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Published 27 Sep 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.


I went and had a look at the development plans for 18-22 Adelaide Street at the City this morning and I am outraged that architects could have so little respect for Fremantle’s heritage and character.

The five-storey short-term accommodation building is a disgrace because of its utter blandness and ugliness. The architects and developers no doubt believe they can get away with sticking three storey of ugly concrete boxes with balconies above the two lower levels because they are set back, but it is the most horrible architecture, if one can use that word for it, one could imagine for that location at historic Kings Square and next to a beautiful old building to the west of it.

For this disrespectful architecture we should open up the stocks at the Roundhouse again, so those who ‘designed’ the disgraceful proposal can get some appreciation of the beauty and heritage of Fremantle.

The proposed building is cheap, ugly, unacceptable and shows absolute disregard for what Fremantle is about!

Stop ugly development now, City of Fremantle, or you will have a riot on your hands!

Please do put your submissions against this unacceptable development in writing to the City of Fremantle by October 6. We can not tolerate this ugliness in the centre of our city. The plans are available for viewing at the reception desk at COF, so don’t take my word for it but get enraged yourselves when you see them.

Roel Loopers

Vital Table Talks: Jude Blureau- Tuesday 11th October

Published 27 Sep 2016 by Manager Moore in Blog – Moore & Moore Cafe.




Do you want to eat well, even on the busiest days? Multiple published author, Jude Blereau shares her wealth of knowledge about what constitutes ‘good’ food, where to source it and how to use it to its best effect.

Price inclusive of expert presentation, nibbles and dinner (vegan meal option)


Book here


$47 General / $34 concession



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Published 27 Sep 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.


Is this terribly ugly partition at the Fremantle Beach Packpackers in the heritage Orient Hotel in Henry Street really acceptable to the City of Fremantle heritage experts?

It looks bloody awful and should be removed!

Roel Loopers


Published 27 Sep 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.



It’s raining and cold and people being miserable about it in good old Freo, including friends visiting from Lismore.

Took this photo in Henry Street just after catching up with the NSW folk at the Moore&Moore cafe.

I am ready for nice warm and dry weather!

Roel Loopers

Introducing the Final 4 – Impact100 Fremantle 2016

Published 26 Sep 2016 by admin in Fremantle Foundation.

We’re excited to introduce the Final 4 for Impact100 Fremantle 2016.


The Fremantle Men’s Community Shed evolved from an idea that men in the Fremantle area could benefit from having a “tooled up” shared shed facility to work on personal or community projects. The Shed will implement a 32×5 week specifically designed Shed based workshops over a 24-months period, focusing on working with wood and mental and social interaction. Partnerships will be drawn up with four target groups consisting of vulnerable youth, refugee men and women and persons living with mental illness. This project aims to create a non-judgemental positive environment that optimises interaction while building competence and confidence and moving towards re-engagement back into the community through collegiate support and achievement.


The Museum of Moving Objects (MOMO) provides informal and lively interpretation of the Western Australia history through object driven workshops, exhibition and collaborative projects with a mobile museum that brings history and archaeology to life in schools and communities. The Creating Connections/Talking Objects project aims to engage and celebrate the history and contribution of the aged care communities of Fremantle, connecting them together with each other, the youth and their community environment. It is made up of “Creating connections through objects” which is an object-driven interactive workshop that connects the elderly and participating local school children through social history workshop and “My object, my story” which tells history stories through videos in unusual public spaces in Fremantle. It gives the silent elderly generation a voice and connects the young and old together to create a culture of respect.


Lifting Horizons is a harm prevention charity that creates, runs and sources social inclusion and engagement projects to protect youth at risk from harm and support their positive choices to break the cycle of disadvantage. The Night Hoops Youth Engagement Project aims to engage at-risk or disengaged young people and offer safe and constructive activities and pathways on Saturday nights, where anti-social behaviour is at its peak, over the course of 48 weeks in 2017 to 2018. With food and transport provided, Night Hoops includes basketball, life skills workshops and engagement with cultural mentors and local volunteers. With the added opportunity for five participants to compete in a tournament and take part in a cultural exchange in Singapore.


Perth Symphony Orchestra aims to bring about a music revolution in Western Australia and getting the widest possible involved by bringing world-class music to communities. The “Big Play Big Sing” project provides an opportunity for community members who have once learned an instrument or sung to do it again. Workshops and sectional rehearsals will be conducted with principal musicians with simple versions of the score for participants. This will lead to a mass orchestra and mass choir flashmob performance in Fremantle. “Big Play Big Song” will bring people together through music and performance.


Save the Date: Tuesday 8th November 2016

Put it in your diaries - the Impact100 Fremantle Voting and Awards Night is an evening not to be missed!

This is your opportunity as an Impact100 Fremantle donor to vote for the organisation you want to win the game changing $100,000 grant.


Join Us

If you haven’t already become an Impact100 Fremantle Member for 2016 DONATE NOW to become part of a community with a culture of giving.


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Published 26 Sep 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.


Saturday October 15 in Princess May Park at Clancy’s Fish Pub, Fremantle!



Published 26 Sep 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.





A worrying development application is current for 22 Adelaide Street, where Mills Records is. The developers want to build a five storey building for tourist accommodation there.

While I believe it is important to have a mix of retail, office, tourist and residential accommodation at Kings Square this proposal is far too high for that site.

Urgent time to let the City of Fremantle know that a five, even four, storey building in that location is absolutely inappropriate and only a maximum of three storey should be approved.

Submissions need to be in latest by October 6 for DA 0117/16.

Unfortunately I can’t find anything on the City’s website but the plans can be viewed at the reception. No idea though why they are not on-line where they are far more accessible for public scrutiny. It’s 2016, not 1985. I did a search for them and we should not be forced to have to come to the administration building to view some plans. Not good enough COF!!

Roel Loopers


Published 25 Sep 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.

The monthly Ordinary Council meeting of the City of Fremantle is on this Wednesday from 6 pm and open to the public, so come and see local government at work!

It’s a busy agenda that will address the eight-storey building proposed for Queen Adelaide Street, a new small bar in the former Weighbridge in Phillimore Streets, and the restriction on more take-away outlets in the Freo CBD.

There are also updates on Kings Square, the Fremantle Oval project, the new Operations Centre in O’Connor, the future of Fremantle Port and on the Perth Freight Link.

Roel Loopers


Published 25 Sep 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.


art-2 art-1 art-5 art-4 art-7 art-6


My good friend and fellow seeker of light Lismore photographer Andrew Sooby’s recent stunning photo on Facebook of the new Fremantle Rainbow sculpture inspired me to go back yesterday when the sky was blue and the sun was shining, to take a few more photos of the magnificent artwork on Beach Reserve by Marcus Canning.

It is a very overcast and dreary day today, so we need some colour, and Andrew is a Pom so this is my colourful birthday card for his beloved Queen.

Thanks for the inspiration Andrew!

Roel Loopers


Published 25 Sep 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.

My friends at the Fremantle Moore&Moore Cafe are holding another event tomorrow in their series of Vital Table Talks.

Stef Sifandos and Tenille Bentley will talk about the importance of creating inner homeostasis and equilibrium of the mind, the holistic self and our relationships to others.

The two experts will show you how to embrace all aspects of life as a whole rather than in a fragmented manner.

There is food as well of course! Spring vegetable ratatouille with Fremantle sardines and lemons, garlic and parsley and foraged greens, and other yummy things.

It costs $ 47, concessions $ 34 and bookings are required at:

This event will be held at the Fremantle Bowling Club in Parry Street due to an exhibition at the Moores. It is on at 6 pm on Tuesday September 27.

Roel Loopers


Published 25 Sep 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.


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The annual Distinguished Gentlemen Club came to Fremantle today with a very noisy parade on their old and new motorbikes through the Cappuccino Strip.

The fundraiser for prostate cancer is a lot of fun to watch as the riders and passengers dress up.

Roel Loopers


Published 24 Sep 2016 by freoview in Freo's View.


g f e d c b


You don’t have to go far in Fremantle to feel you are on holiday, as I again discovered at the North Fremantle foreshore this morning.

It is the kind of morning normal people refer to as bloody cold, and only those eternally optimistic glass is half full people call it invigorating, so I decided a change in routine would be good, after the routinely morning coffee and newspaper in a West End cafe, and had a stroll along the  north bank of the Swan river.

There were quite a few people out and about walking dogs and the only negative up that way is the constant noise of cars on the bridges.

Here some impressions. Enjoy the long weekend!

Roel Loopers

Fremantle Council Shambles Continue

Published 24 Sep 2016 by Mark in Fremantle Reform.

Amazing our council seems to know how to consistently make contracts that actually screw up the cities ability to move forward. Council has made lemons out of deal after deal. Kings Square business plan has kept the CBD dead (apart from the drunks, dregs and druggies) for over 3yrs now, first they screwed up by […]

Blog Break for a Week or Two

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

This blog and I are going to have a week or two holiday. Thanks for reading it and your comments and catch you in ten days or so. cheers, Brad

Queen’s Birthday public holiday 2016

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Fremantle City Library in Fremantle City Library.

Fremantle City Library will be closed Monday September 26 2016 for the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

We will return to normal opening hours Tuesday September 27 2016.


Friday 23 September                               9.00 am–5.00 pm

Saturday 24 September                           9.00 am–5.00 pm

Sunday 25 September                             12 noon–4.00 pm


Monday 26 September                            Closed


Tuesday 27 September                           9.00 am–6.00 pm



To renew any loans or access the library catalogue, visit:


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(27/9/16) Douro Road, Ellen Street and Joseph Street roadworks

Published 23 Sep 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

All infrastructure project timeframes are dependent on the weather. We’ll be undertaking these roadwork projects in the coming days. Visit the projects - infrastructure section for the latest updates:

Douro Road

Roadworks will be undertaken between Hampton Road to South Terrace from Monday 3 October and are expected to take three days to complete. 

4 days ago in Infrastructure projects
(27/9/16) Douro Road, Ellen Street and Joseph Street roadworks

Bloor scrapes in

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

A DECADE of graffiti carefully peeled from a favourite haunt of Perth’s underground artists has taken out the top award at the Fremantle Art Centre Print Award.

WA artist Sam Bloor used purpose-made chisels to reveal layers of aerosol paint applied by the artists, which was held together by a coating of hardy council paint.

Titled In Unison, the Curtin University fine arts student’s relief print earned him $16,000 which came with first prize.

Bloor’s print offers a history of its parent site and the aerosol impressions of anonymous collaborators, the judges said.

“It’s years and years of history of the artists and the council workers,” Dr Darren Jorgensen says.

• Sam Bloor and his award-winning print, peeled off a favourite haunt of graffiti artists. Photo supplied

• Sam Bloor and his award-winning print, peeled off a favourite haunt of graffiti artists. Photo supplied

“The same council workers and the same artists painting over each other.”

The University of WA senior lecturer reckons it’s a lesson in leaving graffiti: “Eventually you get some great art,” he says, pointing to the Brisbane Power Station restoration where the best of its old graffiti is now a showpiece.

Victorian artists Elvis Richardson and Virginia Fraser were awarded second prize of $6000 for FEMMOTM, a bold triptych of magazine covers with no pages that plays on ideas of feminism: “And the perceived power of media,” the judges said.

“[It] speaks to an audience of female artists, singling out those who are a statistical majority and yet remain a visible minority in the industry.”

Hilton local Shannon McClulloch’s Clever Exploration of Power Hats was highly commended.

The Print Award exhibition runs until November 12 at the arts centre.



The straw that broke the wrapper

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

PRESSURE is mounting on manufacturers to change the design of juice boxes because of a growing “epidemic” of plastic straws and their wrappers finding their way into Perth’s parks, rivers and oceans.

Cockburn Labor MLA Fran Logan took part in a bush and beach clean-up day at Woodman Point in July where volunteers found thousands of the plastic sleeves from the straws stuck under bushes and in the dunes.


The park is home to blue wrens, bandicoots and a host of other rare or endangered fauna and wildlife experts warn the plastic’s making its way into the food chain.

“Unfortunately this has become an epidemic in Western Australia — juice boxes, the straws and wrappers around them are found everywhere, but especially in and around public parks and spaces,” Mr Logan says.

He says manufacturing companies need to change the design so that when pulled off the box, the wrappers don’t easily detach and blow away.

The boxes are marketed specifically at children, which makes parental attitudes important, and Mr Logan says the Barnett and Turnbull governments need to reboot advertising campaigns to educate people about the effects of litter.

• Millions of juice boxes line supermarket shelves, but what happens to all those straws and their plastic wrapping? Photo by Koro Brown

• Millions of juice boxes line supermarket shelves, but what happens to all those straws and their plastic wrapping? Photo
by Koro Brown

“Past government advertising has shown to have created an anti-littering culture that led in past years to Perth being known internationally as a ‘clean’ city; this type of promotion has to be re-introduced with a new flavour and in a number of languages,” Mr Logan said.

But the federal environment minister’s department handballed the problem, saying waste management was the responsibility of local and state/territory governments.

“Those straw sleeves, even if people don’t intentionally mean to litter, it’s really hard to pull one of those straw sleeves without it blowing away, so even if you’re not meaning to they can quite easily end up as litter…” Plastic Free July co-creator Rebecca Prince-Ruiz says.

“I think manufactures changing the designs that they’re using is certainly important, we have lived on this planet without drinking through a straw,” said Prince-Ruiz.


She also criticised supposedly “biodegradable” plastics, saying they simply broke down into tiny pieces of plastic which were still toxic and being sucked by fauna, which meant they were in the food chain and finding their way on people’s dinner plates.

Data from last year’s Sea Shepard’s Marine Debris Campaign showed 2973 plastic packaging food wrappers, packets and containers were found at Fremantle’s beaches last year.

Managing director of Clean Up Australia Terrie-Ann Johnson says despite the increased awareness of the problems plastic creates, the message isn’t sinking through to Sandgropers; at 51 sites monitored by CUA in WA, 30 per cent of the rubbish was plastic – an increase of 4 per cent from last year.

At an international level Five Gynes found that between 1.8 to 5.4 million kilos of plastic is being dumped in the ocean each year, with a total of 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating around already.

Ms Johnson says juice-boxes are a problem because they aren’t easily recycled, and the straw and the straw wrapper cannot be recycled.

She wants the juice box companies to innovate and produce a new product that doesn’t need a straw.

She’d also like to see juice boxes included in WA’s new container deposit scheme, where consumers get 10c in return for the bottles or cans.

The Ocean Conservancy released an International report in 2014, showing that out of the top 10 items found in the ocean, five were associated with drinks. The OC suggested reinventing packaging to make the products more eco-friendly.

Over in California, EarthTeam SanLorenzo has also started agitating about juice box straws and their wrappers, asking Apple & Eve to change the design after scores of the plastic sleeves started making their way into the local high schools gardens and play areas.

The two big manufacturing companies of juice boxes other than Coles and Woolworth’s are Heinz which produces Golden Circle and Lion which pumps out Just Juice and Prima.

Both were asked for comment and said they would respond but never did.


Sign our petition
THE Chook’s started its first online petition to help rid our parks and bushland of this plastic scourge: Kick it along with your moniker at:


Millions of boxes

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

SO, just how many juice boxes are out there?

Nobody could tell the Chook how many were produced in Australia each year.

We asked Lion Australia, one of the biggest producers, how many of their products made their way to supermarket and deli shelves, but they weren’t going to cough that up.

“Unfortunately our manufacturing/ sales data is not able to be disclosed,” an anonymous spokesperson emailed back.

The Australian Beverage Council said “we have no idea” and suggested that we try the Australian Bureau of Statistics. However, the ABS said the question was “too specific” for their databases and they couldn’t give an answer.

So the Herald was reduced to a bit of number crunching on its solar-powered calculator.

According to the federal department of agriculture, fisheries and forestry, Australians drink 7.7 billion litres of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages annually.

Of that, it says 10 per cent, or 770 million litres, is fruit juice.

Australian Beverages say 8.3 per cent of that market goes to juice boxes and other fruit drinks such as pop-ups, making 63 million litres.

Using Woolworths’ online supermarket as a rough guide, the Chook calculated that juice boxes make up 85 per cent of those products, with each little carton having on average 232ml of juicy, sugary goodness inside.

That means Australia is producing roughly 220 million individual juice boxes each year.


Lee strings FCO along

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

THE head of strings at UWA, Shaun Lee, will be soloist as the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra tackles Mozart, Respighi and Haydn tomorrow (Sunday September 25).

A former ABC young musician of the year winner, Lee will head a program featuring Mozart’s Violin Concerto 3, Respighi’s Ancient Airs and Dances and Haydn’s Hen Symphony.

It at the Fremantle Town Hall, starting at 3pm. Tickets are $39 adults, $33 conc and $20 for under-18s. If you can’t make tomorrow’s performance, they’re at the North Perth Redemptorist Monastery today (Saturday, September 24) from 2pm.


Sunset to reset

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

IT’S BACK to the drawing board for Sunset Events; the promoter is down but not out after its plans for a tavern and  concert venue at the J-Shed was knocked back by the WA planning commission this week.

The WAPC said there wasn’t a community need for the proposed venue, which was also out of kilter with the low-key ethos of the council’s West End conservation policy.

Sunset will turn in its keys to the J-Shed studio to Fremantle council next month even though it has a 21-year lease starting in July 2017.

Managing director David Chitty says Sunset is negotiating with the council and is still looking at a scaled-back proposal.

“Whilst we have a 21 year lease we don’t have approval to operate anything there yet,” Mr Chitty said.

• Sunset boss Dave Chitty at the J-Shed. File photo

• Sunset boss Dave Chitty at the J-Shed. File photo

“The council has got to represent all the stakeholders and on balance it wasn’t approved… so we’re spending some time listening to that feedback and looking at the reasoning behind it and having discussions about what will be more appropriate in that space,” Mr Chitty said.

However, Mr Chitty is not fully confident that Sunset can meet council restrictions, and hasn’t ruled out backing out of the lease.

“Look if there’s not a match there in this next round of discussions, yeah it doesn’t make sense to continue the journey,” he said.

The council’s acting director of city business, Tom Griffiths, says the council will call for expressions of interest from groups able to use the studio until Sunset gets the keys back in July.

“At this stage, the city is fulling expecting Sunset Events to take on the lease and the performance criteria in July,” Mr Griffiths said.

He says the promoter had been urged to submit and new development application that met the council’s aim of an arts and community-focused venue.



Union wants 24-hour port

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

MELVILLE mayor Russell Aubrey says union opposition to an outer harbour at Kwinana is an endorsement for the Liberal government’s Perth Freight Link.

This week the Maritime Union of Australia broke ranks with WA Labor, saying it would rather Fremantle port stay open 24 hours a day than have money spent on an outer harbour.

“The influential MUA has now joined the Transport Workers Union opposing Labor leader Mark McGowan’s freight policy”, Mr Aubrey said.

“This blows a big hole in the argument for spending $6 billion on a new harbour with all the significant environmental risks it entails.

“Former Transport Minister Dean Nalder was right in pushing for the bypass to be completed through to Fremantle port because the PFL wins on environmental, financial and social grounds, leaving only the political argument to be resolved.”

Mr Nalder resigned from Cabinet last week, reportedly after premier Colin Barnett told him to scrap the tunnel stage of the PFL.

But MUA secretary Chris Cain disputes Mr Aubrey’s interpretation of their position: “We don’t agree with the freight link”.

He says the port is only operating at 50 per cent capacity.

“If you want to have a more economical port, you open it up for a 24hr logistical chain. That would mean you don’t need Roe 8”, Mr Cain said.

“They want to pass a tunnel through to the port, rip up people from their homes, wetlands, we’re totally against that when we’ve already got a road here.

“There’s been no consultation with us and we believe that for the community of Fremantle it’s an absolute disaster to move the port down to Kwinana.

“We reckon we can turn Labor around, but we’re making the statement that we’re opposed to this port [in Kwinana]”.

Mr Cain isn’t the first to suggest more night-time activities to ease congestions on roads leading to the port: last year the Herald reported the WA Freight and Logistic Council’s executive Mark Brownell saying much of the problem could be solved if importers and exporters would give truckies a set of keys to the yards.

He says it’s standard practice in most countries, but many small WA businesses only want deliveries while someone’s at the yard to receive them.



A fearless matriarch

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

GENERATIONS of South Fremantle folk will remember Carmela Noto’s diminutive figure at the till of the IGA minimarket on South Terrace.

Just a week into a visit to her birthplace Sicily, aged 81, Mrs Noto suffered a fatal heart attack on June 26 this year.

“She died in our father’s arms and in his words, ‘she was as beautiful as she was during her wedding night’,” son Sergio Noto says.

Born in 1935, schooling was brief for Carmela Scarvaci and her seven brothers and sisters; her classes lasted only from the age of 7 to 10.

• The Noto family.

• The Noto family.

“After which time she was taught the art of sewing, which assisted with supporting the family,” Sergio says.

He says his mother loved to pass on her skills to others and carried a love of making colourful clothing and blankets throughout her life.

The future Mrs Noto arrived in Fremantle in 1961, aged 26, and worked in her brother Basil’s Hilton deli.

It was love at first sight when Nino Noto saw her at mass at Hamilton Hill’s Holy Cross Church in 1968: “He told his friends she was ‘bedditta ma pirchirita’ – Sicilian for beautiful but short,” Sergio says.

She rejected his advances, but he persisted: [He] saw mum working in the garden, got out of the car took her hand and kissed it and said ‘will you invite me inside’.”

• It was love at first sight when Nino Noto saw a young Carmela Scarvaci.

• It was love at first sight when Nino Noto saw a young Carmela Scarvaci.

Inside he was grilled by his future mother-in-law while her daughter remained silent.

“[Nonna] advised dad she would get back to him in one month with her decision – after she did some checks in Sicily.”

A month later, Nino returned: [And] as the saying goes the rest is history,” Sergio Noto says.

The newlyweds operated a continental deli on the corner of Lefroy and Hampton Road, before purchasing the South Terrace store which they ran for 40 years.

Sons Carlo, Sergio, Frank and Mario came in quick succession between 1970 and 1974.

With four tearaways to deal with and a business to run life was hectic, but the family matriarch was fearless.

• The Notos have been a fixture in South Freo for decades.

• The Notos have been a fixture in South Freo for decades.

“[Mum] would put her little body between us to stop her loves killing each other. She was a hard women, but a good women,” Sergio Noto says.

And she wasn’t afraid to use the wooden spoon on her errant offspring, even waiting “armed” in the darkened hall when they were late.

“[Late] was only around 2am – and we were in our 20s,” Mr Noto says with a fond smile.

Carmela Noto is survived by her husband of of 47 years Nino, four sons and four grandchildren.



Flock returns, sad tales behind them

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

ADVICE that a land of milk and honey awaited them in the Great Southern town of Katanning has soured for the Burundi Peace Choir, who’ve returned to Perth licking their wounds.

The choir, which met in a refugee camp in Tanzania in 1997 after fleeing Burundi’s civil war, struggled to find work in the rural community, which boasts the largest sheep sale turnover in the southern hemisphere. However, much of the work in the local abattoir has been stitched up by the town’s large Muslim population.

“We had friends there from church and the local people were friendly but there was not a lot of work and no activities or government support,”  choir founder Jean Phillipe Irambona says.

“It’s not easier, life sometimes changes.”

• The colourful Burundi Peace Choir didn’t find the land of milk and honey awaiting them in the Great Southern, so they’ve upped stumps and returned to Perth.

• The colourful Burundi Peace Choir didn’t find the land of milk and honey awaiting them in the Great Southern, so they’ve upped stumps and returned to Perth.


Regrouping in Spearwood after the failed sea change had its challenges: “They take more furniture, more things — put it in a car and there’s no room left,” Irambona says with a grin, but for him staying together is vital.

“We live, we don’t live, but the community is very important to teach our children our language, our culture.”

It also helps in dealing with a trauma few outsiders could understand.

“[We’re from] a country at war so it’s hard not to be together, to talk it out and to sing to help us forget what happened.”

Irambona returned to Burundi for the first time in 2014.

“My brother, I found him, [but my Mum and Dad], they died in the war.”

As a pastor of the New Canaan Christian Church,  he helped build a church which doubles as a school in his hometown.

Now Irambona’s searching for a church near Fremantle where the choir can practise and worship at the same time, as singing and dancing is an important expression of their faith.

He’d like to hold more concerts to share their culture and they’ve recorded a new album.

It showcases traditional Burundian music with a mix of contemporary styles and instruments. Irambona is the bassist while other members play drums, keyboard or sing.

Released next month the unnamed album has attracted attention from over east and the choir has just appointed sociologist Lorna Kaino as manager to help negotiate deals.

Ms Kaino recently wrote a Thinking Allowed for the Herald outlining her concerns Perth’s multicultural arts industry is in dire straits following the demise of Kulcha.

She’s flagged spearheading a new campaign to get the state government more interested in supporting groups such as the choir.

The Burundi Peace Choice will be performing on October 25 at the Centre for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Detainees in Perth.



Steeled for stairs

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

NINETY TIMES in one day – we don’t know if it’s a Perth record for Jacob’s Ladder summits but Rob Coyle’s effort definitely tops anything in the Chook’s record books.

Incredibly, the Cockburn gym owner’s Sunday morning stepathlon isn’t even his main achievement; dubbed ‘Perth’s man of steel’, he’s preparing to climb the ladder 120 times in 12 hours on Saturday October 15.

Mr Coyle lives in Bibra Lake and says he’s committing the herculean feat for Telethon because he wants to set a good example for his three kids.

He also had a club foot repaired when he was young and believes Telethon, which supports a range of medical and community charities, is a great way to give back.

• Rob Coyle plans to climb Jacob’s Ladder to this scenic lookout 120 times over the course of one day. Photo by Trilokesh Chanmugam

• Rob Coyle plans to climb Jacob’s Ladder to this scenic lookout 120 times over the course of one day. Photo by Trilokesh Chanmugam

“I’ve had something that I needed medical assistance for so in the back of my mind I feel grateful that got fixed up and now it’s time for me to help and do my part”, Mr Coyle says.

“Thirty odd years later and I’m able to do this crazy stair climbing thing.”

This is his second Telethon climb, and Mr Coyle reckons staying mentally motivated over 12 hours is the biggest challenge.


His training sessions start at 3am, and he takes the ladder two stairs at a time at a walking pace, averaging just over 10 summits an hour.

“I get cramps and stuff like that, from the hips down I guess…but it’s not debilitating anymore because I’m used to it. Just a few aches to remind of the work I’ve done.”

Mr Coyle will be over the moon if he can top the $22,000 he raised last year.



Melville rethinks axeing questions

Published 23 Sep 2016 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

MELVILLE is rethinking its decision to axe question time at agenda briefing forums.

The decision to kill off questions was made by council staff following persistent questioning from the Melville Residents and Ratepayers Association, but Cr Nicholas Pazolli wants that call to be given to councillors.

He moved a motion at this week’s council meeting to reinstate question time, but his colleagues deferred the motion after deciding they needed more time to think about it.

Cr Matthew Woodall, who moved the deferral, said the issue was about the tension between openness and accountability on the one hand, and efficiency and staff time on the other.

He said councillors needed an information session to think about it more thoroughly because other options might be available – such as limiting the number of questions or restricting questions based on relevance to the council agenda.

“We have seen there are sometimes an excessive amount of questions…we have the ability to set rules in this regard”, Cr Woodall said.

“I think it’s an important issue and one that does need to be heard…It is imperative that every opportunity be given for questions to be asked on the record,” Cr Pazolli said.

Tempers often flare at Melville question times, and this week’s meeting was no different, with CEO Shayne Silcox threatening a Bicton resident if he continued to submit targeted questions which doubled-up those submitted by the MRRA.

“If it continues I will seek legal advice in relation to harassment”, Dr Silcox said.



(23/9/16) Queen’s Birthday public holiday operating hours

Published 23 Sep 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

All City of Fremantle services will be closed on the Queen’s Birthday public holiday (Monday 26 September) except for:

4 days ago in Community
(23/9/16) Queen’s Birthday public holiday operating hours

BedZED Pt. 2: Designing for Kids and Community

Published 22 Sep 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

The more I’ve researched and visited a range of sustainable housing projects from around the world the more I have come to the conclusion that the very best sustainable housing project have gone beyond just reducing the amount of energy and water each dwelling uses. They’ve taken sustainable housing to the next level by also […]

Marking time

Published 22 Sep 2016 by Sam Wilson in Fremantle – Sam's notebook.

When the sun gets over the yardarm here (when it’s about level with the top of the Port Authority building), it gets into my eyes and I have to close the blind. So, does that mean it’s beer o’clock? Probably not, but it must surely be time to skive off on some nice code that makes sense and feels calmer and more testable? I reckon so.

Your Garden with Josh Byrne

Published 22 Sep 2016 by Joshs House in Josh's House.

Your Garden with Josh Byrne is a free workshop series providing Perth residents with the ideas and inspiration to create a successful garden while doing your bit to help the Swan and Canning Rivers. Delivered by ABC TV’s Gardening Australia presenter and environmental scientist Josh Byrne, you will be provided with a personalised garden plan that keeps your garden thriving ...

BedZED: The Development that Redefined Sustainable Housing

Published 21 Sep 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Yesterday I got to fulfill a long-term dream to see first-hand one of the most ambitious and important sustainable housing projects on the planet – Beddington Zero Emissions Development, aka BedZED . Even though it is now almost 15 years old it still sets the standard internationally for a large-scale, mixed use sustainable community. This […]

High Rise Deferred by DAP

Published 21 Sep 2016 by admin in The Fremantle Society Incorporated.

52 Adelaide Street (former Spotlight/Coles site)


The 8 storey proposal shown above for 72 flats, 6 commercial tenancies and 98 car bays was deferred at the state government’s Development Assessment Panel (DAP) meeting yesterday (Monday 19 September).

Two Fremantle councillors, Crs Sullivan and Pemberton, voted with one other DAP member to have the matter deferred so the developer could bring back revised plans showing parts of the building above 21 metres being set back as per council policy. Councillor Sullivan proposed the deferral and it passed with a narrow 3-2 vote.

The developer is seeking 8 storeys straight up from the street with no set backs. Council’s lawyer insisted that it could not be approved, but the applicant’s lawyer cleverly shredded the council officer’s report to argue otherwise.

The Fremantle Society has invested a great deal of time on this issue because of its importance, and the fact that any variations to the current scheme that are approved will set a precedent for future developments in this city centre area.

For the Fremantle Society, four architects scrutinised the plans and the officer’s report,  and all were scathing at the quality of the report written.

The council report recommended refusal on grounds of:
a) height
b) detriment to amenity under clause 67.
(though nowhere in the officer’s report are the arguments presented to support that refusal)

Despite the officer’s recommendation, Mayor Pettitt, and councillors Nabor, Hume, McDonald, Walthan, and Jones all voted to send the item to the DAP to let them decide on the legal advice. By the time it got to the DAP, somehow the officer’s recommendation for refusal had turned into a glowing approval. The applicant’s lawyer said she had  been at the planning meeting and that there had been ‘a unanimous decision to approve.’ The applicant said that council staff ‘are clearly supportive of this plan’. The chair of DAP Ian Birch said that ‘the alternative recommendation (for approval) had been adopted by the planning committee.’ Remarkable stuff.

The Fremantle Society presented their case and a Fremantle lawyer was brought in to present for the Fremantle Society as well. This is a very complex case with many facets and issues to be dealt with, but the focus from DAP was mainly on how could the developer have the extra storey he was seeking.

The applicant’s aerial view of the 52 Adelaide Street proposal as shown is dishonest and should not have been allowed to go forward by council officers. The drawing shows Johnston Court as being significantly higher, whereas both are almost the same height. The applicant has shown his building bathed in light on the facing side, whereas the same side of Johnston Court is ominously dark. Also there are no lift overruns or rooftop clutter shown on 52 Adelaide Street, clutter which always ends up adding considerably to how buildings are viewed around town.

Claudia Green from FRRA was there and supported the Fremantle Society case, as did Julie Matheson from Scrap the DAPs.

Further details will be provided of the expert analysis from Fremantle Society architects.

High Rise Not Needed – Herald • Letters 17 September 2016

Published 21 Sep 2016 by admin in The Fremantle Society Incorporated.

HISTORY will show that mayor Pettitt and councillors Hume, Nabor, McDonald, Waltham, and Jones are happy to see new developments in the heart of Fremantle as high as the detested 1970 Johnston Court block of flats.

38letters-1They are the ones who voted to allow an eight-storey, plus basement, plus rooftop clutter, development to go through council’s planning committee to the development assessment panel, despite a legal opinion by council’s own lawyers that council could not approve the eighth storey.
The mayor and councillors danced around the legal advice and decided to let the DAP decide. On this former Spotlight site (originally Coles) adjacent to Westgate Mall, 72 residences, 7 commercial tenancies and 97 cars will somehow be jammed into the 1390sqm site.


On this block bounded by Adelaide, Queen and Cantonment streets, on 15 December 1965, Charles Court opened council’s Westgate “Super Centre”, a transit orientated development with Bairds, Coles, and Walsh’s as key tenants. It was promoted as the ‘shopping mecca of the western and southern suburbs.’ It wasn’t long before Myer came to town and wanted something bigger and so within seven years the centre of gravity shifted to King’s Square and Westgate Mall went into decline with Myer (which opened 1 August 1972) and the adjacent Queensgate (1987) becoming the latest salvation of retail in Fremantle.
The photograph showing all the paving leading into Westgate Mall was taken in 1968 from council’s Point Street car park (the first split level car park in WA)  soon after Westgate Mall opened. In the background stands the handsome Johnston Church, weeks before it was demolished to make way for the Johnston Court flats seen in the second (1971) photograph, which also shows the new Crane House at the rear.
Soon after Johnston Court was built in 1970, the mayor and some councillors were aghast at its negative impact, and promised that something like it would never be built again. But here we are 46 years later and neither the mayor nor any councillor blinked when the developer for 52 Adelaide Street argued that Johnston Court was ‘adjacent’ and could be ‘built up to.’ Once 52 Adelaide Street goes through the DAP next Monday (9.30am in Fremantle Council Chamber) the rest of the area could well be blighted with such heights.

The mayor said that nothing ‘but a bomb’ could improve the Westgate Mall area, hardly a considered planning argument for that small part of Fremantle which sits between the important heritage areas of King’s Square and Princess May Park. It may be run down and lacking investment but at  least it has a human scale that suits Fremantle.
The solution for Fremantle’s regeneration is not high rise nor super high density housing creating the slums of the future.
Rather, we need the high quality new buidings we were promised by this council, and some ‘bomb proof’ sensitivity to whatever site the mayor and councillors next lay their eyes on.
John Dowson
The Fremantle Society


The Past Should Inform the Future

Published 21 Sep 2016 by admin in The Fremantle Society Incorporated.

But for a Few Major Planning Errors Like Johnston Court and Myer We Could Still Have a Homogenous Historic Town Centre 

This aerial view c1980 is helpful in understanding the evolution of the town centre.

a9fb1173-dd44-412d-865b-952aa00b46b8High Street runs up the middle to King’s Square where council installed large water fountains can be seen and blocked off through traffic.The massive bulk of Myer on the east side of the square dominates with the car park behind. Next to Myer is Woolworths, a few years before the council built Queensgate on that site. Woolworths and Coles moved around to different Fremantle locations over the years, generally doing damage to heritage properties in the process. A point in case is the new Coles at the top left of the photo next to the basilica. Coles replaced the beautiful convent.

On the very left with the striped roof is part of Fremantle’s greatest wool store (now Coles), which council allowed to be demolished soon after this image was taken. It could have provided office space for 100 years. To the right of it sits council’s 1965 Westgate Mall project (see today’s Herald page 5). This £2 million refurbishment with Boans and 26 other retail tenancies was hailed as a cost effective project for ratepayers, supposedly only costing them £80,000 after lot sales. The next Council project, Queensgate, by the time it is sold at a bargain basement price to Sirona, will have cost ratepayers many millions.

Dominating the picture is the 1970 Johnston Court block of flats. Unlike the current 52 Adelaide Street proposed block of flats, the same height as Johnston Court,  that council sent to the Monday 19 September DAP meeting, Johnston Court at least has a court, or areas of open space, and its face to Adelaide Street is narrow. However, it is currently the single biggest blight in the whole area. Without it and Myer, the scale of the original historic town would be largely intact. Unfortunately council now regard Johnston Court heights as being OK in that area, an area immediately adjacent to King’s Square, one of the few town squares anywhere in Australia.

Council decided in 2006 that tall buildings were supposed to be built in the east end of Fremantle, not in its heart. And, with the future relocation of container traffic to Cockburn and the opening up of North Quay land for development, much greater heights there could take the pressure off Fremantle’s sensitive town centre scale. That scale is a valuable economic asset which should not be damaged.

Bookclubs around the world

Published 20 Sep 2016 by Fremantle City Library in Fremantle City Library.

Want to discuss books but can’t always spare the time for a face to face meeting? There are lots of online bookclubs where you can discuss what you’ve been reading together at your leisure.

201607-oprahs-book-club_orange-logo-promo-949x534 ema bk-club-date-free-square-min-300x300 pp-thebookclub

The most famous and arguably influential in terms of book sales is Oprah’s Book Club. Although her show is no longer on air, Oprah reportedly still chooses each of the monthly books.

Goodreads is a great source to find specific interests – there are ones for particular authors, genres, and can be searched to find region specific clubs as well. As an ambassador for UN Women, Actress Emma Watson started a feminist book club, Our Shared Shelf, which is hosted at Goodreads.

The Better Reading Book Club is an Australian online club that hosts a Facebook live event each month. You can also view the archived video discussions for previous books.


For a bookclub with a difference, the Ultra Manly Bookclub hosts its discussions via Twitter using the hashtag #iumbc and only reads thoughtful, manly books.

And of course there’s the ABC TV program, The Book Club, who discuss new releases and classics evey month. They’ve also spun off with an iView program called Bookish, with short episodes exploring storytelling, poetry and more.

If online is not your thing and you would be interested in forming a bookclub at the Library, contact us on 08 9432 9766 or email to find out more.

We also have a survey for a weekend bookclub at the moment. If you would be interested in joining one during a Saturday or Sunday at the library, please fill it in and let us know. Survey closes 27 September 2016.


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Electric Vehicle Festival in Freo on Sunday

Published 19 Sep 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

The WA Branch of the AEVA is excited to announce EV Fest 2016; an exhibition of the latest and greatest electric vehicles from the likes of Tesla, BMW, Holden, Nissan, Mitsubishi and many others, along with a diverse range of converted commuters, classics and work-horses. This event is 100% free for exhibitors and spectators! Freo’s […]

Beaconsfield Community Votes for Independence but did it just get more party politics?

Published 19 Sep 2016 by Mark in Fremantle Reform.

We see on WAEC website the final result for the weekends extraordinary election result for Beaconsfield in the City of Fremantle (COF). First up well done to all the candidates who took their time to engage in their community it takes time, effort and passion also congratulations to the winner Hannah Fitzhardinge. BEACONSFIELD WARD Vacancies […]

Weekend bookclub survey

Published 19 Sep 2016 by Fremantle City Library in Fremantle City Library.


We are currently looking at setting up a weekend book club and would like your feedback.
Please fill in our survey and let us know if it would suit and how we can best tailor it to your interests.

Survey closes 27 September 2016.

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(19/9/16) Beaconsfield ward extraordinary election result

Published 19 Sep 2016 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

The City would like to welcome Hannah Fitzhardinge as the new Beaconsfield ward councillor following the extraordinary election on Friday 16 September.

For election results, visit the WAEC website.


1 week ago in Council
(19/9/16) Beaconsfield ward extraordinary election result

Change in the wind for DAPs

Published 18 Sep 2016 by admin in The Fremantle Society Incorporated.

This article from the Weekend West Australian of 17-18 September refers to the anticipated latest development from the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) on the ongoing saga of Development Assessment Panels (DAPs):

dap-west-aust-walga-report-17-sep-2016-p-26It is disappointing in that it refers to times taken to arrive at decisions, rather than appropriateness of them. The final quote from the Planning Minister is revealing – that applicants are passing over councils for the DAP – thus eliminating a major function of councils as well as indicating dissatisfaction with councils by applicants (or indicating that applicants have found a way of avoiding local planning guidelines) and acknowledging that, if an application could end up with the DAP anyway, why bother going to council at all. It would help somewhat, if the $2M mandatory threshold were fully enforced.

There are a number of interpretations of the situation, most indicating that if councils were the final arbiter, there would be better and more appropriate local control and answerability – something the Fremantle Society believes is lacking under the present system.

Given the Minister has stated she requires changes to DAPs but will not agree to their elimination, the last media release from WALGA provides the best hope yet of at least some advancement in addressing significant concerns, although the proposal for, ” a Ministerial call-in power”, warrants examination and there appears to be no opportunity for community representatives on DAP panels:

Campaign Seeks to Solve System Inefficiencies

Monday, September 12, 2016

 A campaign to change the Development Assessment Panels (DAP) system has received the green light from WA Local Government Association State Council, allowing communities to have their voices heard on large scale developments.

The State Council agreed on Friday, 9 September to support a campaign that lobbies for changes to the Development Assessment Panels.

The campaign will call for the following changes:

WA Local Government Association President Cr Lynne Craigie said the upcoming state election presents a valuable opportunity to change the flawed DAP system.

“WALGA five-year review of the DAP have proven that the current system has a number of failings,” she said.

“These include exceeding legislated timeframes for development application outcomes, running inefficient meetings and dealing with small-scale development applications rather than projects of that affects the state.

“The suggested changes will deal with these failings and improve the system.”

Segway Tours come to Fremantle

Published 18 Sep 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

After lots of work from City of Fremantle staff and Segway Tours WA, segway tours are about to start in Fremantle in late September They will operate in Fremantle outside the WA Museum – Shipwreck Galleries, 45 Cliff Street. I expect this will be a popular attraction for tourists and even a few locals. I […]

20016 Fremantle Studies Day

Published 18 Sep 2016 by fhs6160 in Fremantle History Society.



The Fremantle History Society invites you to join us

on Sunday 30th October between 1 and 5pm
at THE WA ARMY MUSEUM, Burt Street Fremantle

for four new papers which consider special places and themes in Fremantle’s history, leaving us with important questions to ponder.
Enjoy stimulating papers, good company and our legendary afternoon tea.
Registrations open at 1pm for a 1-30pm start

Price: $20 members, $25 non members

Bookings:, phone contact 0438 445 141,

WWW: FACEBOOK:/fremantlehistorysociety

Please see further information regarding speakers on the flier.

Photograph Courtesy of Fremantle City Library History Centre, Print No. 2834

Recycling, Energy and the Future of Our Waste.

Published 17 Sep 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

As I’ve previously written WA has some major challenges in the waste and recycling area. WA is still sending the majority of its waste to landfill. According to the WA Waste Strategy, West Australians not only produces more waste per capita than any one else in the country (over 2000 kg per person each year!) we […]

Congratulations Hannah Fitzhardinge!

Published 17 Sep 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

  It was pleasing to hear from the other side of the world that good residents of Beaconsfield Ward in the City of Fremantle have elected the very capable Hannah Fitzhardinge to the Fremantle Council as a replacement for Josh Wilson. An added bonus to having someone of Hannah’s caliber on the council is that […]

Another Blow to Freo; Murdoch precinct land released | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Published 16 Sep 2016 by Mark in Fremantle Reform.

WITH an eye on Murdoch becoming a “new city centre”, LandCorp is releasing seven large development lots for office, retail and 400 new residences. The lots, ranging between 2000sqm and 6000sqm, wil… Source: Murdoch precinct land released | Fremantle Herald Interactive Looks like Freo has another blow heading its way if this development takes off. […]

The “five mega trends” that are going to change the world.

Published 15 Sep 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

I’ve spent the last few days at a conference in Birmingham on waste, energy, renewables and water. It’s been interesting it hear what market leaders in each of these areas are innovating and unsurprisingly there are lots of similarities between the UK and Australia A conference highlight was author and UN gold medal futurologist Ray […]

Fremantle History Society Annual Studies Day

Published 15 Sep 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

The Fremantle History Society is running its annual Studies Day Sunday 30th October between 1 and 5pm at THE WA ARMY MUSEUM, Burt Street Fremantle   Four diverse, new papers which consider special places and themes in Fremantle’s history will be presented They also have a legendary afternoon tea. Registrations open at 1pm for a 1-30pm […]

Victorian findings on safe passing distances laws apply to WA

Published 15 Sep 2016 by Lynn in Lynn Maclaren | MLC Western Australia.

A Metre Matters; Lynn MacLaren

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has welcomed a Victorian Parliamentary inquiry report released today which calls for minimum safe passing distances for vehicles approaching bicycles to be applied in that State, in tandem with community education about the laws and improvements in cycling infrastructure.

“The cross-party Parliamentary inquiry in Victoria has drawn conclusions about safe passing distance laws that could equally apply in WA,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The WA Greens first introduced a Bill for safe passing distances in the WA Parliament in March 2014 and have been championing their cause ever since, while other States and Territories have moved to introduce similar laws or trials.

“As is recommended by the report tabled by Victorian MPs today, the Greens are calling for a minimum one metre safe passing distance to be given by vehicles approaching bike-riders within a 60km an hour or less zone and 1.5m where the allowable speed is above 60kmh.

“I urge the WA Attorney General and Road Safety Minister to read the Victorian report and consider its recommendations, particularly in regard to measures to be undertaken in tandem with new safe passing distance rules, such as community education and training for police about the rule changes.

“The WA Attorney General has expressed concern that judging when there has been an infringement would be problematic but that has never been a compelling reason to not introduce these laws. As this report states, there are emerging technologies which may help with improving accurate measurement of distances.”


WA Apartment Advocacy Puts Density on the Agenda

Published 14 Sep 2016 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Interesting to read in The West Australian today about the launch of, as the West put it a “New group to fight NIMBYs on apartments”. Freo even get a mention. Personally I would frame WA Apartment Advocacy a bit differently. It is about providing greater housing choice for Perth’s changing and growing population. The […]

Vital Table Talks: Stef Sifandos & Tenille Bentley – Tuesday 27th September

Published 14 Sep 2016 by Manager Moore in Blog – Moore & Moore Cafe.


Conscious Business Leaders ‘Power Couple’ Stef Sifandos and Tenille Bentley are coming together for this exclusive event – where we uncover ‘TᕼE 3 KEYᔕ ᖴOᖇ ᑌᑎᒪOᑕKIᑎG OᑭTIᗰᗩᒪ ᗯEᒪᒪᗷEIᑎG – through mind, body and soul transformative tools’.


We will be exploring the areas of Conscious Communication with self and others, Sovereign Leadership modalities and Transformative Health & Wellness secrets, so that you can use these to create your life by design, have valuable lasting relationships and enable essential tools that will allow you to align your heart, mind and body and soar into the next chapter of your life.

Price inclusive of expert presentation, nibbles and dinner (vegan meal option) $47 General / $34 concession

Last event was full so make sure you secure your seats and your tummies for an epic experience. Feeding the heart, mind, body, soul and the stomach 🙂 WOOO!! CLICK HERE

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