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2011 Heritage Festival

Fremantle Victoria Hall.jpg

Fremantle, the way Primary School Kids see it!

Fremantle is more than just coffee and ice cream. So much more!

Fremantle is its places and its people, its buildings and its neighborhoods and its rich history and heritage.

As part of this year's Heritage Festival celebrations The Fremantle Society is sponsoring a competition to give you a chance to have your say about what makes Fremantle so special to you.


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Year 4-5 students (Junior):

  • 1st Prize Signed copy of the new book Fighting for Fremantle and a $25 voucher;
  • 2nd Prize $20 voucher;
  • 3rd Prize: $15 voucher.

Year 6-7 students (Senior):

  • 1st Prize: Signed copy of the new book Fighting for Fremantle plus $40 voucher;
  • 2nd Prize: $25 voucher;
  • 3rd Prize: $15 voucher.


Write one page telling us about a place, building, person or thing that makes Fremantle special to you or your family. Heritage Week is a time to for thinking about the local places and their special history and heritage and what they mean to the way we feel about where we live.


We want you to be as creative as you can, but remember to include a description of the place or thing you are writing about and an explanation of why it’s special to you.


Because it will help us understand what it is that you value about your community or neighborhood.


Complete your entry by Thurs 26 May and hand it to your Principal's Office, post it to the Fremantle Society or e-mail it to us.


The Winners will be announced in the Fremantle Society newsletter, advertised in the Herald and posted on the Society website.

Enquiries: please contact Henty Farrar on 9335 2672;; PO Box 828 Fremantle 6160.