to have a conversation about that, and we still are.”


26 Stay Lucky 10x3

East Freo drops fossils

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

WA’S second-smallest local government joined the fossil fuel divestment movement this week.

East Fremantle’s move to dump banks that invest in fossil fuels was prompted by a petition signed by about 750 residents, which organisers Peta Bowden and Dick Ounswort of believe is one of the biggest the council’s ever received.

“There is incredible strength of feeling in the community about climate change,” Ms Bowden told the Herald.

• Peta Bowden and Dick Ounswort. Photo by Trilokesh Chanmugam

• Peta Bowden and Dick Ounswort. Photo by Trilokesh Chanmugam

The petition called on the council to pull its money out of Australia’s four big banks and invest with those which avoid dcompanies profiting from fossil fuels.

“Whilst the divestment of council’s investments (approx. $5million) from the banks which support fossil fuel activities may not have a significant financial impact, we feel it has much larger impact as a social statement in our beliefs towards climate change, and hope that it may encourage other local governments and businesses to follow suit,” mayor Jim O’Neill said.


26 Midway Marine 10x7

Community Planting in Booyeembara Park tomorrow

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

It’s been a long time since the community has been able to get down and dirty and planting in Booyeembara Park! But this Saturday, we have 3,000 plants to put in the ground – part of 27,000 new plants and trees to be planted this year. So grab your gardening gloves and come along to […]

Fremantle RSL Wins Two Awards

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Congratualtions to the hardworking chaps at Freo RSL who one a few key awards in recognition of their work in rebuilding the Fremantle Branch, So, as you may have seen in the Freo Herald today, the Wyola Club is no more  but the Freo RSL is a separate organisation that is growing and going form strength to […]

GPP Agenda … Tuesday 28th June 2016

Published 23 Jun 2016 by kpaterson in Gibson Park Freospace.




Tuesday 28th June 2016 at 7.00pm

East Fremantle Primary School Library

1).  Update on Perth Freight Link : –
2).  “ Rethink Perth Freight Link ” placards (Barry) :-
3). GP proposed bike path painted on Forrest St (Coralie) :-

.   Compatability with Netball on saturdays
.   Damaged grass on lower park – use rut for bike path ?

4). Parking at Gibson Park update (Coralie) :-

.  Cars on green some week nights – gate left open
.  Netball on all the way through the year
.  Parking fines on corners and footpaths but not verges
.  One way system on Saturdays ? enter Wilkinson, exit Chudleigh

5).  GP loudspeaker (Coralie) :-

6).  AOB :-

       Next Meeting Date : Tuesday 30th August 2016

GPP Minutes … 26th April, 2016

Published 23 Jun 2016 by kpaterson in Gibson Park Freospace.

Minutes of Gibson Park Precinct Meeting Tuesday 26th April, 2016

The Library E. Fremantle Primary School – Forrest Street, Fremantle

Attendance : 5 persons incl. Ingrid Waltham.
Apologies : Gerald & June Shepperson, Anthony Apps, Coralie Clarke, Cr. Bryn Jones Minutes of Previous Meeting :- AAR
Meeting Chair Person : Shane Chambers
Meeting opened : – 7.10 pm


  1. 1)  Perth Freight Link update: – There is quite a lot of opposition to the tunnel. It is intended to run from Stock Rd / Winterfold Rd to Stirling Hwy / High St. Roe 8 has to

    happen first. It is believed that of the traffic using the tunnel, if it is a road tunnel, will be about 8% freight and 92% normal traffic. Ingrid pointed out that Council have not formally seen the Perth Freight Link (PFL). It was discussed that we don’t need the tunnel instead of the Outer Harbour. Consider the Cost Benefit Analysis.

  2. 2)  Traffic lights safety issue at High St & Marmion St intersections :- Brad contacted Adam Kimball re. lights safety. The current considered solution to deal with this problem is to have flashing lights at zebra crossings. Shane to forward email to Ingrid who then can follow this up. Barriers to be considered.
  3. 3)  “Rethink Perth Freight Link” placards :- Those present at the meeting were in agreement that funds for the printing of Rethink PFL placards would be taken from available

    GPP budget ( 20 placards @ $ 15 = $300 ). Karl to confirm this by Quote to Council ( Jennifer Valesini ) and Barry to contact the Printer to send invoice to Council.

  4. 4)  Parking at Gibson Park :- There are 2 groups using GP at this time. ( see previous)
  5. 5)  GP loudspeaker and siren :- Ingrid will follow up on the siren. It was confirmed that

    the loudspeaker was turned down for a while.

  6. 6)  Gibson Park Playground Redevelopment : – Gave plans and booklet to Shane so he can make an electronic copy. Karl to email Shane the mailing list. It was agreed to get the

    Herald involved for community feedback and have a link to the electronic copy. Finalise next meeting. Ingrid will contact Joanne to find out what we have to do next. It has to come up in the budget.

  7. 7)  Increased incidence of theft in the area :-There has been an increase in theft from houses and cars … bags nicked at parties, windows smashed, tyres slashed, breakins and

attempted breakins. There are CCT cameras at nodal points in cities around the world and this helps catch criminals. In Fremantle, most CCT cameras are in central areas (CBD).It’s hard to put them up in the suburbs – need internet access. To establish a pattern of increased thefts etc, look at monthly statistics (Community safety working group). So, is there an increase in theft or is it a “cluster”, a “spate”? Ron referred to “opportunistic crime” in Holland St and Forrest St such as stealing bicycles. Clusters of car break-ins occur eg. in South Fremantle. Statistics such as shop theft, graffiti and vandalism also show no spikes in any one particular suburb. The police encourage locking cars, houses, phone police. Neighbourhood watch is supported by Council and they have a website.

General Business :- There is a Public Forum on the 3rd of May on the sale of Fremantle Port.


Joint Meeting :- WGV and GPP on the PFL tunnel decision…Tuesday 10th May 2016 @ WGV primary school.

Next Meeting Tuesday 28th June 2016…
Library, East Fremantle Primary School, Forrest St.

Check Freospace for details:
Contact Persons :-
Karl Paterson – Ph. 6161 5890 E-Mail

Coralie Clarke – Ph. 9335 8216 E-Mail

$150k for Aboriginal art centres in Freo

Published 23 Jun 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Well done the Fremantle Arts Centre for being one of the Aboriginal art centres have been awarded funding  through the Creative Regions Program. FAC ‘s $150,000 will, on behalf of Martumili Artists, Mangkaja Arts, Warakurna Artists and Papulankutja Artists, go to the In Cahoots artist residency, skills exchange and collaborative arts project which will culminate in […]


Published 22 Jun 2016 by admin in The Fremantle Society Incorporated.

Last night’s vote by Fremantle Council not to approve Sunset Events’ plan for a brewery and larger concerts at J Shed represents a massive shift away from previous, virtually unanimous, support.

Sunset Events has stirred public animosity against the organiser’s attitude to local residents regarding noise and antisocial behaviour and lack of access by the public to Arthur Head. In the face of public opinion, Sunset increased their requests to include a brewery and increased patronage.

Three of Fremantle’s major organisations opposed these plans. The Fremantle Inner City Residents Association (FICRA), Fremantle Residents and Ratepayers Association (FRRA) and the Fremantle Society have continually lobbied councillors in relation to all aspects of the support offered by council to Sunset.

Council has, until now, steadfastly ignored the public’s wishes. At last night’s meeting (22nd June) the Mayor, Councillors Pemberton and Wainwright declared conflicts of interest. It was notable that Andrew Sullivan was one of two councillors to support Sunset Events. The other was Councillor Hume.


One resident, who did not wish to be named, underlined public sentiment, commenting: “I assume … there will be more lobbying of the WAPC unless Sunset finally gives up, which attitude has not been characteristic of them so far”

He continued: “Perhaps it’s just my cynicism about everything to do with them, but I get a sense of lack of responsibility on the part of some elected members, of some sort of manoeuvring. They were so in favour for so long and dragged the community through all this for so long. Where’s the morality?”


There have however, been noticeable shifts in council’s attitude recently and these have to be applauded and encouraged. There is no question that the strengths of FICRA, FRRA and the Fremantle Society are growing. It is likely these organisations will support candidates in next year’s council elections to ensure a change of direction related to many issues. These changes must include unequivocal support for heritage boundaries, higher quality architecture, and height restrictions. The Fremantle Society does not support high rise buildings in heritage precincts and glass block architecture.

At the recent election debate the Fremantle Society questioned candidates in relation to their support for heritage values asking:

“In 1980 the Federal Government listed the West End of Fremantle as a precinct on its heritage database, where it remains unchanged today. Fremantle Council has proposed a heritage listing of a smaller area it still calls the West End, removing Arthur Head, the Esplanade, the railway station, and King’s Square. Would candidates support the original area being listed?”

This did not seem relevant to the candidates. However, the question is pertinent as the Federal Government’s 1980 listing of boundaries HAS not changed. The Fremantle Society will be asking our elected federal member to endorse the 1980 boundaries. The current precinct listing has whittled down to the West End leaving important areas as satellites. They include Arthur Head, The Arts Centre, Railway Station. A larger precinct will protect the entire against low quality, high rise developments. Currently the area is being whittled away from the edges.

(23/6/16) $150k for Fremantle Arts Centre Aboriginal Art project

Published 22 Jun 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

The City of Fremantle’s Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC) has received a $150 000 state government grant to host In Cahoots; a multi-faceted arts development project connecting leading Australian artists with artists at Aboriginal art centres across Australia.

Funded as part of the state government’s $24m Creative Regions Program, the grant will support a series of collaborative art projects with remote Aboriginal arts centres and include residencies for artists at Fremantle Arts Centre,  culminating in a major exhibition at FAC in November 2017.

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(23/6/16) $150k for Fremantle Arts Centre Aboriginal Art project

(22/6/16) Sale at Fremantle Leisure Centre!

Published 22 Jun 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

Grab a bargain at the Fremantle Leisure Centre end of financial year shop sale with 25% off all swimwear, rashies, shorts and Running Bare gym wear (sale does not include already reduced stock).

Hurry, sale ends Thursday 30 June 2016.

New membership special offer

FLC are also offering 20% off the price of membership if you purchase a 12–month membership before Thursday 30 June 2016. The $43 joining fee will also be waived!

Terms and conditions apply. Visit the FLC section.

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(22/6/16) Sale at Fremantle Leisure Centre!

(22/6/16) Special meeting of council

Published 21 Jun 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

A special meeting of council will be held:

Date: Thursday 30 June
Time: 6.00 pm
Location: Council chambers, 8 William Street Fremantle. Entry is via the white spiral staircase, near the Jean Hobson playground.


1 week ago in Council
(22/6/16) Special meeting of council


Published 21 Jun 2016 by admin in The Fremantle Society Incorporated.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton has endorsed the Fremantle Society’s moves to scrap the controversial DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENT PANELS. Her support follows Mayor Brad Pettitt’s criticism of the State Government’s Development Assessment Panel (DAP)  revealed by The Fremantle Herald (June 10th  2016) in which he outlined councillors had voted against a plan for a six story development in Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle. Council’s decision was over turned by the DAP.

Rachel Pemberton attended a dinner organised by the Fremantle Society at which guest speakers explained their support for the “Scrap the DAP” movement which is now supported by at least nine of  WA’s Councils.

Ron Norris, Mayor of Mosman Park, and Subiaco Councillor Julie Matheson were guest speakers at the dinner, held at the Maya Indian Restaurant. They outlined  their councils’ opposition to the DAP and the chaos it has created. Nine councils in WA now support scrapping the scheme and simplifying the bureaucracy which surrounds the State’s planning processes.


Fremantle Council has to deal with several confusing design processes: The council’s own Design Advisory Committee; the council’s Planning Committee; the full council; the Metropolitan and South West Joint Design Advisory Panel (J DAP, the local DAP shared with Cockburn) and ultimately, the State Administrative Tribunal.

Fremantle Society President, John Dowson, introduced Mayor Norris and councillor Matheson and both outlined the complexity of systems which make it difficult for councils to make their own decisions related to matters of design and social impact. They also alluded to the potential for cronyism within the systems.

During a robust question time City Ward Councillor Rachel Pemberton stated she would do all she could to support the ‘Scrap the Dap’ movement.

The planning process must be simplified to ensure local councils have the final say on what is built in their communities. This may encourage councillors to look closely at the Fremantle Society’s support for high quality architecture. If the buck for poor development stops at the door of elected councillors there may be more chance they will listen to voters.



A timeline of the DAP process has been supplied by Fremantle Society committee member Adele Carles who opposed the DAP from the outset. These links will connect you to the material.

• May 2010 – The Liberal Government and the Labor Opposition supported the DAPs legislation in  the State Parliament.   Click on link to see Hansard debate  Approvals and Related Reforms (No. 4) (Planning) Bill 2009

•  2011 –  I wrote to all Fremantle Councillors advising them about the dangerous DAPs law that had now taken effect and them to tighten the Local Town Planning Scheme as this would bind future DAPs decisions.  Click link to read this letter        CBD Heights

 • 2012 – In a test case, the DAPs approved a development in Bayswater that the whole Bayswater Council had rejected. Again, I warned Fremantle Council that the only way to ward off future bad DAPs decisions in Fremantle was a robust, protective  Town Planning Scheme.  Click link  Chickens Coming Home to Roost on DAPs

2012 – Fremantle ignored my warnings and took the opposite action.  It unanimously amended its  Town Planning Scheme (amendment 49)  to INCREASE HEIGHTS  in the CBD of Fremantle.  It knowingly removed height restrictions in its Town Planning Scheme that previous generations of councillors had worked hard to secure.

 February 2012 – I tabled Don Whittington’s 442 strong petition in Parliament calling on the State Government to ensure the built heritage and human scale of Fremantle be protected Act to Protect Fremantle’s Future

June 2016 –  Brad Pettitt complains that the DAPS is bad for Fremantle!! Yes, we know this…we predicted this 5 years ago, but the horse has now bolted.  Click on link to read  Mayor gives DAPs a blunt assessment.






Published 21 Jun 2016 by Fremantle Chamber in CEO's Blog.

Earlier in the week I read of a major charity reducing staff numbers delivering community services because of a drop in donations. With June 30th looming, my thoughts turned to our members who are registered gift recipients.

Times are a little tougher but there are still people that need to find a tax deduction or two before the end of the financial year. There are also some great Fremantle organisations who can use those funds wisely and we have decided to help you make a decision.

Since 1972, St Patrick’s Community Support Centre has worked to help those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless in Fremantle and the wider south west metropolitan region of Perth. Donated funds are channeled to crisis accommodation, food and meals services, supplies for daily living, health and allied services, education and training and arts, music and recreation. For more information head to or call 9430 4159.

You also send funds to St Pat’s by utilising the City of Fremantle collection boxes. You don’t get a receipt but the City of Fremantle matches you dollar for dollar, or even 5 cents for 5 cents.

Uniting Care West has expanded the services it provides in the Fremantle area and opened a new Service Centre in Market Street last year. Services delivered include those for children and families, financial counselling, emergency relief services and Homelessness Accommodation and Support Services (HASS). For more information head to

Fremantle Foundation’s Impact 100 Fremantle inspires at least 100 donors to each contribute $1,000 annually and then pools the contributions to make high impact grants to local charities and projects in the Fremantle region. This year’s campaign is underway right now – fundraising and decision making. For more information contact Dylan Smith on 0410 202 610 or head to

When you adopt a Spare Part Puppet Theatre puppet you are supporting the Access and Inclusion program that provides subsidised ticketing and bussing for disadvantaged school from across the Perth metropolitan area. Or you can just make a general donation. More information is online at or contact Megan Roberts on 9335 5044.

If what matters is purple, Fremantle Football Club has a raft of programs and infrastructure plans for your end of year donation. Take a punt and head to to find out more or call 08 9433 716

If literature is your thing, look no further than Fremantle Press, celebrating 40 years in 2016 of publishing stories by Western Australians about West Australians. For more information contact Jane Fraser on 9430 6331 or email

The vista of ship masts in Fremantle is the ever present reminder of our maritime heritage and major ship building projects over 30 years ago. So if sailing is your thing, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation is all about keeping STS Leeuwin II, Western Australian’s very own tall ship, in ship-shape for the next generation of 14 to 25 year-olds to engage in awarding-winning youth development and leadership program. For more information head to

Finally, education. In the grand scheme of things, the University of Notre Dame Australia is a very young University but is packing some punch in the top two universities nationally for “Overall Quality of Educational Experience” in 2016. The University of Notre Dame’s 2016 Annual Appeal features a general fund, the Future Scholarships Fund, and the In the World for the World program. For more information call 9433 0575 or email

Government prefers ignorance when killing sharks - Greens

Published 21 Jun 2016 by Arran Morton in Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has accused the Government of missing a key opportunity to gather evidence from a white shark killed off Mandurah earlier this month.

"In response to Greens' questions in Parliament tonight the Government has confirmed that the 4.2 metre white shark it killed off Mandurah on 2 June spent more three hours dying on a drumline and the Fisheries officers made no effort to examine the shark's stomach contents before they dumped it in the sea," Ms MacLaren said.

"It's appalling that the rare opportunity for scientific study of a white shark of this size was tossed overboard. It shows a contempt for both wildlife and scientific endeavour and proves once again that the killing had nothing to do with increasing human safety.

"We will never know if it was the same shark responsible for biting Mr Gerring and it seems the only opportunity for exploring that possibility or learning what food had attracted the shark to that area was deliberately missed.

read more

Vital Table Talks 2016

Published 21 Jun 2016 by Manager Moore in Moore & Moore Cafe » Blog.

Vital Table Talks 2016 – Expert Presentations with Wild, Local & Organic Dinner


World renown speakers join us at Moore and Moore Cafe to share their knowledge and wisdom for you to achieve your lifestyle and wellness goals.

Join us at 6pm for expert presentations while wining and dining on wild, local and organic produce and soak up the atmosphere with live music!

Friday 12th August:
An Evening with Paleonutter and Friends: Introducing Vital Table Talks

Gary and Mel Benzies, Paleonutter

Paleonutter will be giving you an introduction to basic Paleo principles, how to cut out sugar and grains and steer you on the right path to health and happiness.

Therese Kerr, The Divine Company
Understanding the misconception around the use of the word “organic” and the importance of how everyday chemicals are detrimentally impacting gut health, general well being, hormones (including thyroid, infertility rates, cancers), liver and the
body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

$97 includes 3-course paleo meal using farm-to-table ingredients, drink on arrival, presentations, market stalls, mingling & music!

Book here


Tuesday 16th August :

Fiona McKay
Medicinal Real Leaf Tea
Fiona uses her environmental science degree, energy medicine background and medicinal plant business to show you ancient grass-roots systems to empower your health in fun and natural ways. Find a cheaper and tastier way to be healthy.

Therese Kerr, The Divine Company
Chemical Toxicity
An advocate for chemical free holistic living, the mother of the world famous super model Miranda Kerr and the developer of the most nourishing Certified Organic Body Care Range The Divine Company. Sharing her secrets to living a chemical free life and how these toxins interfere with daily living.

Price inclusive of expert presentation, nibbles and dinner (vegan meal option)

$47 General / $34 concession

Book here


Tuesday 30th August:

Tyler Tolman
Ancient Secrets of Sacred Foods
Health advocate Tyler Tolman, has almost 100,000 followers, is Don Tolman’s son and is a believer in whole, natural foods as the solution to changing your life for good. He has studied many ancient civilizations to learn their secrets and is going to share his knowledge with you so you can live a long, happy and healthy life.

Price inclusive of expert presentation, nibbles and dinner (vegan meal option)

$47 General / $34 concession

Book here


Tuesday 13th September:

Mason Bagios, Kommunity Brew
The Microbiome and ‘Me’
Learn about gut ecology and how to balance your microbiome. This talk covers modern sources of good gut nutrients and pre-biotics. Kommunity Brew will also be sharing their locally made kombucha.

Dr Peter Dingle
Probiotics, People & Poo
Well-published Doctor and health advocate, Dr Peter Dingle shares with us a up beat presentation including important information on gut health and digestive issues.

Price inclusive of expert presentation, nibbles and dinner (vegan meal option)

$47 General / $34 concession

Book here


Tuesday 27th September:

Stef Sifandos & Tenille Bentley
3 Keys for Unlocking Optimal Wellbeing
Stef and Tenille explore the 3 keys of Communication, Sovereign Leadership and Health & Wellness so that you can use these to create a life that you design, have valuable relationships and enable you to align your heart, mind and body.

Price inclusive of expert presentation, nibbles and dinner (vegan meal option)

$47 General / $34 concession

.Book here


Tuesday 11th October:

Jude Blureau
Wholefood from the Ground Up
Do you want to eat well, even on the busiest days? Multiple published author, Jude Blureau shares her wealth of knowledge about what constitutes ‘good’ food, where to source it and how to use it to its best effect.

Price inclusive of expert presentation, nibbles and dinner (vegan meal option)

$47 General / $34 concession

Book here


Book multiple talks to save!
3 or 4 – 10%
5 – 20% that’s one amazing experience free!

Further enquiries contact: Ali 0418 929 674,

Simon Naber, owner of Moore and Moore Cafe, wishes to facilitate community conversation on the topics of integrative health, alternative medicine and food-as-medicine – after all, you are what you eat. Simon particularly hopes to encourage students of the health sciences, from all campuses, to participate and build on their knowledge base by speaking with the interested and interesting people we know will are coming :  )

Discover, discuss, mingle and dine at the Moores Building, in Fremantle’s West End.

Venue: Moore & Moore Cafe, The Moores Building,  46 Henry St, Fremantle (Map)


The post Vital Table Talks 2016 appeared first on Moore & Moore Cafe.

Wander around gardens of the south-west

Published 20 Jun 2016 by Fremantle City Library in Fremantle City Library.

The Garden Wanderer

Take an armchair ride with Julie Kinney around a small corner of Australia’s south-west and discover some hidden treasures in gardens of the region.

Julie Kinney is an avid gardener whose varied interests especially involve the Western Australian countryside. She was a selector for Australia’s Open Garden Scheme for many years and is now planning and leading garden tours both overseas and at home.

Julie Kinney

Tuesday July 19th 2016
12:00pm – 1:30pm
Fremantle Library
Light refreshments provided

Bookings via

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July 2016 School holidays at the library

Published 20 Jun 2016 by Fremantle City Library in Fremantle City Library.


From gooey science to fun and  (board) games, here are the school holiday events at the library this July school holidays.

All events are free but bookings are essential to secure a place. Adults do not need to book a ticket, please only book for the number of children who will be attending the activity.

Please note, you may be photographed during this event. Photos are used for Library promotion. If you do not wish to be photographed, please notify the organiser on the day.

For enquiries ring 9432 9766 (ask for Stacey) or email


Early Years Play Experience

REmida use a unique range of clean, colourful and playful offcuts from local industry for a fun play program exploring communication, social and emotional development.
Suitable for children aged 3-5 years.

Fremantle Toy Library – 34 Paget Street, Hilton, WA 6163
Tuesday July 12 2016
Two sessions: 10.00am to 10.45am, and 10.45 to 11.30am

Book online

How to get there
The Fremantle Toy Library is located at the Hilton Community Centre on Paget Street, Hilton. There are parking bays available behind the centre and a carpark at the front. You will also find streetside parking along Paget Street. The centre is also accessible via public buses.


Lego and board games

Bring your friends and join in the excitement for games, free play and lots of fun. Suitable for ages 4+

Two sessions: Monday 4 July 2016, 10am to 11am
Wednesday July 13 2016, 10am to 11am

Book online

How to get there

Fremantle Library is located next to the Queensgate carpark. This is a multi-storey parking facility that offers the first hour free, with hourly payments required after that. There are also a number of street side bays available around Kings Square, all attracting a per hour fee.

The Fremantle Train station is a few minutes’ walk away, the Fremantle CAT bus also makes frequent stops along South Terrace which is close to Kings Square.


The Human Body science workshop

Hands on science fun! Make a lung, listen to your heartbeat and make a pot of snot while learning about the human body. Suitable for ages 5-11

Friday July 15 2016, 10.30am – 11.30am

Book online
Storytime continues throughout the holidays. Join us for stories, rhymes and craft on Thursdays from 10am. Suitable for ages 2-5

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(21/6/16) Fremantle Traffic Bridge load restriction

Published 20 Jun 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

A load restriction of 15 tonnes (maximum) is in effect on Fremantle Traffic Bridge until Sunday 26 June 2016.

This restriction is in place to ensure the safety of site workers and the commuting public while strengthening repairs take place.

This is the next phase of works to the bridge, following emergency underwater bracing repairs in April 2016. 

Permanent strengthening repairs will now be undertaken to the bridge structure.

1 week ago in Infrastructure projects
(21/6/16) Fremantle Traffic Bridge load restriction

Liberal Candidate Withdraws from Election Debate

Published 20 Jun 2016 by admin in The Fremantle Society Incorporated.

Pierette Kelly, the Liberal candidate for Fremantle for the Federal election, has chosen not to attend the only public debate at which all candidates could have been questioned by voters.

In a letter to Dr Martin Drum, Associate Professor of Politic at Notre Dame University,  Kelly said: “ … I have prior commitments set for the evening that will preclude me from attending”.

Drum replied: “Frankly, this is extremely disappointing. I find it hard to believe that as the Liberal candidate for Fremantle you have more important things to do tomorrow night than attend the one public debate for the seat you are running for.”

The debate, co-sponsored by The Fremantle Society, will go ahead. It is the only chance Fremantle voters have to question candidates in a public forum. It will be held at Tannock Hall on the corner of Cliff and Croke, Tuesday 21st June.  Arrive at 5.45 for 6.00pm start. The moderator is Paul Murray, columnist and former Editor of The West Australian.

(20/6/16) Current and upcoming works

Published 19 Jun 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

All infrastructure project timeframes are dependent on the weather.

Visit the projects – infrastructure page for the latest info:

Charles Street

A footpath upgrade is in progress and is expected to be completed by Tuesday 28 June. The works include removing old pavers and installing new concrete slabs.

Montreal Street

The footpath will be replaced from Monday 20 to 27 June. The works include removing old pavers and installing new concrete slabs. Some partial closures will be in place.

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(20/6/16) Current and upcoming works

#designperth: confronting the costs of sprawl

Published 19 Jun 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Density undoubtedly remains one of the most contentious topic in Perth. From debates on hi-rise to the role of DAPs, density is always in the media and it is a debate that has become unhelpfully fractious. On one end of the debate there are those like Liam Bartlett railing against density (see his recent article […]

Greens urge West Coast Eagles to show community leadership on trees

Published 19 Jun 2016 by Arran Morton in Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has urged the West Coast Eagles to reconsider its plans to clear parkland in Lathlain containing hundreds mature trees for a proposed oval and training facilities.

“There is growing awareness in Perth that protecting mature trees in urban areas has multiple benefits for both our physical and mental health, and is in fact crucial for moderating air temperatures into the future as our city warms.

 “If the West Coast Eagles truly want to improve health in society and focus on the community as per their public statements, they will hold off plans to clearfell dozens of mature healthy trees for this development and instead work with the community on a design that will retain this valuable tree canopy,” Ms MacLaren, the WA Greens Urban Bushland Spokesperson and Member for the South Metropolitan Region, said.

read more

The very wonderful Growing Change needs your vote to win $35,000

Published 18 Jun 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

North Freo social farm Growing Change needs your vote to win $35,000 to expand Fremantle Social Farm and programs for people experiencing isolation and mental health concerns. VOTE NOW: Don’t forget to verify your vote via email to make it count. Voting closes midnight 19 June (tomorrow!)  


Published 17 Jun 2016 by admin in The Fremantle Society Incorporated.

The Fremantle Society is once again co-sponsoring the election debate hosted by Notre Dame University.

All members and friends are invited to ask questions of the candidates for the Federal seat of Fremantle.

It is very important that we assess which candidates are most likely to support the Fremantle Society’s objectives in order to help us pursue the  aim of preserving the city’s heritage and lifestyle.

Please come along to:

TANNOCK HALL Tuesday 21st June, 5.45pm

Corner of Cliff and Croke.

•Candidates for the federal seat of Fremantle have all been invited to a forum to answer questions from the public on Tuesday 21 June at The University of Notre Dame University (Tannock Hall of Education (ND4), corner Cliff and Croke Streets, Fremantle).

•Doors open 5.45 pm for a 6.00 pm start. The event will be moderated by Paul Murray, columnist for The West Australian. You can ask questions on the night via Twitter #freodebate or email them in advance to

•For more info contact Dr Martin Drum, Associate Professor in Politics at The University of Notre Dame Australia: Find out more.

•Early voting centre

You may be eligible to vote early if you’re unable to vote on election day (Saturday 2 July).The Fremantle early voting centre is at The Boathouse (Unit 3, 16 Mews Road). The early voting times are:

  • Monday 20–Thursday 23 June: 8.30 am–5.30 pm
  • Friday 24 June: 8.30 am–6.00 pm
  • Saturday 25 June: 9.00 am–4.00 pm
  • Monday 27–Tuesday 28 June: 8.30 am–5.30 pm
  • Wednesday 29 June: 8.30 am–6.00 pm
  • Thursday 30 June: 8.30 am–5.30 pm
  • Friday 1 July: 8.30 am–6.00 pm
  • Saturday 2 July: 8.00 am–6.00 pm (note: the centre will only be open to eastern states voters – all WA voters will have to attend a normal polling place).

Fremantle Toy Library Pyjama-rama

Published 16 Jun 2016 by Fremantle City Library in Fremantle City Library.


You are invited to share stories, songs and rhymes with us in your most comfortable clothes – your pyjamas!
After the stories there will be a fun craft activity.
Suitable for children aged 2-5 years.

Thursday June 23 2016, 10.30am – 11.30am
Hilton Community Centre
Paget Street, Hilton

Bookings essential – phone 08 9432 9671

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(17/6/16) Game on – it’s disc golf time!

Published 16 Jun 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

A disc golf course is being installed at Dick Lawrence Oval shortly and from July you’ll be able to grab your friends and find out who is the disk golf champion!

The course contains nine tees around the outside of the oval starting on the central car park side.

This is a relatively new sport in Perth and is suitable for players of all skills and ages.

The City will also be running programs later in the year to introduce new users to the facility – stay tuned. 

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(17/6/16) Game on – it’s disc golf time!

CoderDojo at the Library

Published 16 Jun 2016 by Fremantle City Library in Fremantle City Library.

Coderdojo at Fremantle Library

We’ve been having great fun (and learning) at our CoderDojo!* Together with our CoderDojo mentors, we’ve been coding in Scratch and other fun activities.
The dojo is currently full, but we have a waitlist as we need more mentors to help our Ninjas learn new skills!

If you would like to become a mentor (no coding experience needed, but useful) contact us or 9432 9766.


*What’s a CoderDojo?

A CoderDojo is a free computer programming club for young people aged 7-17 years of age. At CoderDojos, young people learn how to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and more.

Young people will be guided through the basics then facilitated in creating their own projects, Learn technical skills, work on fun projects, help each other solve problems and show off what you have been working on.

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