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Planet Freo is a news-feed aggregator set up to collate all Fremantle news in one place. It is coordinated by the Fremantle Society, and can be found at The planet itself produces a news feed, to which you can subscribe with any newsreader, to get all Freo news in one simple source. This is generally how news planets are utilised, and the feed address is:

The current list of sites can be found listed at the right-hand-side of the the planet home page. Of course, the Fremantle Society accepts absolutely no responsibility for the content of the feeds that are syndicated through Planet Freo (other than those from the Freo Tribe blog feed). These are all third-party sites, completely independent from the Fremantle Society and FreoWiki.

Planet Freo is powered by Planet Planet. We used to use MoonMoon.

Adding new feeds

If you would like to have your site's feed added to Planet Freo, please add it to the 'Proposed' section below.

Current Feeds

  • 161102 the old blog - A Beautiful City
  • Adele Carles – Member for Fremantle
  • Arts Centre Freospace
  • Beaconsfield Freospace
  • Category:Fremantle
  • Chamber CEO Blog – A few words by Olwyn Williams
  • City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog
  • Cyclefreo
  • Dave Robertson
  • Dismantle
  • Fremantle Bid
  • Fremantle Foundation
  • Fremantle Herald Interactive
  • Fremantle History Society
  • Fremantle Library
  • Fremantle News Digest
  • Fremantle Press
  • Fremantle Reform
  • Freo Pages
  • Freo Street Art
  • Freo's View
  • Freospace
  • Hilton Freospace
  • Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery
  • Jon Strachan
  • Josh Wilson MP for Fremantle
  • Josh's House
  • Love Freo
  • Love God
  • Lynn Maclaren | MLC Western Australia (2009-2017)
  • Maia Maia Emissions Reduction Currency System
  • National Hotel
  • News & Media
  • North Fremantle Freospace
  • O'Connor Freospace
  • Rotto Bloggo
  • SD | sheree dornan |
  • Sam's Freo Report
  • Samson Freospace
  • Shamanic Psychotherapy
  • South City Freospace
  • South Fremantle Freospace
  • The Fremantle Doctor
  • The Fremantle Society
  • The Fremantle Times
  • The Wray Avenue Blog
  • White Gum Valley Freospace
  • thomas m wilson
  • Fremantle Rotary – Making a Difference

Proposed Feeds

  • Add yours here.

Possible Future Feeds

In no particular order, these are sites that would probably be nice to add, if they had news feeds.

To be researched:

  • cruise organisers
  • art galleries
  • artists
  • MUA
  • Patricks
  • P&O

Feeds Not Included

  • Fremantle Dockers: Removed for now because they just seemed to be posting national AFL news, from Bigpond. Can anyone provide a more Freo-focused feed for the Dockers?
  • Freo Rip: Lloyd Hammond's blog has been taken offline.
  • Melissa Parke's feed became empty in September 2015.
  • Graham Morgan's blog disappeared in September 2015.