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Published 24 Apr 2017 by freoview in Freo's View.

As flagged here on Freo’s View a few weeks ago former President of the Chamber of Commerce Ra Stewart will nominate for the position of Mayor of Fremantle at the October local government election, opposing present Mayor Brad Pettitt.

Stewart told Business News that she wanted to bring responsible financial management and enthusiasm back to council.

The latter shows Stewart should have attended more Freo Council meetings as there is definitely no lack of enthusiasm at the present council, clearly indicated by their drive for economic recovery, strongly encouraging massive development, which Fremantle has not seen for 30 years.

It will no doubt be a very interesting and hard-fought election and I am expecting at least another two people to put their hand up to oust Brad Pettitt.

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(24/4/17) Fremantle ANZAC Day commemorative events 2017

Published 24 Apr 2017 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

Fremantle is a unique location to honour ANZAC Day as it was the last Australian experience many soldiers and sailors had before departing our shores to join the war effort overseas.

The day will commence with a traditional silent ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the Fremantle War Memorial, home to the plaques honouring the 849 Fremantle servicemen and women who failed to return from WW1.

It will conclude with the traditional ANZAC Day March through the streets of Fremantle and closing ceremony on the Esplanade Reserve.

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(24/4/17) Fremantle ANZAC Day commemorative events 2017

Natural Gas and Water Pipeline Works in Kings Square

Published 24 Apr 2017 by Nicci Workum in Fremantle Bid.

Work is due to commence from mid-May. There may be minor interruptions to your water and gas supply. Work will generally be carried out between 7am and 7pm Monday – Friday. There will be a few excavation sites that will comprise of 1m  x 1m x 1m deep holes that hopefully will be back filled the same day. Once the pipe work has been replaced the gas and water will need to be connected to your pipes within your business. If for any reason there shows a leak within your premises this will need to be fixed by the landlord/owner of the property.

A site office will be installed on Newman Court probably outside the old Myer building and a dedicated project supervisor will work from there should you have any concerns. His name is Steve Pallant and can be contacted on 6163 5000 weekdays 8am till 4pm. This work is necessary as the existing pipework’s are over 80 years old. The works also represents the opportunity for businesses not currently connected for gas to get connected.

Tim Milsom


Fremantle BID

Anzac Day Public Holiday 2017

Published 23 Apr 2017 by Fremantle City Library in Fremantle City Library.

Please note that Fremantle City Library will be closed on Tuesday 25 April 2017 for the Anzac Day public holiday.
We will reopen on Wednesday 26 April at 9am.

View our website for opening hours, services and more.

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Published 23 Apr 2017 by freoview in Freo's View.

The Be. serviced apartments in Fremantle Challenger Harbour are adding more units to the tourist accommodation, so just what Freo needs to attract more visitors and enable them to stay overnight instead of having to commute to Perth.

All the older apartments at Be. have been refurbished recently and are considered to be four and a half star quality accommodation.

They have great views to Bathers Bay and historic Arthur Head or the Fishing Boat Harbour, so keep them in mind when friends are coming over to visit WA.

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This is a community service, not a paid advertorial! 

The Fremantle Network Monday 24th at the National

Published 23 Apr 2017 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Rock up for some interesting discussion from Freo locals on what is happening in and around Freo. This month… Dimitri Kapetas, from EHDO architecture EHDO is very excited to be in the process of designing the first Nightingale Housing project in WA, here in Fremantle at 29 Wood Street. Nightingale Housing is a non-profit organisation […]


Published 22 Apr 2017 by freoview in Freo's View.


Great Fremantle Chamber Orchestra concert on TODAY, Sunday April 23 at the Fremantle Town Hall at 3 pm.

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Published 22 Apr 2017 by freoview in Freo's View.



I like the monthly Fremantle Network events a lot as they are always very informative and it’s good to stay up to date with what is happening in fab Freo.

Tomorrow Monday April 24 at 6 pm will be the next event upstairs at the National Hotel so come along. It’s free and drinks and food are available from the bar.

Dimitri Kapetas, from EHDO architecture will talk about the Nightingale Project at Wood Street.

Nightingale Housing is a non-profit organisation formed by a group of leading Australian architects. It aims to create affordable housing models that are specifically designed to achieve environmental and social benefits for cities. In other words, Nightingale promotes the building of communities, not just market commodities.

Also speaking will be the very impressive Michael McPhail, the Deputy Mayor of the Town of East Fremantle (and Western Australia’s youngest!)

His passion for cities and making them better places for the people who live in them infuses everything he does.

The focus of his talk will be the future of the Leeuwin Barracks, and the impact this will have on the future of Greater Fremantle.

Take part in the Fremantle Network events, meet new people, network, be informed and have your say about the future of Freo!

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Published 22 Apr 2017 by freoview in Freo's View.

Pakenham Street development proposal

There is an information session at the City of Fremantle on Thursday April 27 at 5.30 pm about the ridiculous development proposal for Pakenham and Phillimore streets in the heritage-listed historic West End.

The proponents want totally inappropriate five storeys of ugliness, so it is important that the community let Fremantle Councillors and State agencies know that we do not want these buildings in our heritage precinct.

You can write a submission against these proposals on the City of Fremantle website. Do it!

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Published 22 Apr 2017 by freoview in Freo's View.

Just three days before ANZAC Day racist fools have plastered offensive posters around the Fremantle Bathers Beach area proclaiming  we should be proud to be white Australians.

It would do these ignorant idiots a whole lot of good if they read a bit about the history of Australia and the immense contribution people from all races, cultures and skin colours made to this country and help make it the great multicultural society we now are.

I am grateful to those people who scratched and removed some of the posters, so if you are around the area, bring something sharp to scratch this rubbish off. They are on the Esplanade and at Bathers.

Roel Loopers

Sleep Out Under the Stars 2017

Published 21 Apr 2017 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Come on down to the beautiful surrounds of the University of Notre Dame for one of Freo’s favourite fundraisers. Sleep Out Under the Stars is a very special evening, hosted by St. Patrick’s Community Support Centre and the University of Notre Dame to raise funds and awareness for homelessness. Join us for an evening of […]


Published 21 Apr 2017 by freoview in Freo's View.



ANZAC Day is this coming Tuesday April 25 so get up early and join the Dawn Service at Monument Hill at 5.50 and watch the sun rise.

From 7.30 the ANZAC Day Breakfast is on at the Esplanade so perfect for a beacon and egg roll and cuppa.

At 9 am the lovely more intimate North Fremantle ceremony is held at the war memorial opposite Mojo’s.

The big Parade starts from the Esplanade at 10.15and will wind through the CBD and Cappuccino Strip.

The Closing Ceremony will be held at 10.45 on the Esplanade.

It is important to always remember those who sacrificed their life to fight for peace and freedom.

Roel Loopers

(21/4/17) Homelessness perception survey

Published 21 Apr 2017 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

ARTreach and The Local Drug Action Groups inc. want to hear your thoughts on homelessness and anticocial behaviour around the Fremantle area.

The survey closes Sunday 30 April 2017.

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(21/4/17) Homelessness perception survey

A tragic bond

Published 21 Apr 2017 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

A RULE preventing homeless people from getting bond assistance if they’re moving into a shared house is a literal killer, says Cockburn lodging house caretaker Dave Shannon.

Mr Shannon, who lives at Spearwood House on Rockingham Road but keeps an eye over several Urban Fabric lodging houses in the area, recently wrote to new premier Mark McGowan urging him to overturn the rule and says he knows from bitter experience why it has to go.


Mr Shannon was rostered on at the company’s Healy Road facility in July last year when 48-year-old Ian ‘Spike’ Wilson approached him about a room. Mr Wilson was homelessness, but it was winter and he was desperate to get off the streets.

Without a home, Mr Wilson couldn’t find work and there wasn’t enough money left from his dole each week to build up a bond, so the pair contacted Homeswest about assistance.

• Dave Shannon runs a couple of lodging houses and says the McGowan government should offer bond assistance to get people out of social housing. Photo by Steve Grant

But the request was denied because of the department’s rule against single rooms, while Urban Fabric had its own rules about a security deposit.

“He was really upset – not angry or anything like that – but he really wanted to try and get his life back on track and this was a real setback,” says Mr Shannon.

“So he left and said ‘I’ll go back on the street for the night’.”

But as Mr Wilson sheltered under a blanket in the doorway of the Metrochurch in Perth, he was bashed to death with a claw hammer by psychopathic thrill killer Daniel James Cohen, who told police he thought he was putting the homeless man out of his misery. Cohen tried to kill another homeless man with an axe the following night but the man survived and he was arrested by police.

“I’m an ex-serviceman and the CEO of a motorbike fundraising club, so not much gets to me, but that upsets me like you wouldn’t believe,” Mr Shannon says.


He believes the government could save thousands in the long run if it reversed the rule.

“If rental bond and other assistance was provided we would have far less homeless and once these people are secure in the knowledge that they actually have somewhere to call home they would seek gainful employment and become less dependent on welfare.”

Mr Shannon says there are also huge policing and health costs associated with having people on the streets. Even if they were doing nothing wrong, police were obliged to attend every time there was a complaint.

Since Mr Wilson’s murder, Urban Fabric has introduced a scheme that allows tenants to pay off their security deposit by quarantining a part of their dole, but Mr Shannon says it’s unfair that the private sector is being “hold the bag, so to speak”.


Coach transforms club

Published 21 Apr 2017 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

INVESTING in renowned coach Chris Twomey is paying off in spades for the South Shore Swimming Club and Melville council.

Just a year into the job, Twomey’s reputation has seen club numbers leap from just 40 to more than 170, while the boys team took out top honours in the state junior swimming championships last weekend.

Star of the meet was Tom Dreverman who picked up six gold medals and one silver, finishing just one point behind the male swimmer of the meet.

• South Shore swimmers Joshua Spencer, Amelie Prinsloo, Ellie Fry and Lennard Booth are off to the national championships.

Overall the club finished fifth, which Twomey says was a top effort for a club that’s rebuilding.

Four swimmers from South Shore have also qualified for the national age championships this weekend, Amelie Prinsloo fresh from winning gold at the state meet.

The South Shore Swimming Club was formed in 2010 when the Melville and Applecross swimming clubs merged, and meet at Booragoon LeisureFit on Marmion Street.


Plastic ban part 2

Published 21 Apr 2017 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

FREMANTLE council is to have another crack at banning plastic bags.

At Wednesday’s finance and policy committee, councillors decided the demise of the Barnett government could open a window to get a new local law enacted.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt said he’d got an indication from the McGowan government that while a state-wide ban wasn’t high on its priorities, it would be supportive of local governments going ahead on their own.

Committee chair Andrew Sullivan railed against the timidity of successive governments who wouldn’t initiate a ban because of the controversy it raised.

Cr Sullivan says it’s left to local councils to cop the flak until the issue settles down, and only then would the government step in.

Several other councils, including East Fremantle, have recently enacted their own plastic bag by-laws, with support from the WA Local Government Association.

But the council’s ban will still have to get through the Upper House, and until it meets and a new Speaker is chosen, there’s technically a tie between conservative parties and Labour and the Greens with 18 seats on each side.

Notre Dame senior politics lecturer Martin Drum says unless Labor can convince a disenchanted Liberal to take the Speaker’s role, it’s likely to have to put up its own candidate and be stuck one vote short.

Minor parties such as the Shooters and Fishers or Liberal Democrats are unlikely to be wooed, as that would effectively neuter them as they’d have no vote and lose their balance of power.

“But I don’t necessarily see that as making it impossible to get the plastic bag ban through,” Dr Drum told the Voice.

Telco troubles

Published 21 Apr 2017 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

NBNCO reportedly signed work orders last week for Aubin Grove to be connected to the National Broadband Network.

The southern suburb cracked a mention in parliament late last month as Federal Fremantle MP Josh Wilson complained residents were suffering internet speeds slower than developing countries — if they could even connect — yet had to watch neighbouring suburbs with decent services jump ahead on the NBN rollout.

“There are areas like Aubin Grove in my electorate which currently have no access to line broadband and where the quality of wireless is very poor to say the least,” Mr Wilson told his federal colleagues.

• Fremantle MP Josh Wilson is no stranger to telco issues in his electorate. Last year he was contacted by Paul Tod who couldn’t get his new O’Connor office connected to the internet. File photo

“While I understand that a program as large and varied as the rollout of the NBN has to proceed according to a range of considerations, it is difficult for people in Aubin Grove or parts of Hamilton Hill to watch areas that already enjoy ADSL broadband receive the NBN before they do.

Mr Wilson’s office told the Herald that Rous Head in Fremantle had also missed out on being prioritised for NBN, despite being a vital industry and transport hub vital to the state’s economy.

Aubin Grove resident Lara Kirkwood, who runs popular Facebook page Cockburn Chat, said she’d met a representative from NBNCO this week after somehow landing the job of being unofficial spokesperson for residents.

Ms Kirkwood said despite the advice about work orders and connections being completed by March next year, she says she won’t “hold my breath until I see that truck rolling up the street”.


Fuelling her suspicions is that the NBN website has just been updated, yet her Peppermint Gardens unit near Rowley Road is still listed as merely “planned” for connection at some point in the future.

Mr Wilson, who recently sat on a joint standing committee looking at the NBN, has called for the telecommunications ombudsman to be given more teeth to handle complaints.

He says the ombudsman’s not been asked to collect data that shows what parts of the technology are being complained about most, while NBNCO and service providers continued to pass the buck over internet speeds drastically slower than advertised.

Ms Kirkwood said the NBNCO representative told her it wasn’t their fault.

“Apparently the issue is not the NBN, it’s the service providers who don’t buy enough data compared to what they’re selling.

“Then when the NBN is about to get connected they are flooding the market with flyers promising this and that, and people are signing up with the first one they get and aren’t comparing them to what else is on the market.”

Ms Kirkwood recently connected to an ADSL line after six years on a wireless connection, but says it took constant phone calls to her internet provider. The suburb is chronically short of connection ports so the only way to get on is if someone else logs off.

She says it’s made a drastic difference, and not just because she can stream movies now. Ms Kirkwood had to delay her studies because the wireless connection made it economically unviable.

She’d been paying $65 a month on wireless, but that only earned her 6 gigabytes of data. On her new plan she pays $90 a month for 1000 gigs.

Marnus Smalberger shifted from Hammond Park to Aubin Grove in December and it’s hard to believe he reckons he’s gone up the internet scale. In January he did a speed test and found his download speed was a snail-paced 0.08 megabits per second.


Society bypass

Published 21 Apr 2017 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

THE Fremantle Society has bypassed Fremantle council and asked the Turnbull government to protect a larger area of the West End than covered by last year’s state listing.

The society lobbied the WA Heritage Council to include Kings Square and the Fremantle train station and prison in the listing, but the heritage council sided with the local council and restricted the listing to the area between Market Street and the railway line, arguing it aligned with the city’s gold rush years.

Now the society has asked the federal environment and energy department to consider the larger footprint for inclusion on the national heritage list.

The department has accepted the nomination, which will now be assessed by the Australian Heritage Council.

“The Fremantle Society argues in its detailed submission that the historic town, despite damage by the present council, is still worthy of the accolades, benefits and status that a national listing would bring,” society president John Dowson emailed to members this week.

• John Dowson

Distinctive landmarks

He wants the council, business community and residents to support the listing from Arthur Head, along the inner harbour to the prison’s limestone ridge, and back along Fishing Boat Harbour.

“Within these boundaries the city centre is identifiable from several vantage points as a cohesive whole; a comfortable human environment with a familiar street pattern, traditional architecture and a number of distinctive landmarks,” the society’s submission read.

“Currently there is a significant number of inappropriate and oversized buildings being approved by a council desperate for ‘revitalisation’.”

Mayor Brad Pettitt said national listing was “notoriously difficult” which was why only the prison and warders’ cottages had been included.

“The debate over the most appropriate national listing boundary is to be expected and is healthy, but the risk of accepting a bigger boundary is the significance of the area will be devalued by the inclusion of areas lacking any special heritage significance,” Dr Pettitt said.

“The state listing of the West End was recently achieved because it was a coherent boundary that had a strong identity beyond the value of its individual buildings and one which was also supported by the majority of property owners in the area.”


BID secures funding

Published 21 Apr 2017 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

THE Fremantle BID has secured funding for the next three years after reaching a detente with the chamber of commerce.

Chamber CEO Olwyn Williams had previously called for Fremantle council to withhold funding from the BID after being unimpressed by it’s first attempt at a new business plan and modest output in its first five years.

But at this week’s finance and policy committee meeting, Ms Williams said the two organisations had worked hard to overhaul the business plan and reach agreement.


“We are requiring the BID to provide a lot more information and feedback on the activities they are undertaking,” Ms Williams said during public question time.

She said the chamber was even comfortable supporting the business plan despite an annual deficit, as the BID had previously been unnecessarily hoarding its funding.

“We support the annual deficit on the understanding it’s about spending the money to make Fremantle better for business,” Ms Williams said.

BID CEO Tim Milsom said he hoped to be announcing new revenue streams in the near future which would make the organisation’s admin cost-neutral.

The committee’s vote will have to go to full council.

Rubbish war ongoing

Published 21 Apr 2017 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

WA’s environment department says it’s aware of overseas rubbish fouling Aussies beaches but we can be grateful it’s not as bad as many places overseas.

Recently Fremantle citizen scientists Jamie and Base Van Jones discovered three rubbish hotspots off Ningaloo Reef, Dirk Hartog Island and the Montebello Islands (“Ocean of rubbish,” Herald, April 8, 2017).

Parks and Wildlife says marine debris is putting pressure on WA’s marine parks and its fauna, and it undertakes surveys and clean-ups periodically.

“For example, ongoing collection of debris is undertaken by Parks and Wildlife staff, and in collaboration, and in collaboration with community groups, along the Ningaloo Coast and Montebello Islands,” the department said in a release.

“The department also collaborates with various community groups, such as Tangaroa Blue, to co-ordinate beach clean ups across a number of other marine parks.”

The federal department of environment and energy is currently developing a threat abatement plan to protect vertebrate marine species.

Parks and Wildlife says it’s also been working with the feds of a public education program to encourage people to keep Ningaloo pristine.

At Exmouth, local businesses embraced a campaign to rid the area of plastic bags and stopped handing out free plastic bags in 2008.

Bus bullies anger

Published 21 Apr 2017 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

HAMILTON HILL resident Barry Lowthorpe was “absolutely mortified” to witness the verbal bullying of two local students on a recent bus ride, and says the problem has been ongoing for almost two years.

Mr Lowthorpe lives near the bus interchange on Carrington Street before Rockingham Road and had assumed the name calling he had been overhearing was just “banter between troubled kids”.

When catching the bus during the student commute rush hour last week, Mr Lowthorpe says he was shocked to discover the perpetrators were from Fremantle Christian College.

“The name calling was all one way,” he says. “They were calling these two kids losers and saying they were never going to get anywhere, and these poor kids were just sitting there soaking it in.”

He says both boys and girls were involved in the bullying, and other students on the bus just watched it happen.


Mr Lowthorpe initially thought the victims were from Port School, just opposite the bus stop, but Port school principal Barry Finch confirmed their students are escorted to the bus stops by teachers, and finish an hour before other nearby schools.

Mr Lowthorpe now says the victims were students of the nearby Kerry Street primary school.

As an openly gay man, Mr Lowthorpe was a victim of bullying in his school days and says the kids looked “absolutely helpless”.

“The reaction of the two boys was horrifying – it seemed like they were used to it.

“I felt obliged to speak to them afterwards and told them they’d be okay,” he said.

Mr Lowthorpe has been in contact with FCC and says he was told they would suspend every student found to be involved in the incident.

FCC principal couldn’t reveal if any suspensions had been made but said the school dealt with the incident under its bullying policy.

“I can assure you we dealt with the issue very quickly and very seriously,” Mr Ashton said.

The Herald was told the school board would put out an official statement about the incident.


Planning scheme update

Published 21 Apr 2017 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

COCKBURN council is poised to undertake the mammoth task of updating its planning scheme and a strategy to guide it.

The council was due to vote this week on a plan to review the scheme, which sets zones to control where to build houses, business and industry and what to leave alone for green space.

A report to the council says the review will seek to continue the revitalisation of older urban areas to cater for population growth.

It will also balance high density living with open and social spaces.

The council will hold community information sessions and pump out some information sheets and frequently asked questions to keep residents informed about what’s going on.

Andrew Trosic, Cockburn’s manager of strategic planning, says the council will be walking the fine line between increasing density and easing traffic congestion.

Future growth

“There are a number of important issues that will shape how our community deals with its future growth,” Mr Trosic said.

“Community involvement in the development of the new scheme, and its strategic component called the local planning strategy, will consider important growth challenges for us to achieve, including;

• how development can support improved public transport provision and walking and cycling;

• how we ensure protection and rejuvenation of the natural environment;

• how we can ensure there is a continued supply of land available for residential development that addresses the needs of our diverse community and households;

• how we can plan for the continued growth and investment in our town centres, which supports local economic development and employment;

• how we can provide for mixed uses within our residential areas, that encourages more activity during the day; and,

• how we can assist our community in respect of housing affordability.”

Council officers reckon even without the usual delays, the scheme is unlikely to be approved before the second half of 2018.

LETTERS 22.4.17

Published 21 Apr 2017 by Your Herald in Fremantle Herald Interactive.

Why we want Roe back

RECENTLY South Fremantle resident Andrew Luobikis started an online petition to get Roe 8 back on the books, despite premier Mark McGowan reiterating that the project was now dead. Within a day or two he had secured thousands of signatures and comments. It’s a given that you always hear more from protesters than supporters of projects, so now the shoe’s on the other foot, the Chook thought it would be interesting to show why people think the highway is so important. The comments didn’t give addresses, merely post codes.

I HAVE to drive on Leach Highway all the time taking my husband to Freo hospital from Willetton. I do not feel safe when hemmed in by huge truck. I have seen them make dangerous lane changes and drive through red lights…. they need to be separated from normal Mums and Dads traffic.
Judy Heath, 6155

I’M signing because we need to think about our future! We are becoming bigger and bigger every year and the traffic congestion is getting worse!
Eric Zwick, 6112

AS an oversize truck driver roe 8 will mean i can cross Kwinana free way with out needing to go down residential streets and school zones.
Nicholas Clark, 6163

WE don’t get our fair share of the GST from the federal government, so when they’ve already paid for half of this job creating project that improves on road safety and state transport for the progress of WA., I believe we should make the most of it. Not to mention that it’ll cost almost as much to stop the project, as it would to build it. In western Australia’s current job crisis, wouldn’t every infrastructure project count?
Greg Davey, 6065

THE damage to the wetland was very minimal and has already been done. As a civil engineer working closely with the state government to reliever various roading projects I know first hand the congestion issues that Perth faces and the problems these cause.
Jacob Scully 6052

THIS road is needed badly to access Fremantle Port. No matter what lies, mistruths and distortions are out there, Fremantle will remain a major port long into the future.
Brian Pettit, 6112

THIS needs to be done I know the greenies love there land but at one stage the whole state was all swamp ! WAs traffic is rubbish ! Something needs to be done.
Joseph Gia, 6061

I WANT reduced travel times in and out of my area. And because cancelled contracts are an irresponsible way to do business and can only drive the price up for future projects under this government.
Justin Chaf, 6164

TO get the big trucks off Leach Highway and to stop the congestion on Kwinana Freeway. I travelled on the freeway from the on ramp at Mortimer Road at 3pm yesterday. It was a Sunday and the congestion was ridiculous. It was not until I passed the Roe Highway on ramp that the traffic thinned out and I was able to travel at normal speed. At times we were at a standstill. On a Sunday!
Vinci Coventry, 6156

I’M signing this because I see first hand all the trucks causing havoc on Leach Hwy. we need this road to go ahead.
Peter Harris, 6153

PERTH needs to continue moving forward. I’ve almost been hit by trucks on leach highway on numerous occasions because they are rushed due to the traffic conditions. Roe 8 would save lives and on these highways and allow transport to continue in a more effective way.
Sarah Buswell, 6164

I VOTED labour but still want roe 8.
Steve Hall, 6230

I’M concerned about my children’s safety at the Gibson Park netball courts by traffic on High Street. I am also concerned by already long travel times from Fremantle to the freeway that will increase as traffic increases. I see the truck/PFL/toll as moot points due to the necessity for improved traffic flow in the southern suburbs. It’s not all about trucks, its about people who live in Fremantle who deserve better traffic flow to the freeway and there has been no alternative solutions offered (would be happy to consider these such as tunnelling under Leach Highway from the freeway to Fremantle). I am concerned about the no campaign which does not consider co-existence with native flora and fauna which can be achieved through urban greening and road design.
Dylan Jones, 6163

THE road systems around my area are now clogged up with through traffic. not fair , that Farrington road residents have to put up with this.
Lindsay Roy, 6149

THE trucks that contest the roads around our suburb and home are dangerous and it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed in an accident. I don’t want this to happen to anyone, build roe 8, divert the trucks, make the roads safer.
Rebecca Wall, 6164

BECAUSE I believe we need to progress and move forward! My only complaint is I feel the wildlife and animals need to be relocated correctly! Which I don’t think happened in the clearing! But I think we definitely need Roe 8. I feel it will be an amazing asset when completed.
Renae Macarlino, 6150

(21/4/17) New public artwork coming to High Street Mall

Published 20 Apr 2017 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

You may have noticed some works taking place at the top of the High Street Mall this week, which we are pleased to say is preparation for the installation of a new, interactive public artwork.

Like the City of Fremantle Facebook page to get the latest updates or keep an eye on our website for the big reveal!

3 days ago in Community , Infrastructure projects , Arts & culture
(21/4/17) New public artwork coming to High Street Mall

Attaco Pop-up at The Attic

Published 20 Apr 2017 by Orla in Love Freo.

We went to The Attic for tacos last weekend and we think you should check it out as well. Banister Street is just off the main strip and it’s worth taking those few extra steps towards the West End. Most of you will already have had lunch and breakfast there and now you can eat tacos. The venue is also licensed so you can have a beer or a glass of wine with your meal.

When: Fri & Sat nights 6 till late
Where: 16 Bannister St, Fremantle WA 6160
Here for a good time not a long time.

The post Attaco Pop-up at The Attic appeared first on Love Freo.


Published 20 Apr 2017 by freoview in Freo's View.

If Australia, as the Prime Minister claims, is the most successful multicultural country on the planet then we need to embrace that multiculturalism when accepting new citizens.

Immigrants to Australia have made immense contributions to our country and many did so without ever being able to speak English to native standards. Look at the many very successful Chinese, Vietnamese, Italians and Croats. Go to Chinatown and experience that some of those who serve you in restaurants barely speak English, and there are quite a few old Italians walking around Freo who have lived here for sixty plus years whose English language skills would not be good enough to get Australian citizenship today.

Fact is that holding on to one’s language, culture, food, traditions and religion when one migrates gives a sense of belonging, safety and security in a foreign country, even more so for those who were forced to leave their countries.

But it does not matter because the actual integration starts with the children and grandchildren of the original immigrants, and see how they too are successful with many immigrant children being the top students at high schools and in universities, to the benefit of Australia because they will become our future leaders.

By introducing questions about domestic violence to obtain citizenship the government emphasises difference in culture when it should realise that people change when migrating and most of them will accept the rules and laws of their new country, because most have been brought up to be law-abiding people no matter where they live.

Christians don’t break the law and kill people because the Bible preaches and eye for an eye, so why would Muslim men break Australian laws and beat their wife because the Koran says they can?

Domestic violence is rampant in Australia where drunken men beat up their female partners. Muslims don’t drink alcohol so it is more likely that there is less domestic violence in their culture because of that.

We need to have a bit of a reality check in our country. Politicians always talk about values when often they set the standards very low themselves, and many Australians still believe the urban myth of fair go and that we are the best country in the world.

As someone who was born in the Netherlands, where I lived for 19 years, and who lived in Germany for 13 years, before migrating to Australia 35 years ago, I have often been staggered by the racism, ignorance and lack of tolerance of many Australians. There is no doubt in my mind that Australia is more racist than those two countries.

The difference between the countries is that many Australians only tolerate foreigners and different cultures while the two European countries I lived in actually accept and respect migrants for what they are. That is a big difference we in Australia still need to work on.

The cute thing about it all is that all these bogans who get drunk on Friday night and eat kebabs, curries and fish&chips don’t realise they are eating Hahal food often prepared by Muslims.

Migrants from all over the world generously contribute to Australia. They volunteer in community groups, schools, mosques, churches, sporting clubs, etc. and their respect for their new country and involvement with their community makes up for their lack of English language skills.

My own personal experience travelling the world has been that most people are good, caring, compassionate, hospitable and law-abiding, but that there are morons and criminals in every culture and religion.

Accepting and respecting difference should be one of Australia’s core values because it enriches all of us and we should welcome those who want to commit themselves to become new Australians.

Roel Loopers

A Trial to see if 3 Bins is Better

Published 20 Apr 2017 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

The City of Fremantle is proud to support the 12 month trial of a new Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO) system being rolled out by 7,000 City of Melville residents this spring. The trial includes the introduction of a third waste bin to encourage better separation of waste which will lead to cleaner compost and […]


Published 20 Apr 2017 by freoview in Freo's View.



It’s another perfect autumn day in beautiful Fremantle so ideal to enjoy the school holidays.

There are lots of families and young people wandering around Freo and many are sampling the seafood delights in the Fishing Boat Harbour.

Roel Loopers


Published 20 Apr 2017 by freoview in Freo's View.



There has been speculation in the Fremantle community if the swans on the Townhall would be black or white after the extensive conservation work, but they are neither.

The swans were originally not painted at all, like the rest of the Townhall clocktower, and were only painted black in the 1960s.

The stunning Freo Townhall will be 130 years old on June 22 this year. It was opened on that day in 1887.

Roel Loopers

Fremantle ANZAC Day commemorative events 2017

Published 20 Apr 2017 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Fremantle is a unique location to honour ANZAC Day as it was the last Australian experience many soldiers and sailors had before departing our shores to join the war effort overseas. The day will commence with a traditional silent ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the Fremantle War Memorial, home to the plaques honouring the 849 […]

The Campaign to Ban Plastic Bags Goes National on The Project

Published 19 Apr 2017 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Following on nicely from the plastic bag local law that we have been debating at Freo Council this month, the Project has teamed up with Clean Up Australia to see single-use non-biodegradable plastic bags banned across Australia. Thanks to existing bans in South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, the ACT, and an impending ban in Queensland […]

The 2017 25 under 25 Art Award is now open for entries!

Published 19 Apr 2017 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Young WA artists aged 14-25 are invited to enter their most exciting, accomplished and imaginative artworks. Be in the running to win $1500 cash, plus loads of other prizes including $500 cash, an artist residency at the Fremantle Arts Centre and a portfolio mentorship. It’s free to enter so you’ve got nothing to lose! Get […]

Hilton Winter Film Festival

Published 17 Apr 2017 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

From one great Freo festival to the next… The inaugural Hilton Winter Film Festival showcases award-winning international documentaries from around the world right in the heart of Fremantle’s ‘garden suburb’. For four Fridays this winter (21st of April until the 12th of May)  Hilton’s Progress Hall will screen films that will delight, inspire and provoke […]

Planet Freo updates

Published 17 Apr 2017 by Sam Wilson in Fremantle – Sam's notebook.

Fremantle Bid has been added to Planet Freo, and Moore and Moore café seems to have let their web hosting lapse so have been temporarily removed.

“Freo arts festival proves to be the best, by streets”

Published 16 Apr 2017 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

It has been great to see the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival embraced by one and all the last few days. A big thanks to Katherine, Pete, Brendan, Amy and the rest of the City of Fremantle team for making this so great once again. Today is the last day, so get down to Fremantle […]

Interview on Stepping Off: Rewilding and Belonging in the South West

Published 14 Apr 2017 by Tom Wilson in tom m wilson.

You can listen to a recent radio interview I did about my new book with Adrian Glamorgan here.

Melbourne Councils Initiate Climate Action

Published 12 Apr 2017 by jonstrachan in Jon Strachan.

Local Government is again leading the way in Climate Action.

Three Councils in metropolitan Melbourne have declared a Climate Emergency; Darebin, Moreland and Yarra City Councils. Darebin and Moreland have also come out against the Adani coal mine in the Galilee Basin and divested from Westpac as the only major Australian bank still considering funding the coal mine project.

In declaring a Climate Emergency these Councils have put Climate Change at the centre of each and every decision they make, and will choose the option that reduces their carbon emissions over any alternative. They fully understand the power of leadership in framing the national debate. For me that worked because yesterday I folded one Westpac account and set in train the closure of another.

Darebin is no stranger to the climate action. I first became aware of Darebin when they introduced a solar power scheme whereby the Council bulk bought rooftop solar and entered into an expression of interest with the community for its installation. They chose people who were unable to afford the up front cost themselves. The loan for the system was then amortised into a differential rate for the property, so it was the home that had the loan, not the owner. That way if someone moved on the differential rate stayed with the property. After 10 years the net cost to Council was zero, low-income households had significantly reduced power bills the city as a whole had a reduced carbon emission. Win-win-win.

MANY 2.0 is officially open!

Published 12 Apr 2017 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

Here are some great photos from the MANY 2.0 official (but very fun) opening. If you haven’t checked out there new digs on Adelaide Street then do it 🙂

Help Make the Next Generation of Street Arts Performers in Freo

Published 12 Apr 2017 by Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog in City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog.

As we approach another fabulous Fremantle street arts festival over Easter I can’t help about think of the essential role that the Fremantle Circus School has played in making Fremantle an international hub of street arts and circus performance. With this impressive contribution in mind, I was proud to make a small contribution to their […]

(12/4/17) Gas and water pipeline works – Kings Square

Published 12 Apr 2017 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

Update (Tuesday 18 April 2017): works have been rescheduled to mid-May 2017.

ATCO Gas Australia and the Water Corporation will be replacing old gas and water pipes along the streets surrounding Kings Square from mid-May 2017 (new rescheduled date).

Construction will occur weekdays between 7.00 am and 7.00 pm with some works limiting pedestrian and vehicle access to roads and footpaths at various times.

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(12/4/17) Gas and water pipeline works – Kings Square

(12/4/2017) Donate without doubt raises $10k!

Published 11 Apr 2017 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

A big thankyou goes out to the community for dropping off your spare change into our donate without doubt donation boxes over the last 12 months. Your generosity has resulted in over $10 000 raised for people who are homeless.

We match your donations dollar-for-dollar with all funds diverted to St. Patrick’s Community Support Centre. Look for the yellow and aqua lifesaver boxes located around the city centre.

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(12/4/2017) Donate without doubt raises $10k!

Manning’s Folly

Published 10 Apr 2017 by jonstrachan in Jon Strachan.

The new Quest Apartments on the corner of Pakenham and Short Streets have been subject to more than their fair share of criticism from some quarters, primarily on the height of the finished building.  The facts are that the original application proposed significant demolition of much of the original 1929 warehouse, leaving little but the facade; done primarily to keep within the Planning Scheme as-of-right height limits.  After discussions with the City’s heritage department the applicant returned with a proposal that maintained the important heritage structure through adaptive reuse.  This was a far superior heritage outcome, and resulted in a higher building.  We cannot sacrifice good heritage outcomes on the alter of height.

The interesting artwork on the building was funded from the %-for-Art scheme; and is a direct reference to Manning Folly which preceded the Lysaght Warehouse on the site.  Manning was a keen astronomer and had a rooftop observatory.  Check out glass supplier Cooling Brothers blog for an interesting piece on the history with pics.

(10/4/17) #MyFreoStory video competition back again in 2017!

Published 10 Apr 2017 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

The City of Fremantle is again calling on budding film makers, storytellers and lovers of all things Freo to share their unique ‘Fremantle story’ in a short video for a chance to share in a $3 000 prize pool.

To enter the #MyFreoStory video competition all you need is any device that can film, some imagination and a love for all things Freo.

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(10/4/17) #MyFreoStory video competition back again in 2017!


Published 9 Apr 2017 by jonstrachan in Jon Strachan.

Fremantle marked the end of Youth Week with a big event at EYP and the Ferris Wheel.  Attended by Minister for youth, Hon. Peter Tinley, Director General of Local Government and Communities Jennifer Matthews, Mayor Pettitt and Fremantle Councillors Fitzhardinge, Pemberton and myself.

The organisers had included a ferris wheel ride, with one political person sharing a gondola with some youth who had questions to ask.  It was a great way to have a one-on-one, or in this case one-on three conversation.

The results were recorded in either a pop-up lounge, or inside an old Valiant.

There was of course music, skate comps a silent disco and games.  The EYP was humming, great work Pascal, the Fremantle YAC and the team you created a great vibe.

Click to view slideshow.

GPP Agenda for 11th April 2017

Published 9 Apr 2017 by kpaterson in Gibson Park Freospace.


Tuesday 11th April 2017 at 7.00pm
The Library, East Fremantle Primary School, Forrest Road

  1. Perth Freight Link … Roe 8 & Roe 9 :-
  2. High Street / Stirling Highway Intersection Upgrade (Brad) :-
  3. Proposed Gibson Park Improvements :-

4. Gibson Park – Netball Upgrade (Coralie) :-
5. Inner Harbour Community Liaison Group (Ron) :-

6. AOB:-

Next Meeting Date : Tuesday 27th June 2017

Density by Design – Can Good Design Change the Great Australian Dream?

Published 7 Apr 2017 by Joshs House in Josh's House.

Our sprawling cities are reaching their limits and we find ourselves at a cultural crossroads, as the great Australian Dream must adapt to a new era. There is a growing movement away from big houses on big blocks and an increased demand for multi-residential developments near our city hubs. Now the real challenge is upon us – to move toward ...

Gwenyth Ewans Art Award 2017

Published 7 Apr 2017 by Fremantle City Library in Fremantle City Library.

It's not always abouttrying to fix somethingthat's broken.

Year 5 & 6 students in Fremantle have been invited to take part in the 2017 Gwenyth Ewans Art Award.

Gwenyth Ewens made a bequest to the City of Fremantle to promote art and architecture in children of Fremantle.  The competition is open to students in years 5 & 6 attending local primary schools.

Students may submit one entry, a painting or pencil sketch, depicting part or whole of an historic building in the Fremantle area. The deadline for entries is the 18 May 2017.

Entries will be exhibited in the Moores Building from 2-11 June 2017 to coincide with the Fremantle Heritage Festival.  Judging will be done two local artists and an architect and the awards ceremony will be at Moores on Sunday 4 June.

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(7/4/17) Easter long weekend operating hours

Published 7 Apr 2017 by lawrenceb in News & Media.

All City of Fremantle services will be closed on the Good Friday (Friday 14 April) and Easter Monday (Monday 17 April) public holidays except for:

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(7/4/17) Easter long weekend operating hours

Easter 2017 public holiday opening hours

Published 7 Apr 2017 by Fremantle City Library in Fremantle City Library.



Fremantle City Library will be closed for the Easter public holidays as follows:


Thursday 13 April        9.00 am–6.00 pm

Friday 14 April                   Closed

Saturday 15 April        9.00 am-5.00 pm

Sunday 16 April                  Closed

Monday 17 April                 Closed


We will return to normal opening hours Tuesday 18 April, open from 9.00 am–6.00 pm


To renew loans visit



The elected members and staff at the City of Fremantle wish you a happy and safe Easter.

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Shiny New History in China: Jianshui and Tuanshan

Published 6 Apr 2017 by Tom Wilson in tom m wilson.

  The stones in this bridge are not all in a perfect state of repair.  That’s part of its charm.  I’m just back from a couple of days down at Jianshui, a historic town a few hours south of Kunming with a large city wall and a towering city gate.  The trip has made me reflect on […]