It’s going to be a fune Street Arts Weekend

Following yesterday’s April Fools fun (just to confirm City of South Swan really was a joke) Freo will really ramp up the fun from Easter Saturday to Monday with the an amazing looking 2015 Fremantle Street Arts Festival. The City of Freo team have put together a world class range of street performers so fill you pockets […]


The City of Fremantle responded fantastically well to the complaints of anti-social behaviour at the Bathers Beach Art Precinct. Early this morning electricians started installing light to light up the front and back of the heritage cottages to discourage people from sleeping there and using the yards as public toilets.

Mid afternoon a mobile CCTV unit was also parked at Captain’s Lane, so that is a great response by the City’s officers! Well done to all involved. May your Good Friday even be better.

Arthur Head was buzzing today with many holiday makers in town as well as the Queen Mary 2. We had over 650 visitors to the Roundhouse!

Roel Loopers

Surf’s up for summer?

PERTH’S first surf simulator, which guarantees a rideable wave, will open at Port Beach by the end of the year if all goes well for the developer.

Fremantle council this week released detailed designs of a plan to build a “temporary” 1600sqm water sports centre—complete with a wave simulator, cafe, showers, carpark and clothing store—about 50m north of Salt on the Beach restaurant. The centre will consist of custom-fitted shipping containers.

The plan, by Flow House, needs support from local residents over the next fortnight before it gets the council’s green light in May or June.

Council economic development manager Tom Griffiths says if the project is approved Flow House is likely to get a 10-year lease, costing it $80,000 per year.

“Having this in Fremantle will bring with it significant social and economic benefits while having a low impact on the environment given the structures are able to be easily moved,” he says.

Local Sue Harrington filed a complaint to the council this week about its “poor” community consultation process. A sign went up at Port Beach on Friday March 20, asking locals to comment on the council website, which was not possible until March 30.

Ms Harrington is concerned the development site, a former fuel depot and makeshift car park, is too close to sand dunes and the bay to be environmentally viable.

The centre would be just metres from the beach.

“I would recommend new developments—with the exception of surf livesaving clubs—to be built further inland,” says Ms Harrington, who has campaigned for more than a decade for a stringent, environmentally sensitive plan for the local coast.

“Plonking this here, near the dune system, is just going to further degrade the area.”

In a document Flow House says, ”We are conscious of the need to develop a venue that is environmentally friendly. As a result, the structures we will be putting in place … are of a temporary nature. Currently, there is very little vegetation on site.”

The company plans to plant more trees and shrubs to reduce “existing” erosion.

Flow House spokeswoman Kaila Milne says the development will not encroach on the beach nor nearby sand dunes, and will allowing unfettered public access to the bay.

WA’s only other wave simulator is at Kalgoorlie’s Goldfields Oasis Recreational Centre. Flow House has similar attractions in the UK, US and Thailand.

To comment visit and head to the community engagement page.

Submissions close Friday, April 15.


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Soulful start for new Fly

A FEAST of jazz, soul and Motown will kick off Fly By Night’s grand opening at its new digs, Victoria Hall on High Street.

Soul legends Richard Jackson and Alemay Fernandez will join Perth’s Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys.

Hall, who pulled together the show and lured Jackson and Fernandez to the port city, says Vic Hall is a great venue.

“With its high ceilings it’s not too far removed in terms of height from the old drill hall.”

02. 14NEWS

• Alemay Fernandez and Richard Jackson headline the Fly’s Victoria Hall debut. Photo supplied

Acoustics had been a problem, but curtains lining the walls will dampen the noise.

“The initial response was it will be boomy, but the Fly By Night is doing everything to stop reverberation.”

A big plus is the high stage, which means punters won’t have to strain their necks to see the action, Hall says: “[And] it has the atmosphere of being in a great old theatre.”

Saturday April 11. Tix at


14 Leeuwin 10x3

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Hotel plan for Leighton

A SIX-STOREY hotel is on the horizon for Leighton Beach.

Hotelier and developer Roger Foster has set his sights on coastal property in North Fremantle for his latest development—a six-storey hotel with 100 rooms, three restaurants, a pool and gym.

The proposed development site is near Bib and Tucker restaurant and bounded by Leighton Beach Boulevard, Freeman Loop, Curtin Avenue and Walter Place.

03. 14NEWS

• An artist’s impression of a six-storey hotel proposed for Leighton Beach, North Fremantle. Image supplied.

Mr Foster hopes to open the hotel in a year.

Locals can comment on the council website and an information session will be held Thursday April 23 from 5.30-6pm at 8 William St, Fremantle. Submissions close Friday, May 8.


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Dunny destruction

A DECADE after being singled out in Fremantle’s heritage festival for its colourful role in the port city’s development, the appeal of the outdoor dunny appears to be fading for up-sizing owners.

At this week’s planning committee, council staff recommend approval of a two-storey rear addition to a heritage-listed property on South Street which will result in the demolition of the outhouse.

The thunder box at 14 South Street is “in dangerous state of repair” says designer Sam Payne, who submitted the application on behalf of owner David Lucy. A neighbour who’d objected to the development say its removal is a “concern”.

The council agenda claims the neighbour’s concerns were addressed in council heritage planner Vanessa Collins’ report on the application, but the Chook scoured that and couldn’t find a single mention of any dunnies.

We asked whether its condition had been checked and why the discrepancy in the agenda, but hadn’t heard back before deadline.

Fremantle Society president Henty Farrar told the Herald it’s preferable to see outside toilets preserved and retained to maintain a property’s integrity, but modern lot sizes make it difficult. He says the condition of an outdoor toilet is not a good reason to approve its demolition.


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Domestic violence caught in teens’ net

STUDENTS from South Fremantle senior high school are helping reinvigorate a state-wide campaign tackling domestic violence.

This week a small group helped Media on Mars design a new website for the Youth Say No campaign, replacing a dated site that attracted few hits. The students say working on the campaign has taught them a great deal about the issue, particularly how domestic violence comes in many forms.

MoM presenter Kate Wilkinson says the aim is to create a website that appeals to young people and makes them feel safe: in a tragic nod to the circumstances some young people live in, the site comes with a toggle switch that allows the screen to quickly disappear.

05. 14NEWS

• Students from South Fremantle SHS help shape the state government’s new domestic violence campaign. Photo by Steve Grant

WA child protection department worker Tamara Hird, who’s organising the campaign, acknowledges budget cuts are part of the motivation to shift the campaign’s emphasis online, but says it’s also timely given how kids interact so intuitively with the net.

She hopes to get schools to adopt the campaign within their curriculum, noting WA’s behind Victoria where the campaign is entrenched.


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Samson Rec to pay for new HQ

FREMANTLE city council will have to sell the Samson Recreation Centre and Fremantle Leisure Centre carpark to help pay for its new Kings Square HQ.

The council may also have to raise rates to help cover a medium-term revenue shortfall the Herald has discovered during an investigation into the Kings Square business plan and long-term financial plan.

Council corporate services chief Glen Dougall says “future councils may decide to increase rates by a small amount … or apply funds from the sale of other assets” in order to service the $15 million debt the council will accrue as a result of the project.

But the Herald has discovered the council has already factored in the sale of both the centre for $5.5m and the carpark for $5m in its long-term financial plan.

$1.3m shortfall

The sales are slated for the 2017/18 financial year, but with the Kings Square development behind schedule are likely to be delayed. The sales are not revealed in the business plan.

Selling the Queensgate centre and two carparks to pay for its share of the Kings Square redevelopment will see the council forego $1.8 million in parking fees and rent every year. That will instead flow to development partner Sirona.

New offices and shops in the rebuilt HQ will bring in rent, but that will service the debt for about a decade. A new 400-bay car park the council is planning for the old Stan Reilly site will provide some revenue when built by 2018 but that also involves a multi-million dollar loan the council will have to raise and service.

The long-term plan shows the council’s annual interest payments over the next decade will nearly quadruple from current levels of about $480,000 to $1.73m in 2020 before dropping back to about $1.3m in 2025.

With increased rates already taken into account and no additional revenue streams outlined in the long-term business plan, that leaves the council $1.3m worse off over the medium-term.

06. 14NEWS

• An artist’s impression of how the new Fremantle council HQ will look. File image | supplied

The Herald pestered the council for days to reveal how it intends making up the shortfall, at first getting a rebuff from flak-catcher Jason Cunningham who blamed the silence on Willagee Labor MP Peter Tinley’s questions to parliament (“King concerns,” Herald, March 28, 2015).

“We have all agreed that until the minister has formally responded it is not appropriate to consider going through the plan in detail with the media,” Mr Cunningham emailed.

When the Herald pointed out that seemed spurious given the council had drafted a Thinking Allowed on the topic (see page 7), the council relented.

Apart from the projected rates increases and asset sales, Mr Dougall says a revitalised square is expected to generate more revenue.

“There will also be an organic uplift in rates that will occur as properties in Fremantle, including those as part of the Kings Square project, are developed and improved in the Fremantle CBD which will help to further reduce this gap,” he says.

“As the business plan notes, the impact on the city’s overall financial position is relatively minor.”

Hilton ward councillor Sam Wainwright, whose bailiwick covers Samson, says he hadn’t noticed the recreation centre’s sale in the long-term plan, but reckons it’s speculative at this stage.

“There have been some informal discussions about the long-term future of the site,” Cr Wainwright told the Herald.

“It gets huge usage as a regional facility, but doesn’t really function as the local community centre that the suburb needs and deserves.

“There is also a tract of vacant land to its south which could be sold to raise funds.”

Cr Wainwright says when the business plan was approved by council, he’d moved a motion that shortfalls should be covered by drawing on reserves so ratepayers wouldn’t be hit with huge rates increases.


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• A VERY loud part of Perth’s history came to a quiet end recently with the death of local guitarist Neil Farrington. The 87-year-old was one of the first local musicians to play the electric guitar and his band The Trio Tones were pre-cursors to Perth’s rock ’n’ roll scene. Old mate Rusty Christensen said as teenagers the pair used to entertain crowds at the North Fremantle football club. Later Farrington played in the Army’s entertainment corps, then toured England with Leslie Cole, aka The Great Levante. Returning to Perth he played with the cream of the city’s dance bands, including Ron Jenkins and Bill Blaine.

07. 14NEWS

• THE Cockburn Art Group meets every week in the old council chambers, emerging briefly for an annual exhibition. This year they’ll be at the Kerry Street community school from May 1–3, featuring work from Lal Harding, Pat Reed, Ray Surman, Maureen Chester, Frances Myshell and Terry Stone. Kids from the school will also be displaying their work.

• SOROPTIMISTS of Fremantle will be helping the homeless with the annual art auction at the Fremantle Town Hall on Saturday June 6 from 4.30–8.30pm. Proceeds go towards the Freo Street Doctor, The Sisters’ Place and the Fremantle Multicultural Centre which provides crisis accommodation to migrants and refugees.

• SINGLE mum Michelle’s struggle to keep up with her young son while multiple sclerosis takes its toll on her body tugged the heartstrings of a bunch of friends so much they’ve organised an Easter fundraiser to buy a mobility scooter. Organiser Nicole Couper says the fundraiser, at the North Fremantle Bowls Club on Thompson Road will be this Saturday from 2pm till late. There’ll be live music from 3pm, raffles, prizes, a sausage sizzle, kids’ Easter games, face painting or more. Ms Couper says the mates have previously raised funds for various organisations, but this event was a personal mission, and the money will help maintain the scooter and any left over will go towards the mounting medical costs. For more information contact Nicole on 0430 481 821 or Heidi on 0402 908 213.

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Dethridge Groves Real Estate

ADVERTISEMENT: Check out properties for sale by Dethridge Groves Real Estate

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Supre crash

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASUNDAY shopping at Supre in South Fremantle came crashing to a halt last weekend, after a car ploughed through a window, coming to rest inside the clothing outlet. A witness told the Herald the driver (a woman in her mid ‘60s) had hit the accelerator rather than the brake. Amid fears a cracked brick column might bring the roof down the shop was closed, but re-opened an hour later. The driver was unhurt. Wonder what the pithy sales campaign will be called.

14 Autobahn 10x4.6


Atwell Arcade

The Fremantle Atwell Arcade development is progressing well with a big empty space between the High Street mall and Cantonment Street and the arcade demolished. A four-storey building with street level retail and upper levels office use will be built on the site.

I still have not seen the City of Fremantle’s concrete plans on how they are going to improve the mall, so I hope  it will be sooner rather than later as the mall is looking very outdated and tired.

Roel Loopers

Fremantle West End

Roel Loopers in his blog, Freo’s View, tonight correctly has a go at lighting in the West End and specifically the Whaler’s Tunnel.

In his blog he mentions BID and the fact they lit up parts of the heritage buildings in High Street, and in a previous blog he mused that BID had not completed the project as the two buildings near the Roundhouse were not illuminated.

BID has spent a fortune installing underground cables and a new power board to connect to the lights which were to be installed in the pavement and pointing upwards. The lights illuminating the buildings in High Street are located on awnings and hence are no problem in respect to heritage concerns, but as there are no awnings on the buildings located at 1 and 2 High Street the lights had to be sunk into the road, or the pavement.

My contact at BID was Kim Low, the Executive Manager, who was very good, but has since resigned. She sent me this email in October 2013:

Hi Graham nice to chat with you. As I explained the Fremantle Business Improvement District (representing the property and business owners in the City Centre ) is providing up lighting of the tops of the buildings along High Street. We will then be able to program the lights in various colours to create a vibrant street at night which should also make it safer.

As agreed we will put the lights up and test to make sure you are happy with the result and it doesn’t interfere with your life. What you should know:

· There will be no cost to you, the lighting will be fitted free of charge to building owners
· No power costs to you, as the City of Fremantle will pay for all electricity and the BID will cover any ongoing maintenance
· Light fittings will be attached as per agreement with the City’s Heritage Officer and will blend in with the building.
· Buildings with residential occupancy will only be lit between or above windows and will not be a disruption to tenants.

The company chosen to carry out the works Pro Design Lighting have over 35 years of experience in the industry and are West Australian based. Should you have any concerns please feel free to contact me at your convenience. We hope to have this initiative installed by the end of November 2013 .

In March 2015 I emailed BID for an update and received this reply:

Hi Graham,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention and no the lights are not going to go ahead as first planned. The lights that have been supplied have not been supported by the electrician for putting into the ground. We have also been advised by a number of sources that putting lights into the ground in this area will cause an ongoing maintenance issue due to moisture which could then lead to power outages as far as Henry Street.

On this information the Board have decided that another lighting option would have to be looked at.

As Kim left FremantleBID in November and I haven’t been part of this project, I would really appreciate if I could come and meet you and discuss further. Would you have time next week?

Kind regards

Jenny Marslen
Project Manager
Fremantle BID
9430 6504

I did meet with Jenny but it appears that it is all too hard for everyone concerned, and I came away thinking that the process got too expensive and the bureaucrats have said “no more.”



One whole week after the event was held this big sign is still flashing away in Fremantle’s Pioneer Park, warning motorists about road closures and delays. It is a big ugly eyesore that serves no purpose but to confuse people.

Are the Tour de Perth organisors paying for it or the City of Fremantle and who is responsible for removing it. Or will it still be flashing during the Street Art Festival on the long weekend?

Roel Loopers


I do not understand the logic that the Fremantle Whalers Tunnel is closed at 7 pm every day of the week, but Saturday, where it stays open till 9 pm. That’s what they have to do a Wilson Security officer told me on Monday.

Bathers Beach has seen an real increase in activation with many more people using it than even two years ago, but direct access from High Street is not possible after 7 pm six days of the week. That is stupidity!

The City of Fremantle spent thousands of dollars to light up the Arthur Head cliff face on the beach side and BID spent thousands as well to light up the heritage buildings along High Street, but the most logical connectivity is denied to backpackers, visitors and local residents after seven in the evening. That is bureaucracy gone mad, and for what reasons I wonder.

We constantly hear Councillors calling for activation of the West End of Fremantle, even introducing a highly attractive night ghost town that is named Bathers Beach Art Precinct. The area is now so popular at night that it has become an open air public toilet where artists of the Captain’s Lane cottages literally step into shit every time they open up in the morning.

All Elected Members were this week sent an email of complaint about that and I have personally mentioned this to the Fremantle mayor, but no action has been taken to light up the buildings to deter unauthorised use of them at night.

The potential of the West End is huge, and it does not require an outdoor music venue to make it work, but the City needs to urgently invest money into security and making the area attractive at night for sightseeing, not to have a crap. That includes better light in the Whalers Tunnel and keeping it open longer to attract tourists.

Roel Loopers


Don’t let anyone think the City of Fremantle staff does not have a sense of humour. This great April Fools was posted on the COF website. Well done. I love it!!

The City of Fremantle is shocked and outraged by today’s state government announcement that it has secretly passed legislation that will see many metropolitan councils, including Fremantle, merge into larger super councils.

The plans will see Fremantle merge with Cockburn, East Fremantle, Kwinana, Rockingham and Melville to become the City of South Swan. Councils have been given until the end of the year to finalise the arrangements, with the changeover happening on 1 January 2016.

The decision was announced at a press conference in Perth today by Premier Colin Barnett with only a few hours’ notice to councils with the Premier stating that the new boundaries aligned with WALGA’s zone boundaries and those of the South-West Group of councils.

Former Fremantle Mayor Peter Tagliaferri was announced as interim commissioner on the new merged local government.

Fremantle Mayor, Dr Brad Pettitt, said the decision had come as a shock and that the City of Fremantle would be fighting to oppose the shock merger plans.

“It’s come right out of left field and quite frankly, we’re outraged that this has happened with absolutely no notice to us. We will be fighting this decision and I call upon all other councils to do the same,” Dr Pettitt said.

“This is a backflip with a triple-pike by the state government. After it rescinded its previous amalgamation plans just a couple of months ago it has now gone for super-sized local governments”

“It’s completely unrealistic for the state government to expect local councils already battered by the previous reform process to now plan for even greater upheaval,” said City of Fremantle CEO Graeme Mackenzie.

The City is now in discussion with its lawyers to decide the best course of action moving forward.


Tweet DOMESDAY FOR FREMANTLE | Freo’s View. “I was leaked a draft of the City of Fremantle’s new masterplan for the Esplanade Reserve. Although the report says that it comes out of the Visioning 2029 community project and is part of the futuristic Transformational Movesplans, I believe it will leave a lot of Freo people […]

City of Fremantle disappointed with state government decision to create ‘supercouncils’ via forced mergers

It was deeply disturbing to hear this news this morning.  All I can do is post our media release in despair. Media release:  The City of Fremantle is shocked and outraged by today’s state government announcement that it has secretly passed legislation that will see many metropolitan councils, including Fremantle, merge into larger super councils. The plans […]


Fifty artists, 42 city walls and 18 international ‘change makers” will come to Perth for the PUBLIC 2015 symposium that will transform the city.

Large-scale artworks will be created during PUBLIC 2015 that will run from April 10-19. The International symposium will explore the value of creativity in building dynamic spaces and will have international speakers from the arts, architecture, urban planning, technology and philantropy.

This will be very interesting in the light of the just released UWA-Factbase for the Committee of Perth-Fremantle section by Veronica Hudleston.

Hudleston writes that city planning “needs to be on maintaining a unique set of advantages and attributes that attract and retain population.” She also warns that population growth should not happen at all cost, but that we should be planning and developing a desired demographic structure rather than the simplistic pursuit of growth.

Hudleston also mentions that the City of Fremantle already has a relatively higher level of population density and that East Fremantle is one of the highest population densities in the Perth metro area.

While the Perth metro had an increase of population of 29.3 per cent, Fremantle only managed 8.2 per cent in the period from 2001-2011.

I am looking forward to the PUBLIC 2015 sympsosium!


Arboretum in Valencia, Spain

Arboretum in Valencia, Spain

I was leaked a draft of the City of Fremantle’s new masterplan for the Esplanade Reserve. Although the report says that it comes out of the Visioning 2029 community project and is part of the futuristic Transformational Moves plans, I believe it will leave a lot of Freo people very unhappy if implemented.

The stand out new idea is to make an “Arborium” out of the Esplanade by putting a large dome over the entire reserve. The dome will have climate control and a rain-like reticulation system to create an inner city ecosystem.

A large variety of native plant species will be introduced to the reserve and an attempt made to breed the endangered numbat under controlled conditions. The Arborium will also act as an aviary and many birds will find a new home there.

The Esplanade Youth Plaza skatepark will be incorporated to make it an all-weather youth destination, while coloured motion-triggered lights will allow for night enjoyment of the park. New paths, seating, shade structures and art and water features will be installed, as well as a big screen for music videos and live sport telecasts.

The City aims to make the Esplanade a new big tourist attraction that will link the CBD with the Fishing Boat Harbour. Latest technology will see driverless GPS-guided small vehicles taking visitors on tours of the Arborium

The down side of this green-ideology-inspired idea is that the Ferris Wheel and many of the, too tall for the dome, Norfolk pines will have to be removed, and so will the Carriage Café.

The officers recommend that the Carriage will be rebuilt and the Tourist Wheel relocated to the planned extension of the Esplanade once Norfolk Street has been extended through to Mews Road, and the Italian Club and parking lot have been made into a green open space that will create a larger Esplanade park.

Under the new masterplan the City wants festivals to be held at Fremantle Oval instead of the Esplanade, once the Dockers have moved on to Cockburn, and also more often utilise Fremantle Park for events and festivals.

I am all for new, big and creative ideas but I am not at all sure why we need a 20-metre-high dome structure over our major inner city park. It sounds a bit gimmicky to me and it would cost a lot of money to put up and maintain.

There are a few pie in the sky ideas on the City of Fremantle’s transformational moves wish list and this one can be added to it as a highly unrealistic one.

Roel Loopers

PUBLIC 2015 – Transforming our city

  One event that I am very excited about over the next month is PUBLIC 2015 brought to us by the always extraordinary cultural not for profit group FORM. PUBLIC 2015 is sponsored by the City of Fremantle it will bring together 50 artists, 42 walls, and 18 international change makers to shake WA up […]


tom 1 tom 2

My mates Tom and Lindsey at the STUDIO 37 cafe in the PS Art Centre in Pakenham Street are having a Tom day on April 1. Here is what Tom emailed me:

I’m Celebrating April fools day with a bit of tom foolery down at studio 37 and having a Tom day to celebrate all Tom’s and have a bit of fun! There will be a $5 coffee, banana and Nutella special for all Tom’s, any one who purchases anything on the day will go into a raffle to win a hamper of practical jokes and a $50 voucher for studio 37 which will be drawn in the afternoon with a group photo of as many Tom’s as we can get happening.

Maybe we can get some tomboy girls and tomcats as well!

Roel Loopers


cot 1 cot 2 cot 3 cot 4 cot 5

I am delighted to see scaffolding up and work underway at two of Fremantle’s major heritage sites. At the Married Quarters cottages at Cantonment Hill one can already see some progress, while not much can be seen yet at the Warders Cottages in Henderson Street.

I don’t know what the truth is on the repair status of the Henderson Street cottages with workers telling people they are doing the whole lot, but people in the community saying it is just about repairing the walls and maybe roofs. The scaffolding looks pretty serious so let’s hope the government has found some more money to make substantial renovations there.

Roel Loopers

King concerns | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Tweet King concerns | Fremantle Herald Interactive. So we wait to see what Minister Simpson has to say? Freoviews fremantle-city-to-bail-out-heirloom-project Hopefully it’s because investors have come to buy up the unsold apartments? Some of the comments on local blogs have suggested its withdrawal was due to the bad PR or image it’s attracting in the […]

Easter 2015 opening hours


Fremantle City Library will be closed on Friday 3 April and Monday 6 April for the Easter public holidays.

We will return to normal opening hours Tuesday 7 April.

Thursday 2 April                         9.00 am–6.00pm

Friday 3 April                              Closed

Saturday 4 April                         9.00am-5.00pm

Sunday 5 April                           12.00pm-4.00pm

Monday 6 April                           Closed

Tuesday 7 April                          9.00 am–6.00 pm

Fremantle Toy Library will be closed from Friday 3rd April to Monday 7th April for the Easter public holidays and will return to normal opening hours Tuesday 7th April.

Thursday 2 April                               9.00 am – 4.30 pm

Friday 3 April                                    Closed

Monday 6 April                                Closed

Tuesday 7 April                                9.00 am – 4.30 pm

To renew any loans or access the library catalogue, visit

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Aboriginal issues are close to my heart and concern me a lot because I often feel I am watching the slow suicide of a beautiful culture and people, so hence this post.

It is far too simplistic to make the closure of Aboriginal communities a Black&White issue and one should not dismiss the arguments by the Commissioner of Police lightly.

No one should ever hesitate to combat child and sexual abuse in our society and no one should engage in political correctness and pretend it is not rampant in some Aboriginal communities. But one also has to consider that displacement has been one of the reasons why we have many disfunctional indigenous people in Australia.

One cannot ignore the past and we have to acknowledge that the pain of displacement and being forced off one’s land, together with the Stolen Generations issues, are partly to blame for the alcoholism, substance abuse and domestic and sexual violence in some communities. That does not make it acceptable though that sexual abuse is now the norm and accepted culture in some remote communities.

Forcing people away from their little patch of motherland will again create heart break and hardship and will push the problems elsewhere, like the move on notices police give in cities, that do not solve anything.

Aboriginal people should not put their head in the sand and pretend sexual abusive is not an extremely serious, and absolutely unacceptable, issue in some communities, but white people should also be more thoughtful and considerate about Aboriginal culture when trying to find solutions.

Forcefully moving Aboriginal people is akin to telling people in Spain they will now have to live in Finland. We all need to try to understand and accept the importance of what home means for our indigenous friends in this country, but at the same time we cannot compromise the safety and welfare of innocent children. That is a massive challenge for our society.

Roel Loopers

Rate Payer Funded Junkets are not just the Rage in Fremantle?

Tweet Looks like it’s not just Fremantle councillors who refer to rate payer funded overseas trips as Junkets? A link to a letter from last week. Quote from herald letter “When Melville councillor Susanne Taylor-Rees mentioned the word “junket” in reference to a similar state government trip to Japan, she was ordered to withdraw the word […]

April 2015 school holidays at Fremantle City Library


T-Bags – Friday April 10
Bring an old t-shirt for a fun project making no-sew bags. Use scissors, colourful markers and some knot tying to recycle that old t-shirt into a nifty versatile bag to use for your library books or treasures.

Friday April 10, 2pm
Suitable for school aged children – all children must be accompanied by an adult.
T-shirts not supplied.
Bookings essential – ring 9432 9766.

Who is the Bunny on the Moon?
Join storyteller and author, Josephine, to discover how the bunny got to the moon and why, in an uplifiting, inspiring story to delight children and adults.

Tuesday April 14, 10.30am
Suitable for school aged children – all children must be accompanied by an adult
Bookings essential – ring 9432 9766

Lego fun and games afternoon
Join with friends to build some fantastic Lego creations, compete in board games and more.

Friday April 17, 2-4pm
Suitable for school aged children – all children must be accompanied by an adult
Bookings essential – ring 9432 9766

Storytime continues throughout the October holidays.
Thursdays at 10am
Suitable for children aged 2-5 years.
No bookings required.

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Fremantle autumn school holiday guide – April 2015

Screen Snaper ImageThe Fremantle autumn school holiday guide, produced by Fre-info, is now out! There’s far too many activities to list, so have a look. Hardcopies will be available soon from the Fre-info desk at the Library.

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Questions in Parliament on City of Fremantle

Tweet   On Wednesday questions on notice were given to the Minister for Local Government in parliament, in regards to City of Fremantle’s (COF) Kings Square plan. I wonder how long to see what response the Ministers office will have? Interesting timing with last nights withdrawal of the request for the COF to invest in […]

Government must step in to save WA's State Emblem

Greens MLC and Biodiversity Spokeswoman Lynn MacLaren MLC has called on the Barnett Government to intervene in plans for a regional waste tip that threatens the future of WA's wild numbat population. 

"Western Australia's charismatic State emblem, the numbat, once roamed across southern Australia but now there are only two remaining remnant wild populations, the healthiest of which is at Dryandra Woodland near Cuballing, in the Wheatbelt," Ms MacLaren said. 

"Due to a range of pressures, Dryandra now has just 50 numbats, down from 800 in 1992. 

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Barnett and Abbott governments widening the gap for Indigenous Australians

Cancelled: City of Fremantle’s $3,000,000.00 Shopping Day

Tweet Up till the full council meeting started this evening we (the audience some who had only come to listen to this one issue) where expecting the C1503-4 HEIRLOOM DEVELOPMENT to come up in “discussion” at council. But up first the Mayor let everyone know that Match had withdrawn the request for the city to buy in, so […]

Chaotic Abbott Government all about ideological destruction of progressive reforms

Ms Parke (4:06pm) – It is no wonder that the government's approach to this year's budget is chaotic, ...

We’d love your feedback on Freo CBD’s bicycle awareness zones

We’d love your feedback on Freo CBD’s bicycle awareness zones.

Fremantle Council, on the nose over Dunnys

Tweet I see in the Chambers Newsletter they have an article or info piece on toilets from the COF and a link to a survey. So it seems while the City of Fremantle has what you think would a responsibility in managing the city to supply such amenities as basic as public toilets? In the […]

Place Management Marvel At Claremont Quarter

There's no risk you have to shuffle accross to accomodate a new visitor. This is a very brilliant bit of place management. Just 2 single couches, facing each other and a long way apart, in a quieter part of the centre.  


Art On Roof Raises Foot Traffic On Upper Levels

This is a clever innovation by the shopping centre owners: customers on upper levels are rewarded with unique and pretty sensory information. This helps raise foot traffic up there - the quiter part of the centre - than dusty roof panels on our kiosks.


Gourmet Republik, Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre, Claremont.  

City of Fremantle’s $3,000,000.00 Shopping Day

Tweet C1503-4 HEIRLOOM DEVELOPMENT such a simple innocent heading, could be anything but open the agenda and this simple 2 word heading is worth $3,000,000.00 of rate payers money, no special projects meeting, no SGS meeting just straight to full council we need 3 mill, simple? So this Wednesday we have a quick to council […]

Investing in Heirloom and the East End – a quick Q&A

This Wednesday Council will be debating buying up to 5 units in Heirloom which will undoubtedly be controversial for some so here  are some likely FAQs: What is the recommendation before Fremantle Council? Council is asked to consider purchasing up to five apartments (one and two bedroom) in their Heirloom Development on Queen Victoria Street […]

Borrowbox is here!


The most popular Australian and international eAudiobooks are now available from Fremantle City Library. With BorrowBox library app, you can browse, borrow and download bestselling titles by your favourite authors from the comfort of your living room or wherever you go.

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COF Hilton Traffic Armageddon

Tweet Hitlon google view Last special committee meeting there was a proposal for a zoning and height increase in Hilton at the South & Carrington St, cnr, taking in all the commercial space around, down past the old Hilton Fresh and IGA. This area is already a really bad bottle neck effect for traffic and […]

See the Urban Forest for the Trees

Booyeembarra Park - by Garry Gillard

Booyeembarra Park – by Garry Gillard

See the urban forest for the trees

It has been expressed many times within the local media, in community debates, in the Freo 2029 community visioning process and in café conversation: Fremantle people love our beautiful parks, our pristine beaches, the majestic trees and soft landscapes. They breathe life into our city and joy into our lives and we want to keep and care for what we have and add more green spaces where and when we can.

Last year I initiated the Green Plan Working Group to address key questions on how we retain, enhance and expand our city’s greenery. We gathered a group of experts, who volunteered their time and expertise to work with council to tackle the big challenges: like how to stay green in a drier, warming climate; the tough challenges: like what can we do to protect trees on private land; and the practical challenges: like how to ensure everyone in Freo has easy access to quality, useful green public spaces.

After three months investigation and analysis, we have a working draft of a revised Green Plan that will help us to achieve these important aims. But we want to make sure we haven’t missed anything – so we’re inviting the community to get involved as we prepare the final document for council consideration.

In order to help inform the Green Plan, we have undertaken detailed mapping of the existing green spaces within our city. Combined with demographic and land use analysis, this has helped us to establish what portion of the population live within easy walking distance (400m) of useable public open space, and where there is a deficit or need for more as our city grows. We‘ve been able to identify key walking and cycling links in need of more vegetation to cool the immediate vicinity and make walking and cycling more comfortable.

We have also been investigating ways of ensuring our green spaces are adequately reticulated, with opportunities for water recycling, including tapping into waste water sources. The selection of appropriate vegetation to reduce water use while providing suitable landscaping has also been investigated.

The removal of mature trees on private land has been a much-debated issue in Fremantle. The ability for council to impose our wishes on what people do with trees on their land is limited, but we want to find a way to incentivise people to keep trees on their land and to plant more. As members of our community, what do you think would be a fair and effective way to do this?

We also acknowledge the wealth of knowledge and ideas held by our community that can help the City design and implement our green spaces.  As such, we have prioritised establishing mechanisms and funding sources that will empower local communities to be involved in creating and managing our parks and public open spaces.

In keeping with this philosophy, we are encouraging community members to be part of the development of this comprehensive Green Plan. A forum will be held where people can find out about the work done to date and let us know if it meets their needs and vision for our city.

Join the discussion on Monday 23 March at 6pm in the City of Fremantle Reception Room. RSVP to

This Friday launch of the new Market Street Piazza

  You’re invited to come along for a Cappuccino Strip Street Club reunion too launch the new Market Street Piazza From 6pm Friday 27 March. There will be an interactive street projection and board games and music. Grab a bite to eat and bring your own musical instruments, games, costumes, kids etc – let’s celebrate […]

WGV Community Orchard Launch

There are lots of amazing community activities happening all around Fremantle and this nicely made video of the launch of the White Gum Valley community orchard is a perfect example of this. Residents came together at the local precinct meeting with an idea for taking an underutilised piece of Fremantle Council land and turning it […]

Green Plan review community forum at 6pm on Monday 23 March at the council reception room.

There will be a Green Plan review community forum at 6pm on Monday 23 March at the council reception room. This is an unusual extra step taken by the council to facilitate community input, due to the keen interest in this issue. This will be YOUR opportunity to comment and discuss before the draft Green Plan is written – while there’s still a chance to influence the document.

For more information visit
To come along, rsvp to or 08 9432 9714.

There will also be further opportunity for formal comment when the draft Green Plan is advertised for public comment in coming months. So if you can’t make it, this is not your only opportunity to be involved.

Best wishes,
Rachel Pemberton

Councillor – City Ward

Fremantle Car Power, Whats in it for us?

Tweet Lately we have heard that Fremantle Mayor Brad is encouraging a network of electric car charging stations down south to the Margaret River area while it’s a great area and I love going there myself it has little to do with Freo? I have written a few posts and commented on other blogs about the perceived ideology of […]

Iraq 'mission creep' will only fuel more violence

Ms Parke (4:50pm) – In Parliament two weeks ago the Prime Minister announced that Australia will commit 300 further personnel...

Abbott Government angling to reverse marine protections

Ms Parke (10:00am) — I frequently receive representations from my constituents in Fremantle regarding their concern for the crisis in the marine environment.