Cappuccino Strip Street Club

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Event Details
From: Start date::2011/12/01
To: End date::2011/12/01
Location: Location::Market Street
Organiser: Organiser::Rachel Pemberton

Remember when you use to be able to play in the street?

The Cappucino Strip Street Club is an opportunity for the community to enhance and reconnect with Fremantle's heart by taking over the street to enjoy a balmy summer evening together.

Come on down to the strip for some fun with your community - bring table, chairs, a picnic, games, instruments - anything you'd like to do (just keep it family friendly!)

5pm - 9pm Thursday 6th January Market Street (behind Gino's) Fremantle

There will be a card recycling workshop to make new cards from old at 5pm (so bring your Christmas cards!), hula hooping at 6pm thanks to Soul Hula and live music at 7pm. Shani is hoping to run a "Living Smarties Plant Pot Making and Seeding Session" so if you like the idea, plan to come along and can help out on the night or have seeds to share, please contact her ASAP

The Cappuccino Strip Street Club is inspired by the work of place maker David Engwicht. For more infomation and inspiration visit

To find out more about these great placemaking activities, contact Rachel on 0408 988 977. You can also find "The Cappuccino Strip Street Club" on facebook.


Event Details
From: Start date::2011/01/06
To: End date::2011/01/06
Location: Location::Market Street
Organiser: Organiser::Rachel