Fremantles Future, Where Are we Headed?

Tweet I am stuck behind a big yellow recycling lorry in Bristol, which this year became the UK’s first European Green Capital. It is collecting food waste from the special brown… Read more Source: Bristol, the European capital of green nannying and bureaucracy » The Spectator Take this story, remove the word Bristol and replace it […]

Back-seat delivery

“MUM, his head is out!” Kloe Anderson cried from the back seat, the family car hurtling down Kwinana Freeway, as her baby decided he wasn’t waiting for a hospital delivery.

It was 5.45am Tuesday August 25, and the 26-year-old first-time mum had thought, after contractions started a few hours earlier, that with Fiona Stanley Hospital a mere eight minutes by car from her South Lake home she’d have plenty of time.

But baby Mason had other plans: dad Joshua Cuthbert hastily pulled over while new nana Cheryl Anderson showed wicket-keeping skills the Aussie Test team could find handy.

• New parents Kloe Anderson and Joshua Cuthbert, nan Cheryl Anderson and impatient baby Mason. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

• New parents Kloe Anderson and Joshua Cuthbert, nan Cheryl Anderson and impatient baby Mason. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

“I had to fly around and grab his little head,” nana told the Herald.

That’s when she noticed the umbilical cord still wrapped around her newborn grandson’s neck.

“Kloe said ‘mum, he’s gurgling,” Ms Anderson recalls.

The cord was unwrapped but the trio decided to leave Mason, now hugging his mum’s chest, connected to Kloe’s placenta while they resumed a mad two-minute dash to the hospital.

“A nurse came out with a wheelchair and I said ‘that’s not going to work, the baby is still attached’,” Ms Anderson said.

Seconds later a team of medicos with a trolley and an array of machinery had the situation under control and mum and baby were whisked off to maternity.

“The doctor nicknamed him Freeway,” Ms Anderson laughs.

In all the excitement, and knowing the hospital was literally two minutes away, an attempt to sever the cord wasn’t an option: “I never gave it a thought…I had nothing to cut with and would have had to chew it,” Ms Anderson grimaced. “We were lucky to have something to wrap him in.”

Hailing from NSW, and only in WA for her grandson’s birth, she reckons it was a good thing she was on hand: “I came a long way to catch this baby.”


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Freight hate grows

LOCALS packed community meetings in East Fremantle and Cottesloe this week to overwhelmingly voice opposition to the Barnett government’s Perth Freight Link plan.

“Both community events were overwhelmingly against,” Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt, who was at the meetings, told the Herald.

Dr Pettitt notes Serpentine-Jarradale, Cockburn, Kwinana, East Fremantle, Fremantle and Cottesloe councils have now all come out strongly against the PFL, demanding the government instead get serious about constructing a new container port at Kwinana.

“There’s a real consensus it would be good for jobs and investment in the area,” he says.

The former Labor state government spent millions preparing to build the second port, a plan that was all-but signed when the Liberals swept to power. Premier Colin Barnett dumped the project and his government maintains a need for a second port is a decade away.

“It’s only key members of this government who aren’t saying this should be an infrastructure priority,” Dr Pettitt scoffs.

But Melville council is strongly on the government’s side, maintaining the PFL, which involves widening High Street and building Roe 8, will help address road congestion.

Dr Pettitt says the better solution is building the second port and putting more freight on rail. He believes long-suffering locals living along High Street would even be prepared to put up with traffic if they knew with certainty a second port was within sight.



John Curtin College suspends students

STUDENTS at John Curtin College of the Arts have been suspended over a recent incident believed to involve drugs.

But getting the facts from school administrators has been like pulling teeth.

The Herald was first alerted last Friday by a nervous-sounding parent, who wishes to remain anonymous: “My child goes to the college and says that pupils are selling drugs in the playground,” the parent said. “It’s extremely prevalent near the western side of the college, which is more secluded beside some bushland. I believe the main drugs they are pushing are marijuana and ecstasy. It came to a head in the past few weeks, when some pupils were suspended.”

The Herald asked the school a set of questions, including if any students had been expelled or suspended for “selling or taking drugs”. Principal Georgina Wigley at first replied she, “was not aware

of any incidents where students had been selling drugs at the school” and that if she had been, “police would have been notified immediately”.

We sent a follow-up email: “to clarify, are you saying that no pupil was expelled or suspended this year for selling or taking drugs?” The second reply: “A recent incident has been brought to my attention and was dealt with swiftly. We are working with the students and their families. Students involved have been suspended.”

Fremantle police says it has not been contacted by the school.


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A HANDFUL of nannas from WA’s mid-west has driven five hours to Fremantle to protest fracking at the Good Oil Conference, being held at the Esplanade Hotel.

The women belong to the Fracking Awareness Irwin Region Knitting Nannas group and knit protest banners.

The conference is promoting new investment in the fracking industry and presenting potential new fracking sites in WA, including the Irwin valley (in the massive Shire of Irwin).

• The Knitting Nannas group is protesting fracking in WA’s Irwin region. Photo by Marta Pascual Juanola

• The Knitting Nannas group is protesting fracking in WA’s Irwin region. Photo by Marta Pascual Juanola

“We don’t want them to think that they can do what they want without people complaining,” nannas spokesperson Julie Burr told the Herald.

“We are the people that live there and we love our life! We are really concerned that our groundwaters and our rivers will be polluted by their horizontal fracking. We don’t have much water there. Our water is so precious, not only to drink but also for our citrus fruits, oranges and mango farms. If it’s contaminated it can’t be grown.” All blankets and rugs knitted at the conference will be given to homeless people.


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FREMANTLE can expect to be covered in patchwork quilts in November as part of a global effort to tackle family violence.

Cristina Begni is the co-founder of Italy’s Viva Vittoria, an organisation that gives a voice to victims of family violence, and is holidaying in Fremantle. On November 25, the international day for the elimination of violence against women, Ms Begni and her supporters will cover Brescia’s Piazza Vittoria with a patchwork quilt to raise awareness and funds for shelters (by selling patches from the quilt).

Jasmine Jones from Fremantle’s Cafe Crochet heard about Ms Begni’s visit and got in touch, eager to hold a sister-city event.

• Cristina Begni, Jasmine Jones and Kylie Wheatley alongside some of the women involved with a new family violence awareness project. 

• Cristina Begni, Jasmine Jones and Kylie Wheatley alongside some of the women involved with a new family violence awareness project.

“I was very compelled by the nature of the Viva Vittoria project, and can envisage its global potential in giving women a voice against violence,” Ms Jones says. “Silence is after all the great enabler of abuse.”

Kylie Wheatley, founder of the Nectar Festival for women, is also on board, working with the Fremantle Foundation and Ms Jones.

“I think we all realised that there was potential with this project for it to have an impact on not only this amazing event in Italy, but this was something we could replicate in Fremantle,” she says.

The women are encouraging members of the community to donate knitted or crocheted squares. They can be delivered to Bibi Vintage and Fairtrade or Yarns on Collie. For more information see Viva Vittoria on Facebook.


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PEOPLE parking in Fremantle can breathe a sigh of relief—the port city is abandoning a planned roll-out of parking sensors.

For a three-month trial the council installed sensors in 52 bays along High Street between Market and Cliff Streets. Rangers were beeped when free 30-minute limits were exceeded, making for easy pickings.

“The free trial undertaken by the city showed that while the sensors were useful, they didn’t completely meet our needs in terms of their monitoring effectiveness,” says council corporate services chief Glen Dougall. “A decision was therefore made not to proceed with them on High Street or to roll them out across other areas of Fremantle.”

The sensors are used in Cottesloe and Claremont: 195 devices cost Cottesloe $76,177, which was paid back in six months through extra infringements.


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Aunty evicted

FIVE police acting on the orders of WA Main Roads have evicted Aboriginal independence activist “Aunty Judith” from the Fremantle squat she’s declared is a consulate for the Stolen Generation.

Saying she does not consider herself Australian, she says, “by international law I have an inherent right to be here”.

Aunty Judith moved into the vacant High Street house two months ago, after WA Main Roads evicted tenants in anticipation of demolishing the property and widening the street as part of the controversial Perth Freight Link.

• “Aunty Judith” claims this Main Roads-owned home is a consulate for the Stolen Generation. Photo by Marta Pascual Juanola

• “Aunty Judith” claims this Main Roads-owned home is a consulate for the Stolen Generation. Photo by Marta Pascual Juanola

Following delays with the project, Main Roads wants to temporarily rent the property and on Monday gave Aunty Judith 24 hours’ eviction notice.

“Main Roads wants someone to sign an agreement so they can live in their house,” she says.

“But when white people came here no-one signed an agreement with the Aboriginals so they could take our land.

• Police escort Aunty Judith from the property Wednesday. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

• Police escort Aunty Judith from the property Wednesday. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

“I grew up in Mosman Park, I could see the East Fremantle tennis courts from my home. This is the land of my mother and my grandmother.”

Aunty Judith plans to fight her eviction in court, noting a number of homes across Australia have been established as Aboriginal consulates.

“It has been working. A home in Sydney with the same sign on the door hasn’t been evicted for 10 years,” she says.

“We are now trying to sign an international treaty to be recognised in places like the UN.

“I don’t see myself as Australian. Like Spanish people have their embassy in Canberra, we also need our consulate.

“The white Australia policy is still going, this is historical,” she says. “It feels scary but it doesn’t feel wrong. If it felt wrong I wouldn’t do it.

“Do I have to go to another country to get a little bit of peace and respite?”


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New facelift for Market Street

FREMANTLE council plans to transform Market Street, opening the strip to cafes and providing a plaza-like experience.

The council will work with building owners to spruce up facades, as it has done along South Terrace, and aims to replace bins and parking lots at the back of buildings with alfresco nooks. Traffic will be slowed to ensure the street becomes a “shared” space for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. “This is the result of decades of investigation and money put aside,” says Cr Rachel Pemberton. “It’s still a concept at this stage but we are really keen. It’s a crucial part of our development plan that will help to connect the cappuccino strip with the rest of the city.”



Soup for you!

FERN held its first soup night this week, serving up organic, vegan meals to homeless people.

Raw foodie Karen Bartz is bringing the international Food not Bombs idea to the Fremantle Environmental Resource Network, and a grant has let the group put on 12 work-for-the-dole participants to harvest and cook the food.

She says “traditional soup kitchens too often focus on processed and unimaginative meals. That is our point of difference. We aim to offer organic, vegan meals with a high emphasis on nutrition”.

• FERN co-convener Karen Bartz and Clotilde Franco serve up some healthy food. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

• FERN co-convener Karen Bartz and Clotilde Franco serve up some healthy food. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

Ms Bartz says focusing on healthy meals means “the future health savings could be enornous,” and adds “with so much food being thrown out, why can’t we feed all Australians to the best of our ability?”

The first week in they’ve had a couple dozen people down for a bite to ear, and since it’s also near the FERN cafe (where customers buy food) there’s a good mix of people and not as much stigma as a traditional homeless food service.

“It makes it a nice environment… it’s a good vibe with a good variety of people.”

The project runs for six months and Ms Bartz is hoping the support will be renewed.


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Threat to income enough to make you spew

A JOBSEEKER ordered to attend a meeting while suffering food poisoning vomited on the company’s facilities and upset workers.

After falling ill from eating dodgy treats from a local store, Fremantle’s Nicholas Gribble called job provider Communicare — contracted by Centrelink — to postpone his appointment, but as he didn’t have a doctor’s certificate was told to turn up. The company’s policy is that a “good reason” must be provided for cancelling an appointment, and a certificate is required to verify illness.

Failing to attend without providing a certificate meant Mr Gribble faced losing income support for eight weeks, “which would mean that I can’t pay my rent and I have to move out,” he said. “But I wouldn’t be able to find somewhere to stay, meaning I would become homeless and lose all my possessions.”

Mr Gribble acknowledges he had time to go to the doctor’s but didn’t want to go to the expense and hassle.

His appointment with Communicare was to discuss setting up an online business as a blogger. His vomiting caused Communicare agents to label his behaviour “rude” and “inappropriate”.

Mr Gribble is engaged in an ongoing dispute with Communicare and Centrelink over what he claims are “ambiguous” documents related to his attempts to establish his business.


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grass 2 grass 1

Hundreds of metres of new grass are being laid at the Fremantle Esplanade Park  and making the surface look great again just in time for summer.

There is no doubt for me that the Esplanade needs to be better managed by the City of Fremantle and that events there have to be limited as the surface simply can’t cope with thousands of feet trampling on it, heavy vehicles driving on it and stages being built on many weekends in summer.

Fremantle City needs to be more clever and rotate events around the city. Smaller events could go to Pioneer Park, Princess May Park, Kings Square and South Beach, and larger ones could be accommodated at Fremantle Park. There might also be scope for a few more daytime events at the Fremantle Art Centre on the southern big lawn.

The Esplanade needs to be treated with more consideration as it is not acceptable that it looks a total mess for many months a year. Common sense needs to prevail here and it is Council’s responsibility to implement and manage that!

Roel Loopers

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The entry to the new Mediterranean Shipping Company-MSC-building in Fremantle’s Cliff Street was installed this morning and looks interesting.  I am looking forward to seeing the creative glass facade being put in soon and many new office workers roaming the West End and supporting local traders.

The MSC building was designed by North Freo architects Murray Slavin.

Roel Loopers


It comes as no surprise to me to read in the West Australian today that only 2 percent of people standing for local council are under the age of 25. The Fremantle Society, of which I am the vice president, has for years been trying to engage younger people with local government issues, but there is very little interest even at university level. A student leader told us that the consensus at uni was that students are not interested in local government. That surprises me though as I collaborate a lot with younger people who deeply engage with their community, so what is not appealing to them about local government, I wonder.

I believe there is a general apathy in the community about local government, with many of the older generations only interested in their councils when an issue affects their house, street or suburb. The reality is that the majority of people in the west of a city care little about what happens in the east of that city and vice versa. We also know that only a minority of the population bothers to vote at local government elections.

That is disappointing because local government is the closest to grassroots democracy as we can get, as we have easy access to our local councillors. As a long-time observer of Fremantle council I find the process fascinating and educational and it has shown me the dilemmas Councillors face in making the right decisions, because whatever they decide on will please some and upset others. To get that balance right is a real challenge.

Whilst I believe the future directions of our councils should ideally be decided by younger generations, I will stand for Beaconsfield Ward in Fremantle at the age of 66 simply because not enough young people put their hand up to make a difference to their community.

Politics and governance starts at local council, not just in state or federal parliament, so people need to engage and vote because they can have real influence on the future of their community.

You still have time to nominate for Council until next Thursday!

Roel Loopers

Facebook: ROEL FOR FREO! Truly independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers, 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162. 0419850981

Court ruling impact disastrous for non-GM farmers and their markets, say Greens

The Court of Appeals’ decision in the Steve Marsh case is a blow to everyone who stands against GM crops and the impact will be disastrous, according to Greens WA Spokesperson for Food and GMOs Lynn MacLaren MLC.

“This most recent decision proves that our State laws don’t protect non-GM farmers or their markets,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The vast majority of farmers are non-GM or organic so the impact on their industry will be incalculable. We need urgent law reform to provide the necessary wide-scale protection.

“This ruling comes at a time when the State Minister has said he intends to repeal the Genetically Modified Crop Free Areas Act by the end of the year.

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Transport and affordability top Perth’s future concerns

This week the Committee for Perth held an event on Perth and Peel at 3.5 million by WAPC Chair Eric Lumsden who ended his talk with a strong statement that business as usual around density and transport planning wasn’t possible if Perth was to remain a liveable city into the future. (He also kindly acknowledged […]


dockers grand final afl

The City of Fremantle is already in footy final fever mode with plans under way for live TV telecast in the inner city on Grand Final day should the Dockers make it to the MCG for the big game.

If the Fremantle Dockers win the whole weekend will be footy mayhem in Freo with re-screening of the Grand Final on the Sunday and the Dockers showing off the flag on the balcony of one of the Cappuccino Strip buildings.

The City is looking for volunteers to help out on both days so give them a call if you’d like to be part of the footy fun!

Roel Loopers

Facebook: ROEL FOR FREO! Truly independent.

New City of Freo website goes live

The old City of Fremantle which may have been the least loved council website in the world is no more. It has been replaced by a new website with a much cleaner design and is much better to use. Check it out at , preferably using the latest browsers (works best in Chrome or Firefox). New features include […]


I have had many sleepless nights over it but I have finally made up my mind and decided to stand for the BEACONSFIELD WARD at the Fremantle Council election on October 17. Ballot papers will be send out from September 23 so make sure you vote and mail it straight back or drop it off at the City of Fremantle reception.

The indication is that there are a few people standing for other wards and I wanted to make sure that all seats are contested and no one can retain their seat unopposed. Since I live in Beacy and recently lived ‘next door’ of it in White Gum Valley it makes sense to stand for Beacy where I do my shopping and love the Growers Green Sunday markets.

Spread the word please and ask your Beacy friends to join my ROEL FOR FREO Facebook page and read this blog. And wish me luck!

Roel Loopers

Facebook: ROEL FOR FREO. Truly Independent

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162. 0419850981


After years and a trillion complaints about the messy, slow and hard to navigate website the City of Fremantle has finally launched their new and much cleaner website and it looks pretty good.

It is definitely faster and easier to navigate with a far less confusing homepage that gets you to the right destination fast.

I use the ‘agendas and minutes’ part of it most and while the new website brought me faster to it the actual list is longer and one has to scroll down more, so that is not an improvement. The previous one gave me a one-look list at all the recent agendas.

The photo of the Walyalup Aboriginal Centre is boring and should be replaced with one that is more inviting, but overall from my first look at it the new Freo City website is definitely an improvement to the previous one!

Check it out for yourselves: and tell me what you think off it.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent.

Mayors exchange words

Tweet MELVILLE Mayor Russell Aubrey has criticised the City of Cockburn for backing a $290 million road project to unlock traffic in Perth’s south-east Source: Mayors exchange words Good to see both Mayors of Melville and Cockburn driving development that will make their own citys, less congested, more efficient, more productive, safer, better for emplyment […]

Impact100 Fremantle Site Visits 2015

We are now up to the important site visit stage of Impact 100 Fremantle for 2015.

Site visits start next Tuesday 8th September. See the full schedule below.

This is your chance to “step outside your everyday” and get a first hand look at our shortlisted applicants.

You will learn more about your community and meet the amazing people who do the heavy lifting for us all.

We’d love to see you there. If you’re able to come to any or all of the site visits please RSVP by clicking on the links below.

Site visit #1 – GenWHY?
10am-11am Tuesday 8th September
Ferns House 60-62 Pakenham Street, Fremantle
Click here to RSVP

Site Visit #2 – Lifting Horizons/Night Hoops
10am-11am Thursday 10th September
Cockburn Basketball Association Starling Street, Hamilton Hill
Click here to RSVP

Site Visit #3 – Befriend
10am-11am Tuesday 15th September
Reception area – St Catherine’s College 2 Park Road, Crawley
Click here to RSVP

Site Visit #4 – InclusionWA
10am-11am Thursday 17th September
Fremantle/Hilton PCYC 34 Paget Street, Hilton
Click here to RSVP

Site visit #5 – Growing Change/Fremantle Social Farm
10-11am Tuesday 22nd September
Gordon Dedman Reserve/North Fremantle Bowling Club Thompson Road, North Fremantle
Click here to RSVP

The full applications of our shortlisted organisations are now to review. Please follow this link to the shared Dropbox folder to download all files – Impact100 Fremantle Full Applications.

If you would like more information about Impact100 Fremantle or became a donor and join the Impact100 community please click HERE.

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Strandsby Tracks Taylor Time and the transformation of matter Cast net fishing for Culture by Nic Compton

Sculptors Nic Compton, Tracks Taylor and Tom de Munk-Kerkmeer all participated in this year’s Fremantle SCULPTURE@BATHERS and now have a group show at Gallows Gallery, 53 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, opening tomorrow, September 3 at 6.30 pm.

Their exhibition Matter Matters will run at the Gallows untill September 20, so hop on the train to Mossie Park and have a look.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent.

CORRECTION! My apologies to the Gallows crew for writing Gadfly in the original post. I was in such a hurry to do them a favour and publish the post that I made the silly mistake.


700_7293 700_7290 700_7288 700_7287 700_7286 700_7285 700_7281 700_7280 700_7278 700_7276

I love change. I think change is great and makes us reach the boundaries we have created for ourselves. Change challenges us to move on or procrastinate. Shall we hold on to the comfort of the past or move on into an exciting but unknown future?

Maybe that is why I love great creative modern architecture like the Perth Arena. It challenges me to accept that change is inevitable and that when change is done well we do not need to fear it. For that same reason I really like the Fremantle Maritime Museum and always find new angles that fascinate me.

Of course I am also aware and disappointed about the fact that the majority of modern buildings in Perth and Fremantle are pretty mediocre and not inspiring at all, but the outstanding ones are great.

Walking around Perth this morning to have a look at the desert they call Elizabeth Quay I walked past the Arena and had to take a series of photos of the stunning architecture. I am sure it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love the building. It was designed by architects Ashton Raggett McDougal and Cameron Chisholm Nicol.

Roel Loopers

Facebook: ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent.


Reflection from within the Freo train.

Reflection from within the Freo train.

Just a reflection from the inside out of the Fremantle train I took to Perth this morning.

Roel Loopers


It appears not all was as well with Fremantle’s CIRCUS WA as indicated at a recent Fremantle Council meeting where Councillor Rachel Pemberton was reassuring that ARTSOURCE would look into relocating Circus WA in their Phillimore Street building and would not force them out. This was at the Council discussion about giving the, largely unknown, ENKEL group a long-term lease of the Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill, after talks between Enkel and Circus WA to share that building had failed.

This morning I talked to one of the managers of Artsource Fremantle who told me they want the ground floor space to create an arthub with gallery, cafe, a space where they can have events with their artists etc. and that initial talks with the City about doing that in a COF owned building had not proceeded because Artsource wants the cohesion of doing it all in their own building, and that makes sense.

The question now is where Circus WA will go and if it will stay in Fremantle because Artsource has generously given them five years to find another location, but so far they have not succeeded in finding an appropriate building high enough for trapez, etc.

Would Fremantle Council have voted to give Enkel the lease if they had known Artsource would no longer accommodate Circus WA, or might they have made a different decision and insist on Enkel and the circus school sharing the Naval Stores? We will never know.

What is next I wonder. C Shed on Victoria Quay is vacant and hardly used. Could the circus school be moved there or in the rarely used part of B Shed? Has the City of Fremantle talked with Fremantle Ports about it?

With the development of Kings Square still uncertain maybe the former Queensgate cinema space would be suitable for the circus school. Whatever happens Fremantle City needs to make sure Circus WA will stay in our city as we cannot afford to lose more of our cultural organisations. Fremantle also prides itself on its youth culture and that can not be restricted to the Esplanade Youth Plaza only.

And what about this info I just received vial email from Enkel:

It’s time to launch our new collaboration space in East Vic Park : The Vic Park MiniLab!

enkel will lease the space at 874 Albany Highway for one year. The majority of our activities will now happen here, and we consider East Vic Park our home base for now.

Roel Loopers

Facebook: ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent

Know Your Nation – Join the Conversation

Would you like to immortalise the history of Fremantle and those who live there?

A social start-up, Know Your Nation, is setting up a recording booth in the East Room of Fremantle Town Hall over a four day period September 24th, 25, 29th and 30th. If you’d like to get involved here are the details of what will happen over the four days…

The exciting new social start-up, Know Your Nation, is setting up a recording booth in the East Room of Fremantle Town Hall over a four day period in September to do just that. The dates are September 24th, 25, 29th and 30th.

Know Your Nation is an initiative that facilitates conversations and storytelling. Its aim is to help the community to get to know the personal histories and stories of its older generations. It hopes to inspire interaction across generations and preserve cultural heritage for the future.

For each of the four days during the project, we will hold five memory and story capturing sessions, each just over an hour long. In each session we hope to capture genuine conversations between people of different generations who already know each other, during which the older tells the younger stories and memories from their past.

Once welcomed by the Know Your Nation representative, the interviewer and the storyteller – with a simple recording device – will be alone together to discuss any personal history that the storyteller wants. The participants can cover these moments in any way that comes naturally, but a briefing pack (with information about the session, advice and example questions for the younger person to use with the older person) will be sent out in advance of the session, for support and guidance if needed.

After the session, a photographer will capture the participants amongst the beautifully styled vintage-feel props in the recording booth (all vintage styling to be undertaken by local initiative Verge, see their Facebook page for more information!).

The participants are welcome to a copy of the full audio and the photograph, taken during the session, for their families to treasure.

We will archive a copy of the full audio in the City of Fremantle library to ensure that we are doing everything we can to preserve our local heritage.

We are looking for anyone who is either keen to capture their story, or someone else’s! Ideally we are seeking a generation gap for the interviewer and storyteller in our sessions but this is by no means mandatory. That said, we do request that participants are age 12+.

We want people to come, ask, listen and tell, in an environment where life won’t interrupt! We will be supplying the tissues just in case things get emotional. Prior booking for the sessions is essential but the sessions are free of charge!

Contact Name: Helena Cohen-Robertson
Date: 24, 25, 29 and 30 September
Facebook: Know Your Nation
Where: Fremantle Town Hall

Image credit: Belinda Gibson Photography

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Man arrested after gunshots allegedly fired outside Fremantle units – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Tweet Police investigating reports of gunshots being fired outside a block of units in Fremantle take a man into custody. Source: Man arrested after gunshots allegedly fired outside Fremantle units – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Man, 32, in custody after police called to reports of gun shots in Fremantle Bit concerning for the local […]

Boro[d] altered images | abstract aerial landscapes | acrylic on canvas




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National Threatened Species Day this Sunday in Kings Square.

This Sunday is National Threatened Species Day Come to Fremantle’s Kings Sq and visit the stalls and learn more about some of WA’s unique but threatened native wildlife and how you can help their conservation Sunday 6th September 2015 10am-4pm Kings Square, Fremantle, WA Near Freo Town Hall, alongside the Mad Hatter Markets Meet NURLA, […]

Now for something totally different …

There is some great new music  emerging for the Freo music scene  at the moment. This hip hop clip by Koi Child won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoyed seeing this Freo band doing there thing with historic Freo as their backdrop.

No more status quo | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Tweet Source: No more status quo | Fremantle Herald Interactive What a great piece, hits the nail on the head issue after issue. Inappropriate use of rate payers funds with their blatant, self promotion, serving no purpose than to show how easy it is to throw around rate payers money. Dodging legitimate questions with spin, […]

New five year economic development strategy passed through council

This may not be the sexiest post of the year but I was pretty chuffed that at our council meeting this week we adopted a new five year economic development strategy (the Fremantle Economic Development Strategy 2015-20). It builds on the positive momentum gained from our award-winning 2010-15 strategy. A number of objectives are outlined in the […]

God Loves

God loves us. Throughout the Bible, story after story reminds us of the love God has for each of us, regardless of who we are, where we are from or what we have done.

God loves us completely. In fact there's nothing we can do to make God love us any more and there's nothing we can do to make God love us any less.

Freo Church is a community of Christ-followers that is being transformed by God's love. His love inspires us to love God, love others, love service and love the world.

If you want to know, experience and share God's love, then we hope Freo Church and this website can support you in your quest!

Greens play dirty pool to get Mayor in to Canning? | CANNING ACCOUNTABILITY

Tweet   Source: Greens play dirty pool to get Mayor in to Canning? | CANNING ACCOUNTABILITY Interesting to see other councils are having issue’s with party politics riding rough shot over the real purpose of local government and the amenity it should provide, to its residents and ratepayers There seems to be coordinate efforts made […]

Recording of Liveable Cities Forum

Last week’s Liveable Cities Forum that I presented at Rosie O’Grady’s was to kickstart the lecture series hosted by The Fremantle Network and The Fremantle Society. They kindly recorded the event, and it is now available in podcast format in pure audio @ and with the slides to the presentation included: Enjoy.

‘Insensitive mediocrity’ on the rise | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Tweet   Ever wonder why Fremantle has the constant rate rises on Non mayoral elections years, keep reading Source: ‘Insensitive mediocrity’ on the rise | Fremantle Herald Interactive Great piece by John Dowson, straight to the point kicking off with what a waste of rate payer’s money the council ad piece was wrapped around the […]

A fuller response to John Dowson’s Thinking Allowed

Last week John Dowson wrote a Thinking Allowed that accused the Fremantle Council of been anti-heritage: I have written a response to this that that was published in the Fremantle Herald today and you can read here.  There wasn’t room to cover all of John’s often inaccurate assertions though and I have had […]

Short Order Burger Co. – Best Burgers in Perth

The best burgers in Perth are on our doorstep.

Yes really and they’re only available Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at The Mantle. The menu is small but you don’t need variety as these burgers are pretty much perfect. Brioche buns, Kraft cheese, crunchy pickle with hand-made burgers served medium-rare. You can even get a generous spoonful of mac ‘n’ cheese in there. Seating is really limited so there’s lots of people standing around eating. Be prepared to queue and watch the staff grill up a storm while you wait.

Instagram: ShortOrderBurgerCo
BYO: yes!
Where: The Mantle, 1 James St, Fremantle WA 6160
When: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6pm

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City playgrounds get upgrades

Last freo primarynight Council approved upgrades to four playgrounds, including two in the City Ward.

My old school, Fremantle Primary School will get a $143,000 upgrade to the park on the corner of Stevens and Brennan Streets. This is a key local park and playground for inner city residents as well as the school. 

Some may remember the big beautiful Morton Bay fig tree got sick and died a couple of years ago. This was because of residual chemicals underground from the parks former use as a dump.

Since then the site has been cleaned up and council staff have worked with the school, P&C and local residents to plan a playground that will meet the needs of its users and also ensure protection form any residual underground waste. The final soil sampling, capping and environmental approvals will take place next month, then construction will commence in November.

See the plans for the park here: Freo Primary Park Upgrade

The children’s playground on Stevens Reserve will also be replaced and a shade cloth will be added for sun protection. Upgrades to Bruce Lee Oval, Davis Park and Hollis Park were also confirmed to take place this financial year by Council.

The big picture changes in our city is often what attracts all the attention, but we are still making sure the small stuff – the stuff that makes a real difference in peoples day to day lives – also get done. I look forward to seeing the parks finished and being put to good use by children (young and old) soon.



Fremantles Cerveza Beach Party not about getting smashed, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tweet Seriously the council should play back the audio of what they have said at council meetings, so they can hear how ridiculously funny some of their statements are. A branded beer party on the beach, fenced in, is not about a massive piss up but people who are going to enjoy a few responsibly […]

Chalk and Cheese over Perth Freight Link

Tweet What a well-run meeting by the North Fremantle Community great job by Gerry MacGill, a nice civil community Q&A. Well done to the crowd that attended too. But Whoa what a difference a couple of weeks makes. I went to the Victoria Hall meeting with Peter Newman as the headline name for the night, all […]

Urbanism without effort, what can Fremantle learn?

The Committee for Perth, the City of Fremantle and the University of Notre Dame invite you to attend a free Future Freo public forum with special guest Chuck Wolfe author of Urbanism Without Effort. This 2 hour information session will showcase: Key findings from the Committee for Perth’s FACTBase Fremantle bulletins to date by Professor […]

The Premier & The Professor Talk The Perth Freight Link

Congratulations to Gerry MacGill and the NFCA for a well organised community meeting where Premier Colin Barnett and Professor Peter Newman spoke on the Perth Freight Link (PFL), then engaged in an extensive question and answers session.

The Premier was emphatic that Roe 8 will go ahead, stating it had been subject to more consultation than any other section of road in WA.  However the rest of the PFL was far from certain, both in location and implementation.  He said that any new outer harbour was at least 10 years away, but would not commit his Government to making a start on that 10 year journey.

Professor Newman started out without the promised data projector, so took some time to warm to his subject.  He agreed with the Premier regarding the predicted increase in container trade and the need to address the land-side freight transport challenge; but sees the PFL going to Fremantle as a waste of money and community amenity, money which should be directed to starting the outer harbour.  He finished on the comment that Perth needs a Perth Freight Link – NOT to Fremantle Port – to inter-modal hubs.

There was a broad church of questions, from Councillors, former Councillors, State Politicians, former Politicians, celebrities and residents and most if not all voiced NO support for Roe 8 and the PFL.  In response to the Premier’s stated commitment to Roe 8, Kate Kelly informed the Premier that they (Save Beelier Wetlands) would see him in court before he would get Roe 8 through.  The City of Kwinana’s new Indian Ocean Gateway document received a fair bit of attention and general support.  The last question came from former Premier Carmen Lawrence, who asked that if the PFL was such a good idea why is the cost benefit analysis not available for public scrutiny?  Such a crucial question, given Infrastructure Australia have not been able to asses this proposal.

Lets Rethink The Link!


Councils Push for Big Road Projects, well not Freo Council?

Tweet   Councils push for big projects Amazing the city of Cockburn and Armadale are pushing for big road projects in the cities, guess why; To combat major road congestion Growth of the cities To improve Productivity Road safety To make hotspots safer To attract business To attract good development To improve employment prospects Efficency […]

‘Temporary’ booze bid anger | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Tweet   Source: ‘Temporary’ booze bid anger | Fremantle Herald Interactive Great Thinking Allowed piece by Richard Mehan from Fremantle on the J-shed development Richard brings to light the lack of representation local residents and rate payers in reality have from elected members. The council lack of respect for heritage sites in Fremantle and a […]

New Defence Housing Association development on Queen Victoria Street in Fremantle’s East End

The Freo Herald just posted this snappy picture the new Defence Housing Association development proposed for 166 apartments on Queen Victoria Street in Fremantle’s East End. The development is on the 4754 sqm former Toyota site and will also include 1325 sqm of commercial space. Another good part about this Defence Housing Association development is […]

The Fremantle Prison’s new lives

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the Fremantle Prison YHA. This is an excellent example of heritage adaptation that sees the World Heritage listed convict site given a new life as budget tourist accommodation adding more than 170 beds to Fremantle’s tourism offering. The YHA is in where the original […]

Agenda for GPP Meeting … 7pm Tuesday, 25th August 2015


Tuesday 25th August 2015 at 7.00pm East Fremantle Primary School Library

This Meeting’s Chairperson : – Apologies : –

  1. High Street Report Update : –
  2. R2R / Tunnel / Perth Freight Link : –
  3. Gibson Lower Park – access for wheelchairs, prams, bikes (Coralie) :-
  4. Gibson Park – Loudspeaker :-
  5. Gibson Park – Newsletter (Coralie) :-
  6. General Business :-

Next Meeting Date : Tuesday 27th October 2015

Contact Persons :

Annolies Truman- Ph. 9433 6946 Email : Karl Paterson -Ph. 6161 5890 Email :

ACT to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Yesterday Chief Minister Andrew Barr announced that the ACT will become the first Australian government to divest from fossil fuels.

I hope the Abbott Government dwell on this fact every time they attend Parliament in Canberra, and understand where true leadership is coming from.

For mare information see